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How Do We Feel About Kristen Stewart’s Casual Attempt At Bringing Back Fingerless Gloves?

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Okay, so Kristen Stewart‘s single fingerless glove is presumably the last vestige of this Chanel look she had worn earlier in the day, at a time during which we absolved her of this glove-y crime on the grounds that she was being very Fashion. But actually taking said leather glove out on the town, and pairing it with her signature specs and jeans-and-a band tee look … well, that changes everything. I had never pegged Kristen as the Hot Topic type … HAHAHAHA, just kidding, of course I did! [Photo: Fame/Flynet]

Leopard Print Transcends Clothing, Makes Its Foray Into Beauty On The Runway

Fashion loves a good cat (see: exhibits A, B, C, D, E, the Choupette phenomenon in its entirety, and so on and so forth), but it seems to me like Jean-Paul Gaultier took a good long look at the fashion world at large and declared, “NOPE, STILL NEEDS MORE LEOPARD PRINT.” Which is presumably how a handful of the models, along with all of the clothes, at his Paris Haute Couture show ended up with the ubiquitous speckled print right on their heads. Not a look that will translate particularly well off the runway, to be sure, but it certainly is cool to look at…

Well Arched: Our Top 10 Celebrity Eyebrow Picks

Eyebrows! Everybody’s got ‘em, but not everybody’s got great ones. Thick or thin, bushy or well-contained, we know a good set when we see it… and, as with many things (especially beauty!), having access to the best brow magicians in the biz means that celebs pretty much own the eyebrow game. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 sets of killer celeb brows…

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Miley Cyrus Might Genuinely Believe That She Was Lil Kim In A Past Life

Oh, Miley!

Unlike Amelia, I’ve yet to hop aboard the Miley train. It’s not that I actively dislike her, but my takeaway from her whole Disney girl-turned-twerker metamorphosis is that girlfriend is trying way, way too hard. (Call me hyper-critical, and oh, I am, but I’ve never fancied a pothead who goes around constantly broadcasting how much pot they smoke, even if it’s pot they smoke with Snoop Dogg.) But the biggest bone I’ve got to pick with Ms. Cyrus is how she wants so badly for us to know and accept that she is hip-hop now, and in reassuring us over and over again that she is hip-hop, she keeps putting her hip-hop foot right in her hip-hop mouth. Case in point? When asked by to list her top five favorite female musicians, she had this to say about the no-no-notorious Lil Kim: “In my past life, I feel like that was me. I feel like Lil Kim is who I am on the inside.” Say it with me — guuuuuuuuurl.

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Beyonce Posts Instagram Photo Of Burgers And Champagne, Is Our Best Friend

Beyonce! She’s just like us. Insofar as, you know, we also love In-N-Out burgers and fries and champagne (Bellinis, perhaps?). The similarities end there … but what similarities they are! Any woman who thinks to pair a serious hamburger with a sparkling wine beverage is a woman after our own heart. [Instagram]

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Real Vs. Fake?: The Amanda Bynes Twitter Edition

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Amanda Bynes‘ Twitter is a thing of unfettered beauty. She’s like Nostradamus, Freud, Sartre, Bukowski, and Brautigan all rolled up into one cheek-pierced, potentially schizophrenic former child star in a heinous wig, spewing inadvertently hilarious, completely debased nonsense that is occasionally strangely insightful but mostly just fucking weird. She swings wildly in and out of infatuation with Drake, calls everyone and her mother (no, but actually) ugly, and ruminates on the benefits of cosmetic surgery to a troubling extent. But I, along with everyone else, cannot get enough; Amanda is the consummate celebrity car wreck, and I’m rubbernecking the hell out this bitch. That said, even if you’re an unfailingly loyal follower like myself, you may still have some difficulty separating the genuine Amanda Tweets from the ones we came up with. Think you’re up to the task? Take our rudimentary quiz, after the jump…  Keep reading »

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