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10 Bath Mats Because, Let’s Face It, You Need A New One

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A bath mat is a bath mat … or is it? When so many bathrooms out there are a boring white/cream/gray color, adding a cool-looking one gives you a chance to really make a splash in there (haha, ugh, sorry) . We’ve got everything from cheapie-colorful to a spa-like teak wood option and even the quirky, like this man hole cover mat from Generate Design for $39, above. Now, click on …

10 Umbrellas That Won’t Bore You To Tears

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Guess When This Guess Ad Is From?

Can’t tell, right? This is my beef! Seriously, the above ad for spring/summer 2010, could be from 1989, 1997, 2001, 2008, 2009or any point in the last two decades! Here’s the Guess photo shoot formula: boobalicious model + acid-washed or sand-blasted denim that’s way too tight + fake tan + oiled-up skin + some soft porn poses. It’s the same every single time! [Design Scene] Keep reading »

Johnny Weir Takes ESPN Reporter For A Mani/Pedi

ESPN’s Jim Caple gets introduced to a whole new world when he meets up with Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir for a manicure, pedicure, some paraffin wax and a little sex talk. (Johnny: “I don’t have sex. I don’t have time anyway—man, woman, tree.”) And the hat! Close-ups of gnarly man-toes (belonging to Caple)! The man, woman, tree multiple mentions! It’s everything you want it to be—and more. [You Tube] Keep reading »

10 Oddball, Quirky Items That Are Just A Little “Off”

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Spotted: Denim “Manties” For Sale In Time For V-Day

Attention: Valentine’s Day gift alert! Spotted in the newest issue of VMAN magazine—a precious little undergarment … for the man in your life: denim manties. Yes, these denim, itty-bitty man-panties (hate that word!) can be yours, or his as the case may be. And picture this: a man with over .009 percent body fat wearing those suckers! You’re welcome. [The Cut] Keep reading »

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