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Adult Onesie: The Jean-Sneaker

All I’m hearing these days on The Weather Channel is how in certain northern parts of the country people are getting hit with one cold-ass winter—like minus 20 degrees without the wind-chill. Basically, that means they can’t leave the house with even an inch of exposed skin or risk immediate frostbite. Frost-to-the-bite. Whoa. Luckily for them, we’ve happened upon a genius solution to the exposed skin conundrum: the Sneaker/Trouser. It’s a onesie combining pants and shoes designed by Sebastian Errazuriz—he attaches wide-leg jeans directly to a pair of Converse! And they don’t look all that dorky, either, right? Um, right guys? [Trendhunter] Keep reading »

How To Get The Snooki “Pouf”

We’re obsessed with Snooki from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” for innumerable reasons, including her signature hair ‘do. Called “the pouf,” Snooki’s been rocking the look since she was 16 years old. Now she’s explaining how to get your very own (FYI, it takes her an hour and a half to do, but she isn’t the most low-maintenance girl going, so grain of salt): “When I get out of the shower and my hair is wet, I can scrunch it up and put the clip in and it stays forever, just because I have thick hair and it’s naturally straight. If people don’t have hair like mine, I suggest teasing it a lot and then just put hair spray in (product plug: she uses Paul Mitchell hair spray) and a clip. It should stay.” There you go, kids. [In Touch Weekly] Keep reading »

The Wackiest/Prettiest/Coolest Candlesticks (And Candelabra) Out There

candles 1 jpg
I was at a dinner recently and the very cool hostess busted out a candelabra for the dinner table. I was intrigued — who the hell buys a candelabra (or candlesticks for that matter)? Anyway, as I sat at dinner (nothing fancy-pants to eat, just lasagna and the frozen garlic bread loaves), I realized how cozy the candlelight made everything. Sure, I’ve always known that candlelight is the most flattering, but there was just something so chic about sitting at a (vaguely) well thought-out and decorated table. And all it took were a few candlesticks! So, now I’m dying for some—but cool, not too stuffy ones. Here are a few candle-related choices. The above pick is $98 from The Future Perfect. Click through for more …

Steal This Super Easy, Casual Hairdo

So, we all have those days—the days where your hair is slightly greaseball, a little bedhead-y and you just don’t want to deal. (And if I had to guess, a few of those downtime-filled days are coming up for everyone? Hopefully.) Instead of just throwing up your hair into a tight ponytail, where it’s pretty obvious you haven’t seen a bottle of shampoo in a day or two, utilize the magical hiding powers of the high bun, like Diane Kruger, above. Loving her casual cool ‘do—and loving even more that it’s a snap to do it yourself. Here’s how… Keep reading »

Celebs Get All Bundled Up!

winterczj 1 jpg
Now that we are all knee deep in the middle of the winter months (some of us quite literally with the recent East Coast blizzard!), we’ve started noticing how celebs bundle up, too. You’d figure they’d have some chic coat, perfectly windblown hair and never get hat head? Not so much. And, well, if you’re Catherine Zeta Jones you morph into a 70-something, Park Avenue lady who rocks the fur and Birkin. Seriously, CZJ?

Spotted: Celeb Swimwear Style

bikinicarrienude 1 jpg
It’s vacay time for celebs and we all know what that means … swimsuit style slideshow time! What better way to spend a lazy day than peering at the various bikinis, one-pieces, little man-shorts and board shorts Hollywood dons for their beach downtime? Here’s Carrie Underwood going with a nude suit in the Bahamas … check out nine more stars, keep clicking!

What Are Your Beauty Resolutions?

Normally, I’m not a resolution person—I make them, stick to them for, oh, two weeks and then I forget entirely about them. Fun times. For me, making resolutions usually makes me feel worse about my life—just one more reminder of stuff I haven’t yet done. So, imagine my anxiety when reading about beauty resolutions over at Shockingly, though, all the resolutions were totally pull-off-able and now I’m inspired! So, I’ll start off with my New Year beauty to-do: “Throw out my mascara on a regular basis.” If you’ve ever seen any of my mascara tubes, you know my makeup MO: I use and use and use mascara for months, no years, and never throw it out. Grody, I know. And not the best idea for my eyes, medically speaking. So, that’s my beauty resolution for 2010. What’s yours? Start using heat-protectant before flat-ironing your hair? Regular waxes? Non-regular waxes? Using a daily eye cream? [] Keep reading »

How To Make Your Hair And Makeup Last All Night

The usual New Year’s Eve conundrum—you go out looking hot, hair and makeup fixed just so, and by the time midnight rolls around your ‘do is a frizz-ball mess (or a flat mess, depending) and your eye shadow is half-way down your face. Rather than constantly running to the bathroom for touch-ups and carrying a whole case of makeup and hair sprays/clips/etc. in your purse, why not make things easier on yourself this year with a bit of pre-party prep? A few stay-put tips, after the jump! Keep reading »

Gremlin Skirt: Creepy Or Sort Of Cute?

Fashion dispatch from the land of the oddball, bizarre and why’d-they-do-that: The “gizmo” skirt designed by L.A.-based Brian Lichtenberg. “Gizmo” as in the lead character (if you could call him that) from the classic 1984 movie “Gremlins.” The skirt is gray tweed with “ear-pockets” and Swarovski crystal eyes—just don’t break the three rules (Remember? No water, no food after midnight, and no bright light!), and it’ll stay cuddly and furry. Price tag time: This dose of bizarre will run you $2,100 to be exact. That’s some pricey ’80s fashion nostalgia. [Inventor Spot] Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizens: The 10 Best Celeb Medium-Length Hair Moments Of The Decade

medhair 1 jpg
In this deluxe end-of-the-decade edition of The Frisky’s Hair Model Citizen series, it’s not exactly long, it’s not quite short—but it is totally gorge. These ten famous ladies rocked some ah-mazing medium-length hair this past decade.

First up? Halle Berry and a chic, tousled look. We’re jealous already.

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