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Style 911: How Do I Accessorize A Simple LBD?

“A bunch of my friends are getting married over the next few months and I want to recycle a few of the dresses I already own. My favorite is a little black dress that’s pretty but maybe not exciting enough to just wear with black shoes and call it a day. How can I accessorize it to look more fun? Help!–Moira

Lucky for you, Moira, this is a actually a pretty easy thing to do. Most important is deciding which color group you want your accessories to fall under. (Nothing should be too matchy-matchy, but a general family of color is a good place to start.) We’re big fans of silver and pewter both with black and with several other colors (meaning that you could potentially reuse the accessories for other weddings with other dresses), so that’s where we’ll be looking. Keep reading »

13 Combat Boots To Grunge Out In

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10 Cute and Practical Lingerie Options

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I have tried–on numerous occasions, in fact– to be the sort of girl who wears sexy lingerie. My underwear drawer is littered with long-unused evidence of those attempts in the form of lacy bras and frilly thongs and all sorts of things I wasted a lot of money on, only to wear them once before shoving them to the far back of the door in uncomfortable frustration. Lacy lingerie that wedges itself up your ass and digs into your chest is just not for me, and I’m OK with that. Less OK are the copious granny-panty alternatives that threaten to envelope my entire body in far too much cotton. Luckily, there is a happy middle ground of cute cotton, manageable colors and relative comfort to be found. Check out some of our favorite comfy-cute underwear items. [$5-14, Gap Body]

Inspiration Board: Off-Duty Models

Due, in most part, to the fact that it’s their job to be surrounded by all things fashionable, most models end up with a badass sense of style and innate ability to, well, look good always. While some do rock the boat a bit with their day-to-day looks– think Iekeliene Stange and Agyness Deyn– we have noticed a model “uniform” of sorts that most of those well-dressed, lovely ladies are working. Here’s how to master it.
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15 Beauty Trends From The Last Decade

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11 Sparkly Shoes We Love

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New Year’s Eve carries with it a strong emphasis on all things sparkly. And while we have no problem with a little sparkle, we take issue with the implication that it should be restricted to New Year’s Eve alone. Instead of breaking out the silver shoes one night a year, why not make sequined footwear a more consistent part of your wardrobe? Sparkly flats are great with jeans and heels quickly liven up a monochromatic dress. And if sparkly slippers were good enough for Dorothy, they’re good enough for us. [$150, Report, Nordstrom]
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