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10 Celebrities Who Married The Same Person Twice

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Marie Osmond has tied the knot. Er, retied the knot. In 1982, she married a Brigham Young basketball player by the name of Stephen Craig and they had a son together before splitting three years later. A second marriage and seven kids later, Marie and Stephen reconnected. And last night, they married for a second time in a small ceremony at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple. Marie even wore the exact same wedding dress. “These two people are right for each other,” her brother Donny explained. “My sister is so happy.” While info on why Marie and Stephen broke up originally and how they reconnected is scant, I find this story incredibly sweet. Here’s hoping they make it the second time. [People]

I’m also fascinated because it seems that famous people have a habit of marrying the same person twice. After the jump, other examples.

Nerd Girl Porn: 12 Hot Guys From Down Under

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I don’t know if it’s their sexy accents, perfect tans or sun-bleached hair, but Australian men are hot, hot, hot! And, lucky for us, Aussie hunks have managed to infiltrate every industry, from cooking to skateboarding. In honor of Australia Day, let’s go down under for some scorching hotness, mate.

Girl On Girl: My Very Lesbian Wish List

I don’t hide the fact that the holidays are not my favorite time of year. Christmas does not make me think of tinsel-covered trees and red and green wrapping paper. It makes me think of crowded stores, overpriced gifts and too much family time. Plus, it falls right around the coldest and darkest days of the year. If Jesus was so special, why didn’t he pick a better month for his birthday?

New Year’s is slightly better because it involves lots of alcohol and, the next day, you get to start afresh. Keep reading »

7 Celebrities Who’ve Played Cupid

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So, we’ve been wondering how exactly Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift hooked up, considering that they have a nine-year age difference and not too much in common. And now we have our answer: It’s Gwyneth Paltrow‘s fault. Apparently, she invited the both of them to a dinner party she had in London, and they hit it off. Cue their progression of coffee dates. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, some more celebs who played cupid, for better or worse.

Girl On Girl: 8 Things I Miss About Being Straight

A few weeks ago, I wrote about all the things I love about loving women. A lot of commenters wrote that some of the things I listed can be found in straight relationships, too. This got me to thinking about what—if anything—I miss about being with dudes. Don’t get me wrong, it was a big relief to come out. But I did spent most of high school and even freshman year of college dating guys and sometimes it was really awesome. There are a few things about that time that make me nostalgic. Check out what I miss most, after the jump. Keep reading »

Girl On Girl: How To Avoid Difficult Topics At Thanksgiving And Stuff Your Face In Peace

I spend most of Thanksgiving milling around an overheated room holding a glass of wine and making conversation with aunts, great aunts, second cousins, third cousins, fourth cousins twice removed and the great uncle of the neighbor down the street. At this year’s turkey-chomping fiesta, only about one in 10 of the people in the room will be unaware that I’m gay.

Normally, I’m totally down to talk about my sexuality (read: overshare). But I’ve been working 50-hour weeks, freelancing in the evenings and trying to use whatever spare time I have to keep myself in shape. In other words, I really, really need a vacation. And during that vacation, I do not want to broach difficult topics—such as why I’m gay or who I’m seeing. I want to scarf down gravy-smothered turkey, eat mashed potatoes, drink red wine and go to bed early. Keep reading »

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