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Love Nest: 10 Vases To Pretty Up Your Flowers This Valentine’s Day

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Flowers are the standard V-Day gift, no? While I’m going to save my own opinions on the roses-mean-I-love-you V-Day custom, I’m not going to let those of you who get a dozen stemmed-anythings stick them in any old glass container. (And don’t even mention the old coke/beer/Snapple bottle as vase “trick!”) There are so many fun, cool, quirky, pretty options out there for holding your blooms—and now is a great time to invest in one. For those of you who don’t have the space or the dough to spare, check out this “vase” for $12 from The Future Perfect; it’s actually a pretty bag that “inflates” when you add water! For nine more genius options, click on … (And don’t forget to check out the rest of The Frisky’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide!)

Loving These Lacy Coasters

It’s a doily, it’s rubber, it’s a rubber doily coaster! For those of us looking for something slightly different then the usual cardboard or fake-wood (and a bit lady-like) when it comes to protecting your tables from drink-sweat and spills—I can’t get enough of these darling lacy coasters. [Oh Joy!] Keep reading »

Obsessed: Nonpareil, A Budget/DIY Wedding Online Mag

Watch your back, Martha Stewart. Introducing the latest in online magazines, Nonpareil—a DIY-obsessed, gorgeously photographed, budget-friendly wedding magazine. (Can we talk about how much I’m loving this shift to online magazines? First Lonny and now this little bit of web genius and creativity!) All of a few hours old, this first installment of the mag is called “Beautiful on a Budget”—uh, is there a more perfect theme? I think not. Especially when it comes to the bank-account drainers that are weddings. Anyways, they’ve got a darling, felt boutonniere DIY, a how-to on ribbon-weaved headbands and a pretty helpful listing of vendors and craft destinations. Newly engaged folks or anyone who likes to look at pretty photos and get your DIY on, head on over! [Nonpareil] Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizen: Beyonce’s Hair Bling

After posting yesterday’s sleek Grammy hair photos, I noticed something when I zoomed in on Beyonce‘s hair—it had sparkly strands running through it! Now, after much tireless hair research, I’ve finally ascertained that 1) I’m not seeing things that don’t exist, and 2) Her hairstylist did, in fact, pump up her hair with loads of bling. According to Kimberly Kimble, the stylist who created the hair look, there were strands of Bella Via Hair Glitz woven into her ‘do. (Apparently, they were coordinating with her Minx mani.) Keep reading »

How To Get Grammys-Style Sleek Hair

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The XXXXXXL Tote Bag

OAK has a new tote out that’s ginormous—a ridiculous 27″ by 32″ to be exact. Who needs a bag that big? I always say, the bigger the bag, the more junk/unnecessary stuff I carry around with me. Is it just me, or do bags just keep getting larger and larger? Where’s the ceiling on this trend? Forget about the two extra tubes of lip gloss and handful of old, crumpled-up receipts you can carry around, an entire 5′ 2″ person fits into this bag! (I’m thinking this is a fast and furious way to back and shoulder pain—yeah, no problem, I’ve got that bowling ball right here in my bag.) Can you imagine anyone Olsen-sized toting this thing around? With this tote, I don’t think that old maxim of a bigger-bag-makes-you-look-smaller-and-slimmer works. [OAK via Trend Hunter] Keep reading »

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