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Season’s Savings! Gift Certificates From SpaFinder

We all know someone who makes us quiver in department stores this time of year, that person who will inevitably return our gift. We have finally cracked the too-hard-to-shop-for code! SpaFinder is a global relaxation retreat resource, and, yes, they sell gift certificates. No matter where your fussy friend or family member is, they ca…

Lauren Panariello / December 16, 2009

Would You Wear This: A Paint-By-Numbers Dress?

Fashion designer and Netherlands native Berber Soepboer aims to make clothes that “can be worn in different ways, so the owner can make choices in how to wear the cloth,” but we think she might have gone too far when she teamed up with a graphic designer to create this color-by-numbers dress. Each spiral-covered dre…

Lauren Panariello / December 15, 2009

Season’s Savings! Major Dickason’s Blend From Peet’s Coffee & Tea

For more than 40 years, Peet’s of Berkeley, CA, has been brewing up a storm along the west coast. Now it’s your turn to try a cup of Peet’s and send some along to your favorite caffeine lovers this season. We take Peet’s word that the Major Dickason blend is the most famous and best…

Lauren Panariello / December 15, 2009

Season’s Savings! Rich Rewards Fruit And Chocolate Basket From Cherry Moon Farms

Sure, you could stuff fresh fruit and Ghiradellis in a basket yourself, but why bother when Cherry Moon Farms is willing to do it for you? This Frisky pick is filled with pears, apples, bridge mix, and assorted gourmet chocolates. Now that’s a happy holiday! [$44.99, Cherry Moon Farms]

Cherry Moon Farms is offering

Lauren Panariello / December 14, 2009

Season’s Savings! Snake Necklace From Michelle Chang

We know the holidays are all about wholesomeness, but we can’t resist this little seducer of sin. Michelle Chang’s baby snake necklace is too sexy to ignore: an infantile serpent mounts and wraps itself around a thin, delicate gold chain. String one on to add some slither to your step. [$52, Michelle Chang]


Lauren Panariello / December 11, 2009

Season’s Savings! Easy-Wrap Patterned Swaddlers From Learning Curve

Call us crazy, but we think this is just a glorified baby Snuggie. And however twisted that may be, it doesn’t make the idea of our nieces and nephews rolled up in this cotton tortilla any less hysterical. Adorable! [$20.99, Learning Curve]

Learning Curve is offering Frisky readers a 15 PERCENT shopping discount

Lauren Panariello / December 10, 2009

Season’s Savings: Gifts For Under $6 At Old Navy!

Everyone always goes straight for the tree, but we prefer what’s hanging on the mantle. Right now, Old Navy’s featuring 145 items for under $6 each, like these gloves, socks, and hat, which are perfect for stuffing stockings and treating everyone on your list. There are tons of cute options to choose from! [$5 each,…

Lauren Panariello / December 9, 2009

Season’s Savings! Bollywood Dance Workout DVD From Acacia

We are so over the stripper-pole craze, and have fallen in love with Bollywood-style dancing as a fun way to stay fit. Extra bonus: you’ll have a bangin’ bod and some hot new moves to show off your hard work. [Acacia]

Acacia is offering Frisky readers 20 PERCENT OFF all fitness DVDs from today,

Lauren Panariello / December 8, 2009

Season’s Savings! Teardrop Earrings from Avalee

Delicate and dangly, these sweet bubblegum crystal earrings are enchanting with just a hint of ethereal charm thanks to the vine-like silver details. These will be a great addition to our jewelry wardrobe because we’re always looking for day-to-night pieces. [$17.95, Avalee]

Avalee is offering Frisky readers FREE SHIPPING from today, Dec. 7, to

Lauren Panariello / December 7, 2009

Season’s Savings: Leaf Silhouette Portraits From Jenny Lee Fowler

Cameos are so five minutes ago. Custom-made “Leaf Silhouette Portraits” are where it’s at this holiday season. Everyone likes receiving something personalized, but they won’t expect these nontraditional portraits. [$130, Jenny Lee Fowler]

Jenny Lee Fowler is offering Frisky readers TWO CUSTOM LEAF SILHOUETTES FOR $100 from today, Dec. 4, to Thursday, Dec. 31.

Lauren Panariello / December 4, 2009

Season’s Savings: Rockwell Rings from TheBeSide

The gold and silver plated metals that fill TheBeSide’s settings have all the shine of metallics, but the grainy grooves and earthy charm of wood. Either way — solid metal or porous timber — it’s not the type of rock you expect to see sitting in a solitaire setting. This classic design redefined just made…

Lauren Panariello / December 3, 2009

Season’s Savings! Deluxe Lavender Set From Kiehl’s

There was a collective shriek (men and women alike participated) in The Frisky offices when we heard that Kiehl’s had offered an exclusive holiday discount to our readers. The mecca of all body care boutiques just gave us the green light to make sure Santa stuffs our stockings right this year. We are writing the…

Lauren Panariello / December 2, 2009

Season’s Savings! Personalized Golf Balls From RedEnvelope

We’ve given up fighting our men for Sunday mornings when all they want to do is T-off, which gets us, well, T’d off. In an attempt to catch more flies with honey, we’re stamping his initials on enough golf balls to remind him what supportive, loving women we really are. Then we’ll see which sound…

Lauren Panariello / December 1, 2009