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New Breast Enhancement Procedure Makes Them Grow Naturally?

A new surgery called TLC Breast Enhancement claims to make the girls bigger and firmer without any needles or cutting. The technique uses an intense light that somehow tricks the body into making more “oestrogen” — a hormone that is produced during puberty and pregnancy. The light, emitted from a gun-like device, creates more tissue, increases blood pressure, promotes microcirculation and thickens connective tissue. It also tightens collagen fibers for some lifting action. If you want gigantic knockers, this surgery is no good because it won’t increase your boobs more than two cup sizes. It’s best for women who have an A to C cup and won’t work on chicks who are already very large. Also, while there are no side effects save for a little tingling, you’ll have to go to several 30-minute sessions to see any result at all. Keep reading »

10 People Who Could Fill Larry King’s Suspenders, Er, Shoes

king 063010 g1 jpg
After 25 years on the air, Larry King, 76, has decided to hang up his suspenders. Although he’ll show up on CNN for the occasional special, the last episode of “Larry King Live” will take place this fall. King said he wants to work on his marriage, which is going through a rough patch, and hang out with his kids. The network is going to be making a decision about who will fill the 9 p.m. slot in the weeks ahead and we’d like to make a few suggestions. Check out who The Frisky staff would like to see sitting in King’s chair. [People]

At Age 45 Your Sex Life Is Over And Most Women Fake It

Stupendous news! A new study shows that couples over 45 have an ever-decreasing sex life but not for the reasons you’d think. One out of three people surveyed cut sex short because they don’t have the energy to cross the finish line. Around 37 percent don’t do it at all because sexytime just takes too much effort. The authors of the study suggest older couples “add sex to their exercise routine in order to help maintain optimum heart health, while having fun,” which is pretty much the worst advice ever. Way to turn a fun activity into an endurance test. [MetroUK] Keep reading »

7 Stars Talk About People Who Have Crushes On Them

crushes perez and adam jpg
In 2009, Adam Lambert told Parade he thought Perez Hilton had a crush on him. “I think he might have a crush on me. That’s what it feels like … I don’t have a crush on him!” the singer said. We think so, too. I mean, why else would the gay blogger take such an interest in cute little Adam’s sexuality? [AceShowbiz]

Kim Kardashian’s New Man, Miles Austin: 5 Things You Don’t Know

Looks like Reggie Bush is truly dunzo. Kim Kardashian is rumored to be dating Dallas Cowboys player Miles Austin now. They met in an L.A. restaurant a few months back, exchanged numbers and have been “talking” ever since. The two are officially dating but not boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever that means. Most people don’t know much about this dude, other than he has one of those names that works both backwards and forwards, so allow us to enlighten you. Keep reading »

Robert Pattinson Is Related To Dracula!? 10 Celebs With Surprising Genealogy

pattinson 062510 g1 jpg
Last night, Robert Pattinson cruised down the red carpet at the “Eclipse” premiere, as hundreds of rapid fans screamed their heads off. And it turns out R-Patz may not just play a sultry, brooding vampire—he might actually be related to one. According to, Pattinson is distantly related to 15th-century ruler Vlad IV Tzepesch, aka Vlad the Impaler, who is thought to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Totally weird, right? But, hey, if the shoe fits… [People]

R-Patz isn’t the only celeb with surprises in his family tree. After the jump, check out a few more shockers.

11 Celebrities Who Won’t Stop Oversharing About Their Sex Lives

overshare cameron diaz jpg
Talking about sex is one thing—almost everybody does it—but some celebrities just don’t know when to stop. Take Cameron Diaz. On her press push for “Knight and Day,” she’s said that sex keeps her young. That she’s always “traveling for c**k.” That she also does it with women. And that she loves sex outdoors.

Alright, Cameron, while you get yourself and your sexuality sorted out, we’re going to take a look at some other celeb sex oversharers.

Girl On Girl: In Defense Of Lesbian Bars

It took me months to convince my girlfriend to go to a lesbian bar with me, and only five minutes to ensure she’d never go again. In her mind, there was no point because she thinks gay bars are only for hooking up and meeting people. I would always staunchly disagree. I told her, “We can be ourselves at gay bars because we’re surrounded by people like us. It’s empowering!”

She wasn’t swayed by my enthusiasm. But finally, I did manage to get her to come to my favorite New York lesbian bar—Cubbyhole—on a Tuesday night when they have $2 margarita night. But I messed it up, big time. Keep reading »

9 Stars Who Rocked Non-Traditional Garb On Their Wedding Day

ford 062310 g1 jpg
At his wedding to Calista Flockhart, Harrison Ford dressed way down for the occasion. The actor wore Wrangler jeans and his bride donned a white sundress. [People]

I’m not crazy about the idea of lavish weddings, so I especially appreciate people who keep things simple. It puts an emphasis on the love—not on how much money you can drop. Even though they have lots of dough, stars have a long history of wearing non-traditional duds on their big day. Some do the super casual thing, like this couple and some—well, let’s just say they’re a little more outlandish.

10 Things To Do While Camping Out For “Eclipse”

I don’t even think it’s worth making fun of hardcore “Twilight” fans because they make it a lil’ too easy, what with their “Twilight”-themed bedrooms and all. According to People, since Monday, hundreds of Twi-hards have been camped out in front of the L.A. theater where the “Eclipse” movie premiere will be held on Thursday.

Four days is an awfully long time to be camped out on pavement, just inches away from your neighbor. I bet these diehard “Twilight” fans are getting a little bored, so here are 10 things they can do while waiting. Keep reading »

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