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Check Out Tavi’s Rodarte For Target Video

Style blogging wunderkind Tavi just released a fairly adorable and kind of intense video she made to “introduce you to Rodarte.” The video looks at the brand as a whole, the upcoming Target line (including a yellow knit sweater she loves), and even has a little Jason Schwartzman action going on. All in all, it’s kind of making our 13-year-old selves retroactively feel like slackers. [] Keep reading »

DIY: Shockingly Easy Epaulets

shirt final shot 12809 jpg
As avid supporters of the T-shirt, we’re always looking for a way to make our comfortable, flattering, stretchy shirts a tad more interesting. This week, we went with chains and created a sort of epaulet look on one side, leaving the other plain so as not to over-do it. We’ll show you how, after the jump.

The Justification For $100 Lululemon Sweatpants

Lululemon sweatpants generally run $80 to $130, prices that are probably leaving some of you poised over your keyboards, ready to extol the many virtues of Target and imply that anyone willing to spend $100 on sweatpants more or less deserves eternal damnation. Well, hear me out, because my $100 Lululemon sweatpants are the most sensible piece of athletic-wear I’ve ever bought. They keep their shape, look good almost four years after I bought them and do something altogether magical with my ass, thus justifying their crazy-high price tag every time I wear them. Keep reading »

Style 911: Can I Wear A Metallic Skirt To Work?

“I recently bough a metallic black pencil skirt thinking I’d wear it to work, but every time I put it on I feel waaay overdressed for the office. (And my office is dressy!) How do I wear metallic during the day? Is it even possible? Help!” – Lauren S.

Fret not, you can easily wear your new skirt to work, especially since you say your office is dressy. The key to wearing metallics during the day is keeping everything else simple. That means no crazy prints, shoes can be interesting but ideally monotone, and you probably shouldn’t get out of control with your accessories. We’ve got a few ideas after the jump. Keep reading »

Truckload of Victoria Beckham Dresses Stolen At Knife Point

It took us a while to come to terms with the idea that Posh Spice (some people call her “Victoria Beckham“) could design clothes we’d legitimately want to wear. Lately though, we’ve got to admit that her eponymous line of cocktail dresses is truly covetable (see left). But while we’re lusting from afar, someone decided to take things a step further over the weekend, stealing a delivery of 75 dresses at knife point as it was en route to Neiman Marcus. The truck’s driver wasn’t seriously harmed, but Beckham’s line will be if they don’t have awesome insurance; that delivery alone was worth almost half a million dollars! Here’s to hoping they find the (sort of stylish) creep. [Vogue UK] Keep reading »

10 Mid-Heel Party Pumps To Help You Dance All Night

cs vs 113009 jpg
We’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over high-heeled holiday pumps lately and we don’t regret a moment of it. But office parties are one thing and all night New Year’s dance parties are quite another. If you want to last for hours without twisting an ankle, a somewhat lower heel may be in order. Check out these comfier options. [$49, Colin Stuart, Victoria’s Secret]
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