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Holiday Shopping List: Personalized Gifts

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People love to hear and see their own names. It’s the reason why decades of junky gift stores have stayed in business selling cheesy mugs emblazoned with images of Yellowstone and topped with “Ricky.” The mug may have been dorky, but Ricky loved it when his mom brought it home as a vacation souvenir. Replicate that glee with a personalized gift this year. Monograms, initials, cameos and more, after the jump.

And if you’re stumped on what to get everyone else, then check out our handy Holiday Gift Guide.

How To Store Your Off-Season Clothes

It’s about 20 degrees in New York today and, thus, officially time for me to give up on wearing that black cotton eyelet dress one more time. Below 30–below 60, if I’m being honest with myself–the “but it’s black, so that’s fine!” justification simply stops working. If you’re still trying to squeeze one last wearing out of clothes that are totally seasonally inappropriate, step away from the sundress, take a deep breath, and join me in an epic closet cleaning and clothes storage mission. Tips to keep your off-season clothes looking lovely after the jump. Keep reading »

10 Cute Mini Skirts To Wear Into The New Year

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Though we love holiday dresses (perhaps a little too much), sometimes a mini is the way to go. Aside from the fact that it’s easier to wear again later, you can easily get away with spending less than you would on a dress and you get a little added room for improvisation with the top. We really love the drapey one above, but we’ve also got a few other ideas. [$78, Reiss]

12 Cardigans To Tame A Hot Dress For A Family Party

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Remember those 20 holiday party dresses we introduced you to a couple days ago? Well, it’s not that we don’t love them all like our own children, but some of them are a tad too risque for Christmas with mom, dad and the rest of the fam. No one wants to look like the slutty cousin on Christmas, after all. But instead of buying a whole new dress for the family parties, save money by throwing a sweater on the situation. A pretty little cardigan, to be more precise. Not only will you stay warm, the chances of your aunts commenting on your bust size (“When I was your age…”) go down quite a lot. That’s a win in our book. [$78, Anthropologie]

Iran Bans Makeup On Female TV Hosts

Though millions of Iranian women wear makeup daily, the state television channel has officially banned its use by female presenters. In a perplexing effort to explain the decision, the station’s top manager told The Washington Post that, technically, it’s illegal. We get that things like makeup and overly sexy mannequins are big “issues” in Iran, but give a girl a break. Intense TV lighting and multi-angle shots don’t exactly make it easy to look good. Keep reading »

How To Buy Coats For Dudes

My friend here (left) is wearing a good-looking coat today. It’s simple with interesting seams and subtle hardware. I shouldn’t be so impressed, but I am, mostly because dudes are generally not known for their outerwear selection abilities. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s always been my experience that most boys seem to consider coats an afterthought, caring not at all that they look like 5-year-olds in jackets they borrowed from daddy. Too-boxy shoulders, weird lengths and gross fabric pilling all qualify as grave offenses, and it is your duty to help the men in your life avoid them. We’ve got a few suggestions to make the task less terrifying. Keep reading »

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