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Trend Alert: Imperfect Nudes?

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We’ve been seeing a lot of naked chicks lately. No, we aren’t “switching teams,” we’ve just been buying our usual high fashion magazines. Cover after cover features a naked super model or plus sized pop star and we’ve got to ask: Is bare the new black? It could very well be a new appreciation for the genuine female form following Dove’s real beauty campaigne, multiple anorexia memoires (think Hungry, by Crystal Renn and Skinny, by Ibi Kaslik), and airbrushing scandals (cough, Demi Moore’s W cover, cough). Then again, as Tracy Clark-Flory asks in a article, “Do “real” women really need to take off their clothes to show other “real” women what “real” women look like?” The fact remains that our magazine racks have never held so many pictures of fleshy poses and un-shopped photos. This Beth Ditto cover is one example of the unconventional editorials.

Monday Mornings Make A Comeback!

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Hope the holidays were all that and then some, but now it’s time to get back to work. A return to the office can be a real downer, but we’ve picked up a few gizmos to make your desk as cozy as your den. Here’s how to do it in style.

No more scurrying past your boss’s office in pursuit of a hot cup of coffee. Now, you can keep your first one warm all day.

Mug Heater, $25, Brookstone

Pretty In Print: 10 Books You Can Judge By Their Covers

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Holiday Party Necessities (For Less Than $30)

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10 Best Holiday Hairstyles (And How To Do Them)

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13 Curvy Style Icons

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Baroque artists knew what they were doing when they picked the most voluptuous women of their day to immortalize on canvas, proving that even men of the 17th century liked some extra cushion. We certainly like our women with curves these days, and have picked our favorite famous style icons to hang in The Frisky hall of fame. Crystal Renn takes our top spot, obvs. The model-turned-author earned our respect by ditching the heroin-chic runway fad in exchange for her much sexier size 12.

10 Humongous Ballgown-Style Wedding Dresses

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O.P.I Polishes Get a New ‘Do

Nail polish brand O.P.I. has exceeded the seasonal release of new shades to add to their line of polish colors, and has instead revamped old classics.

O.P.I. Ink, Russian Navy, Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, You Don’t Know Jacques!, We’ll Always Have Paris, and Lincoln Park After Dark have all been transformed into “suede” finishes. The look is matte and glittery, but doesn’t wear as long as regular polish. Amazon has a great selection of the colors, which you shouldn’t wear with a base coat, top coat, or hardening drops.

After a few test-run manicures, we are a fan of the finish for the winter months. Take a “suede” test drive and tell us what you think. Keep reading »

Out-Of-This-World Outfits At The “Avatar” Premiere

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Introducing “Twilight” Manties Model Kellan Lutz

What does Marky Mark of The Funky Bunch have in common with Emmett from “Twilight“? Manties! Kellan Lutz will be slipping on the boxer-briefs Mark Wahlberg made famous for Calvin Klein in the ’90s. From what we’ve seen, Lutz is quite photogenic and his abs are poppin’, but can he fill the shoes underwear of the beefed-up rapper-turned-model-turned-actor? You be the judge when the campaign comes to a billboard near you soon. [NYMag] Keep reading »

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