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4 Celebrities Women Respect And Men Hate

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It goes without saying that men and women respect and admire different celebrities, and for differing reasons. For instance, women might find the humanitarian efforts of actresses like Salma Hayek commendable and heartwarming, while men think Harrison Ford is awesome in any of his movies where stuff explodes.

What men won’t often admit is that there’s a certain group of celebrities that we hate with a fiery passion, and it’s the same group of celebrities that women tend to appreciate and canonize. In the interest of gender communications though, I’ll gladly share their names. Here’s a look at four celebrities who women would gladly take advice from and men would gladly throw into oncoming traffic.

And by the way, in order to try to convey the male gender’s hatred for these celebrities, I have devised a system based on celebrities that both men and women hate.

4 Thoughtless Gifts Men Buy (And Why They Bought Them)

Men don’t tend to be great at buying nice, thoughtful gifts. You really can’t blame us — we don’t expect anything more than nostril-hair trimmers for our birthdays and a decent tie or two on Christmas, so we end up giving similar gifts to women, which doesn’t always turn out well (I’m nursing a head wound right now). Here’s a look at a few thoughtless gift ideas that could only have come from the warped mind of a dude. Keep reading »

5 Bits Of Body Language Guys Don’t Notice

I’m not being a male apologist when I say that men are worse at noticing fine details than women. Hey, it’s scientific. Men have worse peripheral vision, and they rely slightly less on body language (or at least read different types of body language) than their female counterparts. As a result, we’ll often make a big social faux pas because we simply didn’t read the signals right. Here’s a look at some common pieces of body language that guys miss. Keep reading »

6 Gifts Men Hate To Receive

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Some gifts suck–thought and all. Men are usually very easy to please, and even when we get something we’re not thrilled with, we’ll rarely complain about it. Still, it’d be nice if we stopped receiving some of these thoughtless, all-too-common gifts.

9 Inexcusable Excuses For Breaking Up

Many times when a relationship ends, the reason for the split is quite simple: One or both of the people involved in the romance simply aren’t into it anymore. In a perfect world, that’s all that someone would have to say. Unfortunately, humans aren’t perfect, and sometimes relationships end for dumb and/or ridiculous reasons. Men and women often look for really dumb ways to avoid commitment, sometimes with pathetic results. Here are a few common (but stupid) reasons that a guy might decide to break up with you, as well as some of the ridiculous reasons that some women choose to end a flailing relationship. Keep reading »

9 Ways To Unintentionally Bruise A Man’s Ego

Many of us guys have big, easily damaged egos, and even those of us with thick skin can be taken down by a casual word from a girlfriend, mother, boss, etc. Here are a few common ways a guy’s ego might get bruised a bit–remember to use this list only for good, never for evil. Avoid these actions; don’t try them out. Unless, you know, the guy really deserves it. Keep reading »

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