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July 23: What Are We Wearing Today?

Is it just me, or has this year FLOWN RIGHT BY? I always think it’s, like, two weeks earlier than it actually is. I don’t know if that says more about how quickly time is going or my perception of how quickly time is going. I imagine there’s someone else out there right now who is looking at the calendar and thinking, man, this year is just crawling by. And yet! It’s almost August. Eerie. Anyway, our heat wave has finally ended, which means we are finally able to wear some real human clothes again. (Sort of. I mean, it’s still pretty hot.) Come check ‘em out!

All The Stars At Comic-Con International 2013 (And What They Wore!)

The allure of Comic-Con is completely lost on me, I assume due to my visceral aversion to grown-ass human beings in costumes. Just not for me, bro! But hey, tons of celebrities wearing clothes turn out to promote their projects at the four day-long event, so my interest begins and ends there. Let’s have a look at what some of our favorite stars wore in San Diego this week…

Beautiful Useless Human Olivia Palermo Is Named Maasai Project Ambassador

Who Is Olivia Palermo?
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Olivia's Bib Necklaces
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SS: Olivia In White
Olivia looks great in white. Read More »

Olivia Palermo is definitely famous, but the rest of the details are unclear. The “socialite” doesn’t really seem to be famous for any particular reason aside from being immaculately-dressed and beautiful and having played been that bitchy girl on that one reality TV show that one time. Also, she’s photographed on vacation, like, constantly, alongside her gorgeous, equally funemployed “model” boyfriend, Johannes Huebl. One such adorable vacation for this adorable couple was to pay a visit to the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya, where Olivia has been named the Maasai Project Ambassador. The Maasai Project employs more than 1,600 Maasai women to hand-embroider accessories in order to earn a stable source of income, which is obviously an awesome idea, but couldn’t they have chosen someone better, a celebrity with a little more soul than Olivia “Greenwich, Connecticut, Mascot” Palermo? I’m not saying she’s a bad person or anything, I don’t know her personally, but the ensuing lookbook showing Palermo standing alongside the Maasai tribe is all sorts of cringe-worthy. Socialites, man! []

Kate Middleton’s Hairdresser Is Prepping The Duchess For Her Hospital Exit As We Speak

Kate Gives Birth!
kate middleton has baby boy
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Dear Kate's Hair
Your constant perfection is kinda depressing. Read More »

If you were hoping to catch a glimpse of Kate Middleton leaving the hospital the day after giving birth looking anything but Duchess of Cambridge-caliber fresh, you, mon amie, are out of luck. Lest we forget that the new mother is truly no mere mortal, Kate’s got her personal hairdresser on deck, prepping the Duchess’s royal locks for the inevitable gawking to come upon her exit. I mean, it may sound egregious, but when you really think about it… who won’t be looking at Kate today? Nobody, that’s who, and when you’re a public figure celebrated for (among other things, of course) your perfect hair, I can’t blame her for wanting to bring it. [Fashionista]

Bill Murray And Melissa McCarthy Film A Movie Together In NYC

Tell me, HOW is it that I did not know until very recently (like, in the past 20 minutes) that Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy, two of my favorite people in the entire world (okay, fine, in all of Hollywood, I’ve got a family and stuff), were starring in a movie together? And not only that, but a movie that is filming in New York City, where I also live, which means that Melissa and Bill and I are ALL BREATHING THE SAME HUNDRED-DEGREE, POOR QUALITY AIR RIGHT NOW. Here’s a photo from the set of “St. Vincent de van Nuys,” with a grizzled, bloody-faced Bill (in socks and sandals) leaning into the window of a car being operated by Melissa (I swear that’s her in there, right behind the wheel). Forget the (also Manhattan-based) set of “Amazing Spider-Man 2,” or the late “Gossip Girl” (been there, done that, glimpsed Blair Waldorf from afar) — this is one filming session I’d like to crash. Will crash, maybe. [Photo: FameFlynet]

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Rihanna Takes To Instagram To Show Off Her New Grey Hair

Rihanna certainly isn’t the first celebrity to sport dyed grey hair — Kelly Osbourne‘s got her beat on that one by a long shot — but she is the latest, and inarguably the most high-profile. RiRi’s past beauty ventures, from gravity-defying mohawks and shaved sides with long, side-swept bangs to her signature bold red lip color, have inspired countless copycats, so who’s to say her new “ice grey” shade, which she wasted no time in flaunting on Instagram, won’t take off just the same? I love a well-executed unnatural hair color, and I think Rihanna’s totally pulling this one off … but doesn’t she somehow pull everything off?

Rihanna's Thong
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