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Topshop Does Louis Vuitton Bunny Ears On A Budget

Louis Vuitton’s now-famous bunny ears retail for about $335, which, given that you have to tie them yourself, is a bit steep for us. To remedy the situation, Topshop has just knocked them off at a lower price ($36!) and with a more convenient headband attachment. Yes, this remains a particularly ridiculous accessory, but they’re at least good for a costume…or a day when you’re feeling mischievous and know that work is going to be particularly boring. [Refinery 29] Keep reading »

Style 911: How Do I Cover Up My Arms Without Looking Frumpy?

“I’m a pretty confident woman but one thing that I really hate is my arms. I try to cover them up with cardigans but that can look frumpy. Any advice?” – mmkw

Though we are huge cardigan fans here at The Frisky, they’re not always the ideal way to cover up, particularly if you’re self-conscious about your arms. After the jump, we’ll take a magical tour through the world of cardigan alternatives. Keep reading »

Beauty Test Drive: DiorLiner Liquid Liner

So, you know how you put on eyeliner in the morning, trying to make it look subtle and work-appropriate, and you’re feeling good about the whole thing until you catch your reflection in the mirror around lunch time and throw up a little? No? Well, it happens when your liner is prone either to smudging below the lash line or obnoxiously transferring to the middle of your lids when you blink. Either way, it’s not cute and countless women fall victim to this problem daily.

In what we can only call a deeply selfless and humanitarian effort, The Frisky staff has been in tireless pursuit of eyeliner that solves this enormous problem. Keep reading »

We’re Super Into Socks Right Now

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Admittedly, socks are a fairly dorky thing to be obsessed with. That said, we’re kind of into fashion’s most neglected type of clothing these days. Years of slandering socks as “lame” have made the transition difficult, but we’re converts now, fully aware of the warming and stylish powers a good sock can hold. Bear with us as we go through a few of our favorites and you may be surprised to find that, by the end, those Hanes 10 packs you’re used to buying feel totally inadequate. [$19, Henry Holland for Falke,]

Sexy, Fancy Lingerie You Can Afford — Sort Of

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10 Button-Down Blouses That Actually Look Great

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[$44.50, Ann Taylor Loft]

Button-down blouses present a bit of a predicament: More often than not, they look as dowdy as they do tailored. That said, when done right, they can be your favorite wardrobe staple. Here are a few you’ll feel chic, not schlubby in.

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