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Michael Phelps Has A Perv Moustache

What’s with Michael Phelps’ new and ongoing dedication to perv-y looking facial hair? Over the last few weeks, he’s been sporting everything from a mustache/beard combo (above) to a soul patch and, most recently, a total porn star ‘stache. The new fu manchu-esque mustache is so perplexing that Daily Intel has put together a slideshow allowing you to study from various angles, wet and dry, under water and above it. Yet somehow, 12 pictures later, the reasoning behind the face pubes remains as mystifyingly opaque as ever. Keep reading »

What’s So Wrong With Sasha Grey Liking A Good Gang Bang?


Those of you who’ve seen Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience” will know a little bit about Sasha Grey, who plays the main character. Those of you who are porn enthusiasts will know a hell of a lot more, seeing as Grey has been in more than 160 porn flicks over the past three years. From “Teenage Whores 3″ to “Anal Cavity Search 6,” Sasha’s done it all. (Or at least most of it.)

But while Grey’s been a porn world bad ass for a while, starring in a Soderbergh film has, uh, exposed her to a more mainstream and art house audience. It’s also opened her up to a s**t storm of criticism for participating in what many consider to be an exploitative industry. Keep reading »

Daddy Issues: Can Women Who Have Great Dads Date Older Men?

I love my dad. Dorky though it may be, he’s one of my favorite people and I can’t imagine my life would be as good with any other one. I do, however, have one complaint: really liking my dad has totally screwed me in the dating department.

Aside from the standard complaint that most of the morons I’ve gone out with just aren’t as likable as my dad, I’m also borderline incapable of dating much older men. I can’t help but make skeevy involuntary associations. Keep reading »

A Few Guys We’d Like To See Get In David Beckhams Underpants

beckhm billboard 061209 jpg
David Beckham’s new scorchingly hot Armani Exchange skivvies billboards are giving us a major lady boner. But being greedy little things, one hot guy in his underpants wasn’t enough for us, we want to see them all. There are a few, in particular, who would make awesome Beckham replacements…

Is Boring Style A Dating Dealbreaker?

Because I’m young and carefree, I’ve been keeping my options open and dating a couple of guys at the same time. No more than two, because beyond that, things get a little sloppy. Well, two works until decision time comes around and you’re writing out each one’s pros versus cons. That’s where I am right now — paper-ready,with pen in hand.

Guy #1 is nice, funny and cute, but Guy #2 is gloriously attractive and kind of witty. Sort of. Sometimes. OK, barely. The choice seems clear: ditch the hot, boring guy in favor of the cute, funny one, right? Not so fast. I thought I had arrived at that conclusion, but still haven’t actually axed Guy #2. My conundrum, after the jump …
Keep reading »

Should Beth Ditto Be Considered A Fashion Icon?

In many ways, the Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto is simply the s**t. She’s a big, bad ass lesbian who’s got to be more comfortable with her body than pretty much anyone I know. That said, I’ve got to agree with British GQ features editor, Alex Blimes, in his incredulity at Ditto’s fashion “icon” status. Blimes was a complete ass about it, calling my favorite plus-sized and proud singer a “porker,” but I’m with him on the main point: Ditto’s style is none-too-special. Keep reading »

French Elle De-Glams Scarlett Johansson

French Elle has bitch slapped the fashion and beauty industries with their most recent cover. Again. For the second time this year, their cover shoot was minimally made up and, dare I say it, almost natural looking. We loved when they shot hottie model Eva Herzigova sans makeup a couple months again, putting her in a pared down white blouse and similarly laid back hair.

This time though, we weren’t so thrilled. Yes, we applaud the move away from airbrushed impossibility in the general sense, but Scarlett Johansson’s cover is a tad confusing. She’s minimally made up and there doesn’t seem to be blatant airbrushing, but the clothing is a bit trampy, the hair super boring and the expression utterly vacant. This one’s just not doing it for us. Keep reading »

Style Evolution: When Did Emma Watson Get So Hot?

11 emma watson burberry ad 060909 jpg
We kind of knew that Emma Watson was moving away from the bushy-haired adorable dorkiness of yesteryear, but we didn’t realize that she’d gotten so gorgeous until we saw Burberry’s new campaign images. The Brit brand scooped up Watson for their fall campaign and she looks damn fine all decked out in plaid and trench coats. She’s come a long way since her first year at Hogwarts!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: What Do You Do While Away From Your Boo?

My first semi-legit boyfriend was a year older than me and leaving for college while I was still a lowly high school senior. It was essentially over when he boarded the plane to Connecticut, but the first few school breaks bore strikingly few signs that anything had changed. Where I expected stilted awkwardness there was a normalcy that almost made me forget that I’d been kissing other boys and he’d probably been screwing everything that walked slow enough to be caught. We’d unwittingly invoked the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy, beloved by oft-separated couples everywhere: do what you like while apart and then act as though nothing happened when together.

Eventually, of course, we broke up because we were too far apart, I had grown taller than him and and we’d both moved on. But for a few months, Don’t Ask, Don’t tell was surprisingly useful and believable. Peripherally, we both knew that everything was different and a bit sloppier, but it didn’t so much matter as long as we neglected to say anything about it. I called it selective memory, my friends called it “deluded” and opinion on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell remains sharply divided. It worked out for me but it’s been suggested that’s only the case because I have “the emotional range of a snail.” (Thanks Mom.)

In an effort to put together slightly more empirical data on the merits and pit falls of extracurricular action while the boyfriend’s away, I’ve hit up some people who’ve had their way with others and then gone about their girlfriend/boyfriend business to see how it worked for them. Check out their answers after the jump and let us know if it’s worked–or failed miserably–for you in the comments. Keep reading »

Online Lingerie Sale Listings

We love fancy undies here at The Frisky, but when it comes to a decision between some good ‘ol cotton briefs for $10 and a lacy, do-me-now pair totally taking advantage of our wallets for $100, granny panties sometimes win. But in a world where pretty much everything is on sale these days, pretty panties are no exception. A few websites are particularly dedicated to getting you laid for less. Check out their offerings after the jump. Keep reading »

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