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Ex-Teacher Guilty Of Sexting Nude Pics To Student

Former New Hampshire high school teacher Melinda Dennehy, 41, pleaded guilty to emailing a 15-year-old student naked pictures of herself with her “genitals exposed,” as well as detailing all the naughty things she wanted to do to the kid via text and kissing him on more than one occasion. The bad gal was caught in March after nakey pics of her were found going around the school. Awkward. Dennehy got a suspended jail sentence on the condition she behaves herself and stays away from the boy and his school. [HuffingtonPost] Keep reading »

10 Celeb Women Who Are Six Feet Or Taller

bensimon 072910 g1 jpg
I once read that people who are tall see a lot of things we short people don’t want to see, like the tops of refrigerators which, let’s face it, no one ever cleans. Ever since then I have been thankful for my shortness. But sometimes I wish I were a bit taller. Having some height is helpful if you don’t like paying people to hem your jeans and if you actually want to see the stage at a crowded concert. So maybe, from time to time, I do get a bit jealous of those who aren’t vertically challenged.

Like “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Kelly Bensimon, who is six feet and basically towers above everyone on the show, especially in those ridiculously high heels that they all wear. After the jump, check out a few more of our fave tall gals.

Women Getting Plastic Surgery … On Their Feet!

Will it ever end!? As if being able to surgically alter your breasts, hips, nose, cheeks, lips, butt, thighs and stomach wasn’t enough, women are now getting cosmetic procedures on their feet so they can fit into tiny heels and look absolutely perfect in a pair of sandals. The Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery in Studio City in Los Angeles is fueling this awful trend with their trademark “Cinderella Procedure” which gives clients narrower feet. Others go for the “Perfect 10! Aesthetic Toe Shortening,” which is just what it sounds like. Women can get their toes shortened and even straightened because buying shoes that actually fit just makes too much sense. For gals who can’t spend a single day in flats or sneakers, docs at the clinic will provide extra cushioning by injecting fat from their butts into the bottoms of their feet, supposedly to make stilettos more comfortable. If the worst thing about your tootsies is that they sweat, docs will inject them with Botox which stops glands from working properly, thus eliminating sweat.

I think all this could be avoided if women would just buy a few pairs of comfy shoes in sizes that actually fit. But that’s just me. What do you think? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

What The Heck Is 4chan?

When I first went to, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. It’s a pretty plain-looking site with long lists of random topics that users can click on. However, once I unlocked the secrets of this site, I realized that it’s basically like an internet army. It’s turned into a place where people suggest pranks and get lots of others to participate. The peeps on this site make rumors so widespread that people think they’re true, they rig person-of-the-year contests and are even the ones behind Rickrolling, an internet bait-and-switch where users are tricked into clicking on a link that looks relevant—say, a trailer for “Grand Theft Auto IV”—only to find the music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. After the jump, some other famous 4chan hijinx — some funny, others not so much.

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9 Goddesses Of The ’90s

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Robert Pattinson has many rabid fans, but he ain’t got nothing on Tiffani Amber-Thiessen, who played bombshell Kelly Kapowski on “Saved By The Bell.” This gal was so popular she practically ruined one dude’s career. When actor Patrick Fabian first appeared on the show, he had tons of adoring, giggling female fans. But then he totally kissed Kelly while she was with Zack Morris. And viewers were so angry at Fabian for breaking up this popular TV romance that they started sending hate mail. [FlashNews] But Kelly Kapowski isn’t the only ’90s actress to have had a ginormous, loyal fanbase. Check out a few more of our favorite ’90s girls.

Girl On Girl: Is Being Gay A Choice?

There is one central question underlying every debate about homosexuality going on in our country today: Is being gay a choice or is it innate? Is there a gay gene? Was I born a lesbian? These are things I think about all the time, but have shielded away from addressing. Why? Because my take on it is not the norm. Most people who fight for gay rights cling to the it’s-not-a-choice argument. For them, people are gay from day numero uno, regardless of whether they embrace it at age 7 or 70. If you argue with someone who believes this, they’ll say, “Why would anyone choose to be gay?” It’s a compelling argument because gays and lesbians do not have equal rights and are looked at as second class citizens in many areas of the world, including, at times, right here in the United States.

But, somehow, I’m not convinced. Keep reading »

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