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What Happened Before Diane Schuler’s Wrong-Way Car Crash?

We are still reeling from the July 26 accident in New York, where a woman with a minivan full of kids drove the wrong way down the Taconic State Parkway for almost two miles before crashing into another car, killing herself and seven others, including her daughter and three nieces. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Diane Schuler was drunk, at about twice the legal blood-alcohol limit, and high on marijuana at the time of the accident. This incited outrage for obvious reasons—the cover of the New York Post for the day read, “How Could She?” But what has us so grimly fascinated with this case is that, aside from being horrific, it makes no sense. Diane Schuler’s husband, Daniel, claims his wife was not an alcoholic and only smoked weed occasionally. She was an executive at Cablevision and the ultimate responsible chick. So what happened? Keep reading »

Pretty In Sixteen Candles’ Day Off: A Look Back At John Hughes’ Flicks

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Female Iraqi Wrestlers Face Hardcore Opposition

Girls on Iraq’s first all-female wrestling team in Diwaniya are being threatened and ostracized because people believe their participation in this sport is a “transgression” and could lead to promiscuity, loss of femininity or worse. Four girls have already quit out of fear, and I’m not surprised. One sexist tribesman said those who continue to wrestle should be “slaughtered.” Keep reading »

Does Sex Hurt You Really, Really Bad?

About 20 million women in American complain of having really, really painful sex. Often, the discomfort extends to daily life. Many women have problems sitting, riding bikes and even wearing jeans. One woman described sex as “having sandpaper rubbed on an open wound.” A lot of these women get really effed up emotionally because docs don’t understand what is going on. But physicians are finally getting hip to why this is happening, and they’re calling this new class of issues Sex Pain Disorders. Creative. Keep reading »

Shocker! You Can’t Turns Gays Straight With Therapy

The American Psychological Association has finally gotten around to saying that therapy aimed at turning gays straight is totally bogus. Good job, guys. We’ve only known that for, like, ever. In a vote of 125-to-4, the APA adopted a resolution saying that mental health personnel shouldn’t recommend so-called “repairative therapy” or similar treatments to gay clients. In fact, the effects of this bogus therapy could actually be harmful, leading to suicidal tendencies and depression. Keep reading »

Sweet! Scientists Decode The HIV Genome

For the first time ever, researchers have decoded the complete HIV virus genome. This wasn’t an easy feat, because HIV carries its genetic information on RNA instead of DNA which is more complex because it’s 3D. This is a very big deal because now scientists will have a much better understanding of how HIV works. They can zoom in on different pieces of the virus and see which parts do what. Researchers can, hopefully, use this info to figure out why the virus is able to go undetected in the human host for so long and why it’s immune to so many drugs. Scientists also plan to alter or mutate parts of the genome and see if the virus notices. If they can find a mutation that effs up how HIV functions or makes it grow slower, well, that’s pretty exciting. [AFP]

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