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The Natural Spray Tan — It Exists!

The newest, latest, and greatest in spray tans is the “weekend away” tan. In a move away from the L.A. Oompa-Loompas and perma-pumpkin folk, the “weekend away” tan is just a tiny bit of color. Subtle. Spotted all over the actresses at the BAFTAs (Kate Winslet, Audrey Tautou, Claire Danes, and Carey Mulligan), the low-key look was a bit of bronze on only those body parts that are directly and naturally hit by the sun. It wasn’t intense color, either, but the amount you would get from a weekend trip. No weirdly bronzed armpits, no “Jersey Shore” all over day-glo, and none of the orange-brown residue left between your fingers. To get this look, it’s all about going for the least deep spray color available and getting a real-live person to spray you (the booths will give you a solid, all-over tan). Ask to be sprayed only where the sun would naturally hit: upper arms, across the nose and cheeks, shoulders, etc. Perfect for spring, no? Keep reading »

Missoni Keeps It Real

Why use (and pay for) models with no real connection to your brand for ad campaigns when you’re the Missonis? When you come from a gorgeous, Italian fashion family, who better to show off the clothes and home textiles than the fam? Check out the brand-new spring/summer campaign—I’m obsessed. From co-founder Rosita Missoni and her husband, Ottavio, to their grandchildren, the whole clan gets together for a family portrait of sorts (by fancy-pants photog Juergen Teller) wearing their Missoni best, surrounded by their Missoni best. They really do all live the full-on lifestyle—love the couch, and could Ottavio be any more adorable? (That Mr. Rogers-esque Missoni sweater!) Check out more photos, after the jump …
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Olympic Fashion: The Good, Bad And Totally Wack

resized shaun white 1 jpg
Anyone else watch the Olympics for the fashion? No? Well, I got you covered—there are loads of daring (and hilarious) costumes and uniforms these Winter Games. Check out U.S. snowboarder Shaun White in the standard-issued snowboarder uni—Burton’s faux-jeans and plaid hoodie, all made of Gore-Tex. What do you think, cool or trying too hard? (At least it’s snowboarder-friendly, unlike the poor Japanese athlete who got penalized for sagging his pants.) And to get a look at five more unconventional fashion statements, click on …

Sneak Peek: Liberty Of London For Target

When we heard that iconic Brit luxury label Liberty of London was set to bring its prints-mad aesthetic to Target we had to try and keep ourselves from stalking the website in anticipation. Well, imagine the freak-out we had when photos of the fashion and home line started appearing on various websites (OMFG, there’s a bike!). Major giddiness, people. Could these pretty florals be any more perfect? (As if I needed one more reason to wish for springtime weather.) Check out a few product shots and a link to the promo video, after the jump … Keep reading »

When Bangs Attack! How To Handle Too-Long Fringe …

Nicole Richie has got herself some seriously long bangs—I have to think those get into her line of vision and bother her eyes, no? I can feel it now, every single blink is labored because your eyelashes have to disentangle themselves from your hair! Bang-wearers, what’s too long? Granted, too-short bangs have their own ugly issues so I suppose to err on the side of long is the way to go, no? I’ll say, though, that for someone with long bangs Nicole is styling them smartly: As a (very) general rule of thumb, when your bangs reach your brows, you’ve got to get control of ‘em. If you’ve got coarse or wavy hair, you need a little pomade to weigh hair down. Fine-haired folk should use a dime-size amount of gel (look for one that’s got some alcohol in it) to shape and tame fly-aways. And once your bangs have reached the bridge of your nose (Nicole, pay attention!), apply a styling lotion and curl the fringe up and back with a round brush. It sounds like an ’80s styling technique, but gravity coupled with the weight of your bangs will help the hair fall into a pretty wave. How do you guys handle too-long bangs? Keep reading »

Peek Inside Jason Wu’s Newly Designed Showroom!

jason wu w magazine jpg
We all know that over the past year or so designer Jason Wu has blown the eff up (thanks, Mobama!). With his well-deserved and newfound attention—not to mention sales!—comes an office upgrade, courtesy of Anna Wintour. Sort of. Check out his new Garment District digs—the work/showroom was designed by Anna’s interior designers, the husband and wife duo of Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller of Carrier and Company (as well as architect Giancarlo Valle). Gotta say, the place looks better than any office I’ve ever worked in!

Do Light Roots Bother You?

We all have a bit of roots showing—well, those of us who aren’t naturally this blond or redheaded or sun-kissed brunette. Mostly, I don’t really mind the look. I think it gives hair dimension, makes you look real (as opposed to the Playboy bunny all-bleached-all-the-time-look—ahem, Heidi Montag) and it sends a message that, hey, you’ve got better things to do with your life (and wallet) than sit in a colorist’s chair every two weeks. All that being said, I’m not so sure about light roots. Check out Lindsay‘s scalp. Since her hair is a natural red/light brown color and she’s rocking the black lately, she inevitably gets roots like the rest of us, but hers are lighter … sort of like the reverse root! Not long ago, Fergie sported a similar look as a “style” and pulled it off, because, she’s Fergie and it looked like she meant to do the two-tone thing. Here, I’m not convinced (oh, ignore the wonky makeup, that’s a whole ‘nother debate)—what do you think? Keep reading »

Google Wants To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Wedding uber-website Style Me Pretty has teamed up with the folks over at Google to bring brides-to-be wedding-specific (and brand-new) Google Docs Templates to keep their big day organized. They’re seriously useful—guest list templates, scheduling docs, seating charts, a vow-writing template and a music list–all documents that you can share in the usual Google Doc way. Now, you and your mom or soon-to-be-mother-in-law or fiancé can all make changes and updates from different locations (great if you don’t live near your family and are sick of sending that excel spreadsheet back and forth!). They’ve really thought of everything. I’m eyeballing the day-of scheduler right this very second! [Google Wedding Template Collection] Keep reading »

Debating A Hair Color Change?

You must check out this recently launched blog by genius colorist Johnny Ramirez (who works in Beverly Hills at the fancy-pants Chris McMillan salon) — it’s all-hair-color-all-the-time. Thinking of going blond? Well, you’ve got lots of blond photos to choose from. Check out “dark honey golden blond with subtle highlights,” “Swedish blond,” etc., and loads of kid hair pics, because we all know that children have the prettiest, most shiny, natural hair color. (Yes, I’m jealous.) Another thought: all his photos are perfect to print out and bring to your stylist for that little extra clarification! Coming soon, Johnny will be posting the videos of his color corrections—talk about major before and afters. [Box No. 216] Keep reading »

Breaking Down Hair Straightening Techniques

First up, Keratin Treatments. According to Garance: “Pretty much it covers up the hair with keratin (the protein hair is made of) and then they straighten it with a flat iron that penetrates through the keratin and then you wait for it to harden… Hence three days without washing. And that’s what straightens it. And then it lasts 6 months. No need to brush and blowdry, no need to do anything.” Check out the photo of Garance with her new straight hair.

Brazilian Blowout. It’s less about pin-straight hair and more about getting rid of frizz. Nicole Ritchie, as a hair example, loves Brazilian Blowouts. The Brazilian just softens whatever curl or wave you have. If the hair is air dried without a blow dryer, it will still have wave or curl but no frizz. On the flip side, if you want to blow dry your hair straight, you can do that, without a brush, in a fraction of the amount of time it would have taken without the Brazilian. It washes away with time and is diffused, so there is no noticeable difference between new hair and treated hair.

And the most permanent of the straightening techniques, Japanese Straightening. (and I mean straight, you get stick straight hair!) It’s mainly for “virgin” hair, i.e. hair that hasn’t been highlighted or colored or permed, etc. The procedure—sometimes called thermal reconditioning or ionic retexturing—weakens the hair, breaking down each follicle’s cystine bond (the molecular arrangement that gives hair its shape) so that it’s vulnerable to restructuring; the hair is then flattened with a special ceramic iron, after which a neutralizing serum is added to keep it straight. It’s a precise and difficult process, and if a stylist is inexperienced or a less gentle metal iron is used, the effect is dried-out and damaged-looking. And note: Upkeep is something to think about—there will be a line of demarcation, meaning that when new hair grows in, it is curly/ wavy while the rest of the hair is straight.

[Garance Dore]

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