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Fashion Crimes Committed On The High Seas

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“Fat” And Happy: Celebs In Love

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Recent photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in Cannes have loads of people chattering—about her weight. (Yeah, yeah, a new topic of conversation!) Here’s my beef: Why don’t we all just leave Mariah alone? She’s married, smiling all the time, on vacation in the south of France and totally freaking happy. So, she gained a few. Big deal. It happens when you’re in love and don’t want to schlep yourself out of a warm bed at 5:30 a.m. and hit the gym (even if your gym is right downstairs and your trainer lives with you). We always seem to jump on celebrities the second they gain some extra poundage, here’s a novel thought—let’s actually be happy that they’re happy, right?

Five Reasons The Jersey Crew Fits Right In With The Rest Of The Housewives

Bravo isn’t stupid. When they hit on a show that works, there is little deviation from the original formula. On last night’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the gals from Jersey proved they were serious housewife material. I found five similarities between the Garden State cast and those from the OC, Atlanta, and NYC, but, trust me, these women fit Bravo’s “Housewives”-bot mold perfectly. Here’s why … Keep reading »

Gallery: ‘Til Death Do Us Part … Or Until Our Reality Show Is Over

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It looks like “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ are about to be “Jon & Kate Minus a Marriage.” Jon likes sun-bathing with third-grade teachers and Kate may be making eyes at the family security guard. Kate admitted to People that her marriage is on the rocks. [People] — This belly-up union makes us sad. Should we be surprised? Here’s a look at the wide world of celebrities who’ve split up post-reality show.

Leftover Pad Thai Is High Art? Photographer Mark Menjivar Thinks So

You’ve seen “Cribs,” right? Each week, cameras capture a celeb’s master bedroom, backyard pool, and refrigerator full of perfectly organized rows of Fiji water or Diet Coke cans. Well, think of Mark Menjivar’s collection of photographs, entitled “You are what you eat,” the high-brow version of the peeping-tom show.

Menjivar sees an open fridge as the perfect staging ground for a discussion of consumption and consequence. If the saying holds true — that is, if we really are what we eat — Menjivar thinks refrigerators are windows into our souls — or, at least into our stomachs. Whether it’s a bartender’s fridge full of take-out cartons, a family’s refrigerator a week after deciding to eat locally grown produce (it’s totally gung-ho-leafy-green veggies), a short order cook’s frozen tortillas alongside a frozen snake corpse, or a spare but organized fridge belonging to a blind person who lives alone, the contents adroitly tell the story of each individual life. Keep reading »

Wallpaper Only One Wall, Maybe Keep Your Rental Deposit

I’m not a huge fan of most accent walls—you know, the decorating technique where you paint one wall with a color and leave the other three some version of white. It always seems to scream, “This is the wall where I got crazy and really went for it!” Why not buck up and paint all four? If you hate it, it’s paint; you repaint it white.

But when I saw Jason Wu’s bedroom wall wallpapered in a gray floral paper, I had to eat my words. I loved it! Here’s why it works for me: The wallpaper acts like a stand-in for a wall of art. If I could pick a wall to put up a gorgeous De Gournay paper (it’s hand painted, heavenly, and hyper-$$$), you bet your ass I would. If I didn’t have to pay for it, that is. Keep reading »

Fashion Slideshow: Rihanna’s Style Transformation

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Outhouse Chic: Creative Ways To Gussy Up Your TP

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Running out of toilet paper when you need it the most is … a problem, to put it mildly. Since our digestive well-being depends on having a constant supply of TP available, people usually buy in bulk. But once you get all your paper products home, then what? We’ve seen the various holders at Bed, Bath & Beyond and thrown an old basket into the bathroom to keep the overflow organized, but why not get creative?

First up, think sleek. With a clear vase, you know when you’re about to run out. Try this Target flower vase for $31.99. If one roll is about five inches wide and the vase is about six and a half inches wide, it’s the perfect size. As you can tell, I’m a little TP obsessed.

Behold, The Garden State Goddesses: “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Premieres!

Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series has traveled across the Hudson to the Garden State for its latest installment, and New Jersey was made for this show. Starting next week, Amelia and her consigliere John DeVore will be liveblogging every episode. Get excited! The newest housewives (Jacqueline, Teresa, Danielle, Dina, and Caroline), their “construction” workers husbands, big hair, big nails, and McMansions decorated like a Medieval Times dinner show won’t let us down. Seeing as though I can’t survive a Tuesday without a h’wife episode, here are the top five moments of Jerz genius so far. Keep reading »

White Jeans, Unzipped

Before you assume you can’t wear white denim, consider these tricks. I’m not a size zero or two — far from it — and blanco jeans don’t look tragic on me.

  • Buy a half size or a full size bigger. When they’re white, tight jeans flatter no one. Avoid the sausage leg look—no one is looking at your size tag. I’m a fan of the J.Crew cropped matchstick jeans with platform heels. [$85, J.Crew]
  • You can go cheap—but try them on first. The cheaper the jean, the thinner the jean. With regular wash, thin is fine—but with white denim you can see everything. No one needs to see cellulite through your jeans. I have an old Gap pair that are super thick and cost me less than $60, and I love Lucky bootlegs. [$99, Lucky Brand]
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