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Gallery: Ch-Ch-Changes! Halle Berry’s Hair Transformation

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Five Gems From Last Night’s “Real Housewives” Episode

Well, folks, it was a doozy last night! You wanted dirty dancing-style salsa lessons? You got it. You wanted extortion, kidnapping and “models” being arrested? It was your lucky night! You were feeling a little left out of the Chateau gossip? They gave you all the juicy details. So many moments of Jerz brilliance, so little space to opine—but here are a few of last night’s gems… Keep reading »

10 Ways To Throw A Bridal Shower That Doesn’t Suck

When I got engaged about a week ago, the questions, inevitably, came pouring in: What’s the date? Where are you registered? Are you planning a shower? My answers were: No idea, I’m not, I’d rather be attacked by a hive of angry bees with no EpiPen nearby. People were aghast. No shower?! Why wouldn’t you want a shower? It’s a party in your honor! Espresso machines as gifts! Enough wine glasses to last through forty years of snapped stems! Expensive-ish linens!

So, I surveyed a group of friends about the shower phenomenon—some of them had been through their own showers, others who had been forced to buck up and attend about 84908923290123 of them like me. Here’s what I thought (and they agreed) would make a bridal shower vaguely tolerable, brides listen up! Keep reading »

The Celebrity Cleavage Chronicles

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This morning the Daily Mail U.K. went bonkers over Lily Allen showing off a slightly different type of cleavage while shooting a new video—side cleave. It’s not the garden-variety, in your face, head-on type of boobage. It’s more sneaky breast-time. And it got us thinking, there are just loads of different kinds of cleavage out there to be had. Check out Lindsay Lohan, above, showing off the side-view too!

Gallery: Cameron Diaz And Other Single And Sexy Babes

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The Daily Mail recently printed a few photos of Cameron Diaz vacationing alone and claimed—GASP! OMG! CAM IS SINGLE AND LONELY! Since when does hanging out in Hawaii spell heartbroken? Since then she’s been spotted all over NYC and just last night looking radiant at the MTV Movie Awards. So what’s the deal, media? Just because she’s single she’s automatically lonely? Please. Check out a few other single and sexy Hollywood ladies who look so happy and hot, they make us wanna dump our boyfriends.

Rich Bitches—The Highest Paid Super Models

So it’s apparently not enough for these long-limbed, strikingly tall, highlighted-to-perfection and, let’s not forget, genetically-blessed women to be just supermodels known the world ’round. Now, they gotta go and pull in boatloads of green, too. And, according to the Forbes “World’s Top-Earning Model’s” list there is one object of my faux-hate in particular who made $25 million dollars in the last 12 months. Months, people! Who is she? Keep reading »

Quaint They Ain’t: Inside The Homes Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” strike again—this time in the New York Times Styles section. NYT visited some of the ladies to talk about their homes (and by homes, we mean sprawling 10,000-plus-square-foot spreads). You really do get a great sense of the Jersey aesthetic—small and modest, these abodes are not—and learn a thing or two about Jerz interior design. Keep reading »

It’s Time To Lose Your Air Virginity

Five Things I Learned From Last Night’s “Real Housewives Of New Jersey”

We took yet another trip down the Garden State Parkway last night with Caroline, Dina, Danielle, Teresa and Jacqueline—and although I think this episode was more of a precursor to next weeks Danielle bombshell, it served up the usual nutzo Jersey fare. Here are the five gems (as I see it) from last night’s hour: Keep reading »

Celebrity Airport Style: From Plain Busted To Poshed Out

Celebrity Airport Style: From Plain Busted To Poshed Out
What’s the one time celebs are without their glam squads? Walking through the airport after a long flight.

Flying, with its dry air and never-comfortable seats, is the great beauty and style equalizer. We caught a few of Hollywood’s most put-together stars looking, well, normal.

Need proof? Just check out Lily Allen and Blake Lively, pillows in tow, heading to baggage claim—from their bedhead, looks like they actually caught some zzzzzzz’s at 39,000 feet up.

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