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Fashion Slideshow: Gym Shoes That Aren’t Puke-Worthy

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Much as we love high heels, commuting in four-inch pumps isn’t the best move. It hurts your feet and back, ruins your fancy shoes, and slows down the already painful getting-to-work process.

Leighton Meester’s retro Reebok collaboration sneakers are leaking all over the internet and they’re got us thinking about gym shoes that don’t make us sick to our stomachs. The sort of gym shoes we might even deign to wear in public.

Slideshow: Shoes So Ugly They Should Be Banned

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I’m forced to look at ugly shoes every day. I see them walking down the street, sitting down to eat, in class and at the gym. And while the experience is always harrowing, I’m often able to calm down by reminding myself that I probably won’t come across those red patent platforms with their gold laces and faux fur again. Sometimes though, I find no such comfort, knowing all too well that the hideous footwear I’m witnessing is a full-blown trend and won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Because misery loves company, here are seven ugly shoes that should have never, ever been designed…

No Need To Be Ugly To Save The Planet!

Apparently you can save the whales AND have perky double-D’s. Or so says Belgian biodegradable cosmetics company Biocorner. Their recently published “No need to be ugly to save the planet” ad gloriously frees us from thinking that a unibrow and hairy pits are synonymous with love for the environment. The ad features a “before” and “after” shot — “before” is a pockmarked woman wearing one of the those tragic knit caps, while “after” is a glossy-haired femme-bot in a cocktail dress. The idea seems to be that women who care about the environment are BUSTED, so let’s prove that they don’t have to be that way by…photoshopping them to the point where they look barely human. Yeah, that makes sense. [AdRants, The F Word] Keep reading »

Valentine’s Day Slideshow: 10 Dresses That Will Have Him Smitten

vday dress 1 jpg
Valentine’s Day is on the way and we realized this morning that we’ve got not a stitch to wear. Hours of e-browsing, however, revealed a world of dresses appropriate for all sorts of bodies and budgets. Because we love you too much to keep these finds to ourselves, here goes…

Herve Leger’s band-aid dresses are the quintessential sexpot uniform. If you’re not looking to drop $1,450 for the ass-compressing power of those elastic straps, try the BCBG variation above for $338. You’ll get the same body-hugging look with a little less wallet worry.

*Confident, curvy ladies and their stick-like counterparts alike will pull this one off with ease. If you’re boyish or pear shaped, click on for something a little more friendly to your body.

Valentine’s Day Slideshow: Coming Up Roses

rose perfume jpg
Skip the boring Valentine’s Day bouquet and have fun with these rose-inspired options instead.

Jean Paul Gaultier‘s “Madame” bottle has a rosy hue, and the perfume has gorgeous floral under-notes to match. Plus, imagine how hot that $42 bottle will look on your dresser.

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