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Frisky Staff Members’ New Year’s Style Resolutions

Every year we promise ourselves that things will be different in the months to come. “This year,” we say, hands in the air, in a triumphant sort of gesture, “I will say no to the chain smoking, late nights and that entire box of donuts. I will read! I will go back to yoga! Three times a week!” Then, no sooner has the first week of January come and gone before we’re back on our asses simultaneously smoking and consuming said entire box of donuts for no particular reason. So this year, screw it. Instead of countless personal vows that will fall by the wayside within weeks, we’re going to make some sartorial promises we can actually keep.

Personally, I plan to flat-out stop buying high-waisted, puffy skirts in favor of a more fitted variety. I’ve recently started wearing pencil skirts more often and pretty much everyone I know seems to think I’ve lost 20 pounds, prompting the switch as well as vague concern that all of my friends are incapable of discerning between a voluminous skirt and a disproportionately large ass. But I digress. Take the jump for New Year’s clothing resolutions from the rest of The Frisky staff, and join us for an increasingly stylish 2010! Keep reading »

10 Terrible, Anger-Inducing Holiday Gift Ideas

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Holiday Shopping List: DIY Gifts

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Time is short, but if you’re crafty, you might squeeze an extra minute out and save a little cash by making gifts. Nobody likes the girl who gives crappy homemade presents, but good ones are pleasantly surprising, we’ve found. Check out a few quick, cheap and relatively easy options after the jump.

What I Really Want for Christmas: Ice Skates

As we get older, Christmas gifts have a tendency of getting more expensive and less whimsical. Barbie’s Dream House is replaced with four-inch Louboutin heels and it’s exciting, yes, but also a bit sad. I don’t remember the last time I received a gift that legitimately made me smile. That’s not to say that friends, family and sundry now-ex-boyfriends haven’t been thoughtful and generous. Because they have. The fault is more mine than anyone else’s. You see, I’m one of those conniving gift receivers that subtly lays the tracks for future presents weeks in advance. By the time the holiday finally arrives, I’ve subconsciously given people no other choice but to get me what I want. Devious though it may be, it’s a method I’ve perfected.

The thing is, this year I want a gift that’s almost impervious to my underhanded hinting and suggestions: ice skates. Keep reading »

What’s The Worst Christmas Present You’ve Ever Received?

If you don’t get at least a couple really lame gifts for every great holiday gift you receive, then consider us jealous. We’ve all got that aunt who thinks the sweater with the kittens on it is OK because it’s cashmere (true story), and though we try to imply the error of that reasoning with awkward smiles and half hugs, the message never really gets across. Before you know it, it’s been a year, the same aunt is giving you a kitten scarf to match “that sweater you loved so much last year!” (Also, we’re not sure why bad gifts consistently arrive in the form of clothes, but they always do!) Oh well, as the old adage goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, commiserate with others who’ve received similarly crappy gifts! (Or something like that.) Tales of terrifying gifts from years gone by after the jump. Keep reading »

Rodarte For Target Already Mostly Sold Out Online

The much-hyped Rodarte for Target collection finally launched — and sold out — yesterday. By mid-day, almost every style was gone online, the good ones having disappeared in the wee hours of the morning. People were already marking up and selling Rodarte for Target pieces on eBay yesterday morning! Doesn’t that seem a little unfair since most shoppers didn’t even get a chance to order the collection at retail price in the first place?
Keep reading »

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