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11 Cocktail Shakers To Start The Year Right

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Not that we aren’t huge fans of going to holiday parties, but sometimes being a little more relaxed at home is the way to go if you want to keep your sanity during the holiday season. But whether you’re arriving with a gift or staying in for the night, break out a new cocktail shaker and get creative with the mixed drinks. We’ve got a few shaker suggestions to help you keep it classy. [$15, CB2]

How To Buy A Dude A Sweater He’ll Actually Like

The sweater may seem like a standard, almost impersonal gift. Done right, though, it’s the ideal present — it’s practical, attractive and will actually be used. That said, year after year of going with guy friends to return their hideous sweaters for other things has taught me a bit about how not to eff it up. Let’s learn from others’ mistakes:

  1. Avoid cardigans unless your guy has expressly made his interest in them clear either by mentioning that he is (or could be) a fan and/or he has previously worn one.
  2. Same goes for turtlenecks. The exact reasoning is still fairly mysterious, but turtle necks are a hard sell with dudes. (To be fair, this guy‘s hot and he does kind of look like a jerk in that turtleneck.)
  3. Sweaters should hit an inch or two below the top of his pants. Dude’s not trying to wear a dress or a crop top, so keep length in mind while shopping.
  4. Keep reading »

13 Statement-Making Cocktail Rings

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There are few things I like more than a big ‘ol cocktail ring. They quickly make fairly tame outfits more interesting in addition to inducing jealousy in those who are still wearing boring accessories. And while a pretty, sparkly thing may not seem like the best investment ever, keep in mind their second purpose: a gorgeous version of a self defense device. Totally practical, if you ask us. [$38, Lydell NYC, Dillard’s]

Face Masks That Work In The Winter

When the weather gets cold, it’s important to change your skin care routine to keep up. The face masks that work so well in the hot, oily summer will have entirely different results in the dry air. If you don’t want your formerly lovely skin to quickly turn dry, flaky and all around nasty, make sure you’re using the right masks for your skin type and the season you’re in. We’ve got the goods after the jump Keep reading »

Synthetic Skin Accessories Make Us Feel Nauseous

In what is possibly the most revolting accessory concept we’ve seen of late, synthetic skin bags, jackets, jumpers and more are now available on a website near you. Yes, skin. In case, you know, you’re concerned that you don’t have enough of it. A purse that bears an uncanny resemblance to a severe burn victim’s head on a string is by far the most terrifying, but it’s not the only option that makes us want to vomit!

SkinBag also gives you the option of actually layering their faux skin on top of your real skin, as is the case with the glorious jacket above. And if you’re concerned that your friends will think it’s “weird,” don’t worry about it — the manufacturer says you’re being deep by wearing SkinBag items. After all, they’re “a relational tool offering, an alchemy between the repulsive and the captivating.” Or maybe it’s all just repulsive. Keep reading »

Why Ke$ha Is Maybe The Most Depressing Pop Star Ever

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and pretty much all young, female pop singers have experienced hideous moments in fashion, looking more drunk-slutty than pop-starry. But they share more than the scary times. They also have a common history of coming on to the pop scene looking relatively clean-cut and cute. There was Britney with the sexy schoolgirl outfit that we now consider tame, Christina with her stick-straight locks and rhinestone butterfly decals, and Katy Parry, who’s still more or less working an edgier version of young and cute. Who would have guessed that Christina’s half shirts and Britney’s mini skirts would prove to be the golden era of pop cleanliness?

Now we’ve got Ke$ha, who’s new to the scene and already about as trashy as the dollar sign in her faux-name would imply. Her inexplicably popular (read “crappy”) single, “Tik Tok,” only dropped a couple months ago and she’s already looking all Courtney Love. Doesn’t she realize that such an effed-up aesthetic must be earned? Keep reading »

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