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Megan Reynolds is an associate editor at The Frisky. She is an ardent Kardashian apologist and writes mostly about beauty, entertainment and the vagaries of the Internet.

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“Kim At The Museum” Tumblr Puts Kim Kardashian Where She (Maybe) Rightfully Belongs

By far the best use of Selfie I’ve ever seen. …

Megan Reynolds / June 24, 2015

A New Jersey Family Fled Their Home After Receiving Ominous Letters From “The Watcher”

A Westfield, New Jersey, family has fled their recently-purchased $1.3 million dollar home, after receiving terrifyingly creepy letters from someone who refers to themselves as “The Watcher.” According to CBS News, the family that fled had been “aware of a man who calls himself ‘the Watcher,’ but they never said anything.” They are suing the previou…

Megan Reynolds / June 24, 2015

Kim Kardashian Only Had Male Embryos Implanted Because Yeezy Taught Her, Duh

“Kim would have happily taken a healthy baby, but being able to choose the sex is the cherry on top!”

Megan Reynolds / June 24, 2015

Now The World Will Know Just How Disgusting Dov Charney Really Is

We tried to make this a little more palatable for you. …

Camp Is In Session Because The “Wet Hot American Summer” Trailer Is Here.

Your old friends, 14 years after the fact. …

Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

Sweden Has Given Us A New Name For Female Masturbation

“Just gonna go home and klittra for a while,” doesn’t really roll off the tongue like you’d want it to.

Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

Ginuwine Wants To “Leave It In” – “It” Being His Penis

“I think she loves me/Cause she keep sayin leave it in.” IS THAT WHAT LOVE IS?

Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

Please Do Not Throw A “Bro-Dal Shower”

Are you a man who is getting married, but feels sad that your soon-to-be-wife gets to go to like, three different parties in which people shower her with gifts and praise while you get one scuzzy party in Atlantic City with a stripper that your brother’s friend found, but you really didn’t want? Do you…

Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

Dear ABT: Promote Misty Copeland To Principal Dancer

Ballet needs Misty Copeland.

Megan Reynolds / June 22, 2015

Janet Jackson’s Latest “No Sleep” Is An Anthem For The Grown And Sexy

Slow, smooth bouncy summertime sex jams from the one and only Ms. Janet.

Megan Reynolds / June 22, 2015

Chilean Woman Carried “Stone Baby” For 50 Years

A lithopedion pregnancy is the strangest thing. …

Megan Reynolds / June 22, 2015

“Catastrophe” Wants To Prove That Pregnancy Is Really NBD

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney get real about pregnancy, relationsips and the importance of offense. …

Megan Reynolds / June 19, 2015

Here Is A “Pokémon” Porn Parody That Will Ruin Your Childhood

“You ready to ruin these guys like they’re Brian Williams’ career, Dickachu?” …

Megan Reynolds / June 19, 2015

Benevolent Therapist Traumatized By “Dowdy Patient,” Internet Displeased

Here is a tale as old as time, from the pages of the New York Times.  A mid-thirtes woman is in therapy. She is in therapy to discuss a variety of issues, from career concerns to personal things, and her therapist, a kind and benevolent man, helps her through these issues, because that is his job,…

Megan Reynolds / June 18, 2015

Channing Tatum Did An AMA, Reveals Just The Tip Of His Winning Personality

He’s just as  you’d expect him to be. …

Megan Reynolds / June 18, 2015

Here’s Lauryn Hill, Slaying A Nina Simone Cover

Lauryn’s still got it, guys. …

Megan Reynolds / June 18, 2015

Beauty IRL: Get Ready For Work In 6 Easy Steps

The only guide you will ever need. …

Megan Reynolds / June 18, 2015

There Is A Replica Of GoT’s Iron Throne Made Out Of Dildos For Sale on eBay

“If you run a sex festival, sex club, or if you’ve just been feeling like there was a dildo-throne-shaped hole in your life, why not grab this unique opportunity with both hands?”…

Megan Reynolds / June 17, 2015

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