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Celebs Who’ve Come To The Rescue Of Their Fellow Stars

Kiefer Sutherland, already on probation for a DUI, is in trouble again for allegedly head-butting designer Jack McCollough at a swanky nightclub in Soho on Tuesday. Sutherland channeled his inner two-year-old after McCollough bumped into Brooke Shields and didn’t apologize. This story would be cute if it was about small children, but it’s not. [NYDailyNews] Keep reading »

How To Get Plastic Surgery — For Free!

We’re still reeling from the news that the Miss California Organization paid for contestant Carrie Prejean to get fake ta-tas so she’d have a better chance of winning Miss USA. Tasteless? Yes. Uncommon? Unfortunately, no. We nosed around for other ways to “better” your body without breaking the bank. Keep reading »

Lesbian Is The New Black

Lesbians are hot. No, not like that, perv. I mean, they’re everywhere. There’s Ellen, Portia de Rossi, “Top Chef’s” Jamie Lauren, Cythia Nixon and, up until a few weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan and Samatha Ronson. According to CNN, more women these days are in lady-lady relationships, and a growing number are leaving male partners for women. [ via CNN] Is going lesbian the new thing to do? Keep reading »

Susan Boyle Offered Big Money To Lose Her V-Card On Film

Scottish songstress Susan Boyle needs a makeover, but L.A.-based Kick Ass Films doesn’t care. The company offered Boyle $1 million to lose her V-card on camera. [NY Daily News] — But this isn’t the first time a tabloid fave has been offered cash to get down and dirty. Keep reading »

Slideshow: Celeb ‘Rents Who Look Just Like Their Kids

hogans main jpg
Last week, we mused about mother-from-hellooo Janet Cunliffe, who spent $15,000 to look like her daughter. Then we started thinking. In the celebiverse, there are an awful lot of parent/kid pairs who look like twins. Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda Bollea (left) and her daughter, Brooke (right) look identical, even though Linda is almost 50. Obviously, Linda feels young, too, because this cougar-mommy is dating 19-year-old Charley Hill. [LATimes] — I guess this is what happens when two people share DNA, as well as the same self-tanner and hair bleach.

American Idol’s Adam Lambert Knocks Simon Cowell Onto His Feet. But Who Is This Guy Anyway?

On Tuesday, “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert dramatically belted out “Mad World” by Tears for Fears, a performance so good he knocked stone cold Simon Cowell onto his feet. Cowell actually gave him a standing ovation, saying, “Words aren’t necessary but I’m going to give you a standing ovation.” Woah! We got the DL on Simon’s new fave. Keep reading »

Topshop Or Not To Shop? We Say Not.

topshop 001 jpg
America’s first Topshop, opened in Soho last week. Supermodel Kate Moss showed up for the opening of this super-hyped British boutique and hundreds of die-hard shoppers lined the streets. Is this Britastic clothing empire really worth all the fuss? We took Topshop for a test shop. Keep on clicking. [NYPost]
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