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5 Great Vacations For People On A Budget

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My bank account and my lifestyle don’t always agree. My lifestyle wants to travel to fabulous places, buy nice clothes and sip expensive cocktails. My bank account wants to disappear like Lindsay Lohan’s sanity. And I know I’m not the only one who ain’t got no money in the bank. Rent is sky-high, the economy sucks (no matter what anyone says) and necessities like caramel lattes, Betsey Johnson heels, and trips to the hair salon are darn costly. But, luckily, I know how to save, especially when it comes to going on vacay. After the jump, check out some budget getaways that don’t involve camping in mosquito-infested swamps and living on fast food.

Girl On Girl: Lesbians, Stop With The Exclusivity Already!

I haven’t been out that long. And I haven’t been with, or even dated, that many women. These are facts I’m not ashamed to admit, and I don’t think they diminish the intensity of experiences and relationships I have had with women. Sure, it would be hard for me to do a long treatise on my struggles with being gay or write a handbook on dating and sleeping with women. I recognize the limitations of my lesbianism and I’m not trying to overstep or ignore them. But that hasn’t stopped the haters. Keep reading »

6 Real-Life Couple Sex Scenes That Freaked Us Out

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Sunday night’s episode of “True Blood” ended with a sex scene that was basically porn. And semi-violent porn at that. In the scene, Sookie and Bill have makeup sex—both buck naked, Sookie on top, arching her back, and as they choke each other. Because the scene was so intense and these two characters are played by real-life engaged couple, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, it kind of freaked us out. It totally looked like they were actually, you know, doing it.

Sometimes it’s cute or romantic when real-life couples get to get down and dirty onscreen, but other times, not so much. After the jump, real-life couples whose on-screen sex scenes bordered on questionable.

6 Famous Peeps Who Beefed With Their Significant Other’s ‘Rents

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No one hated Speidi more than Heidi Montag‘s mom. She was “devastated” when Heidi and Spencer tied the knot and gave the couple’s marriage “six months,” calling it “the biggest mistake Heidi’s ever made.” She also called Spencer “manipulative” and said she thought he had Heidi drugged during their wedding. Bet she’s thrilled about their divorce. [The Hollywood Gossip]

Girl On Girl: An Open Letter To Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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Dear Elisabeth Hasselbeck,

I have to say, you truly enlightened me last week when you opened your trap on “The View” and said that women who turn gay later in life do so because they can’t get a man. You said, “I’ll tell you what’s happening. Older men are going for younger women and leaving the women with no one.” Keep reading »

Celebs Like Al Gore Who’ve Been Cleared Of Sexual Harassment

On Monday, Al Gore was cleared of sexual harassment charges. Massage therapist Molly Hagerty claimed that the almost-prez was “a crazed sex poodle” who made “unwanted sexual contact” with her in an upscale Portland hotel room in 2006. But after Hagerty failed a lie detector test and forensic evidence turned up, well, nothing, the judge let Gore off the hook.

Although this is pretty embarrassing, Gore is actually (sort of) in good company. After the jump, check out a few more celebs who were accused and cleared of sexual harassment. Congrats, fellas. Keep reading »

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