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Marc Jacobs Thinks Celebrities Are “Boring”

Marc Jacobs and business partner Robert Duffy are banning celebrities from their shows at Fashion Week. For many of us, watching the who’s who of the front row is almost as exhilarating as seeing the latest fall collection, but according to Duffy celebrities are just “boring.” Granted, the team claimed that celebrities were verboten last year, even though we saw a spike-faced Lady Gaga and Madonna chillin’ by the runway. Apparently the Gaga was given special exemption from the “boring celebrity” rule because (besides the fact that she is ANYTHING but boring) the diva was headlining the after party. As for Madge … she just showed up uninvited. [] Keep reading »

Quotable: Lily Allen Says Fashion Industry Likes Her Skinny

“Someone said to me recently: ‘You seem so much more comfortable in your skin now, and the fashion world has really embraced you… And I was like, yep, there is a reason the fashion world has embraced me: because I did lose a considerable amount of weight over the last year! The people who have got involved with me probably wouldn’t have when I was a stone-and-a-half heavier.”

Lily Allen, who is a somewhat unlikely Chanel muse [MonstersandCritics] Keep reading »

10 Unfortunate Celebrity Eyebrow Blunders

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Bad Celebrity Botox

Nicole Kidman Botox photo


Beauty How-To: French Braid Your Hair

The boho-chic look never goes out of style, probably because it is easy and low maintenance. The key to laid back hair is a french braid, which looks cool on its own, as a built-in headband, or a ponytail accessory.

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Brandy’s Drawn On Alien Eyebrows

Is that Spock? All Brandy is missing are some elf-ears and she could pass for the bazaarly-browed alien alum. It’s not bad enough she’s promoting a new reality show on VH1, she has to do it looking like her eyebrows are scared of the rest of her face? Girl, grab a kleenex, wipe wipe wipe, and hire a professional to pencil those bad boys in. Keep reading »

Male Model Accused Of Offering Sex To Cops

It turns out that women aren’t the only ones who try to weasel their way out of a ticket. Nick Snider, who was Forbes’ 5th most successful male model in 2008, was arrested on Monday in Arkansas after drunkenly causing a domestic disturbance. Once in the patrol car (after he informed the arresting officers that he was “a very famous model”), Snider told one of the deputies, “If you stop I’ll suck your d**k and balls if you let me go.” As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Prada model continued to offer oral sex in exchange for his release to the booking jailer. Snider was charged with three misdemeanors, including attempting to illegally influence a public servant. Take it from the ladies, Nick: next time just start crying. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

The Inspiration Board: Fashion Meets Great Art

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When Louis Vuitton men’s studio director Paul Helbers and artistic director Marc Jacobs sent models down the runway in garments inspired by Vienna’s early 20th century artists, we began to think about how visual arts movements have influenced designers. From the earliest Egyptian tomb paintings to Vermeer and Warhol, fashion has bowed to the brushstrokes of history’s great artists. Click through for your own inspiration.

In this facsimile from the tomb of Sennedjem, Egypt’s human subjects are clothed in white, draped dresses and surrounded by rich hues of gold. Work a slinky white number with plenty of gold and jewelry to channel a pharaoh all your own.

  1. Dolce Vita sandals,
  2. Kenneth JAy Lane bracelet,
  3. Ben-Amun earrings,
  4. Rachel Pally dress,

The Hottest Designers Of Fall Fashion Week: A Cheat Sheet

February 11th marks the kick-off of fall fashion week, but with almost 100 shows no one has the time (or energy) to see them all. NBC put together a list of the designers you’ve gotta watch, so fine tune your runway radar to these 10 talents prepared to set NYC ablaze in a stylized fire.

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Skinny Model Scandal Hits Teen Girls Hard

Salinger would be pissed. It turns out the fashion industry may be responsible for sucking the innocence right out of teenage girls (or is causing them to throw it up). A new study shows that nine out of 10 teenage girls feel pressured to be thin thanks to the uber-emaciated models they see on the runways and advertisements. The majority of these girls would rather see untouched photos in magazines (wouldn’t we all?) and one-third of them have refused to eat in order to lose weight. More than 33 percent of these ladies knew someone who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder while more than one half have forced themselves to throw up food. Sad, sad, sad. [Reuters] Keep reading »

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