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Dita Von Teese Struts In A Mechanical Jean-Paul Gaultier Corset

As though Jean-Paul Gaultier’s couture presentation weren’t awesome enough with its copious turbans and leather, Dita Von Teese capped off the show in a patent leather, jewel-encrusted, and, best of all, mechanical corset. Only vaguely skeletal from the front, the thing looked positively macabre (in a cool way) from the back. Click through for more images of Madame Von Teese strutting it in her skeleton corset and silk turban. [Styleite] Keep reading »

The End Of Boat Shoe Syndrome

There’s this problem with a lot of high-tops that keeps them from being more prevalent in our wardrobes. It’s called Boat Shoe Syndrome (because we named it that) and it manifests itself by making the shoes way too wide and clunky for our dainty lady feet. These Nike Dunk Skinny High Top Trainers, however, are skinny-fit and, thus, our new faves. The gray check pattern is cool without being too much, and the yellow swoosh is, simply put, just a little badass. Wear them well with skinny jeans and puffy party dresses alike.

[$118.36 Asos]

Shopping Guide: 8 Stylish Sarongs

yoox coral 7710 t png


Shopping Guide: Not Your Average Oxfords

aldo 7510 jpg
We’ve got an ongoing thing for wing tips and oxfords, but sometimes a passing interest doesn’t feel like enough of a commitment. At those times, we get a little obsessed and round up the best of the best to act as objects of our affection. Today, we’ve set our sights on oxfords of the colorful, embellished variety. [$40, Aldo]

Stella McCartney Horse Shirt Freaks Us Out

Please tell us that this Stella McCartney horse shirt makes you feel a little weird, too. I mean, something’s just off about it, right? We tried to give the thing the benefit of the doubt, but every time we were prepared to write it off to quirkiness, there it was, staring at us from another browser window and just making the whole interaction so awkward. [$200, Stella McCartney, Far Fetch] Keep reading »

Juicy Couture Cocktail Rings Know What’s Up

There’s something to be said for elegant jewelry that does the whole whispering instead of screaming thing. But there’s also something to be said for screwing that method and getting really, really gaudy with your accessories. Cue Juicy Couture cocktail rings. They’re huge, shiny, and far cooler than the velour track suits of yore. Subtlety, as it turns out, is not for everyone.


Crap You Don’t Need: Hello Kitty Motor Oil

So you know how your car sometimes runs out of motor oil and you take it to your local gas station or Jiffy Lube or something and say “fill ‘er up with that high grade Hello Kitty brand motor oil, ‘ol chap!”? Oh, that doesn’t sound familiar? That’s probably because it’s utterly ridiculous. In fact, if that scenario did bring on a sense of deja vu, we’re genuinely concerned about your [utter lack of] common sense. Motor oil is the stuff of car porn and efficiency, not cartoon kitties and Japanese school girls. So please, please don’t spend $33 on motor oil whose container is emblazoned with that grinning, knowing cat; you’re better than that. [Advertising Is Good For You] Keep reading »

The Man With The 23-Inch Waist

Meet Gabriel Moginot, the man with the amazing 23-inch waist. Though his actual waist measurement is closer to 30 inches, as a student of legendary haute-couture corset-maker Mr. Pearl, Moginot has trained himself to fit into the 23-inch corset pictured at left. Though Mr. Pearl, whose tiny corsets are painfully beautiful, has shimmied his own waist into an 18-incher, Moginot is but a student and we’re fully impressed by his feat, freakish though it may look. [A Shaded View On Fashion] Keep reading »

Victoria Beckham To Design Your Next Car

In an apparent effort to get her hands into literally everything, Victoria Beckham is now adding vehicle designer to her resume, as Range Rover’s new “creative design executive.” The announcement was made at a Vogue-held party for the luxury car brand last night where Beckham was praised for her epic taste-making skillz. We fully acknowledge that her eponymous clothing line is both better than expected and great in its own right, but this feels like a bit of stretch for ‘ol Posh. The new job does, however, explain her outfit (left) at a luncheon last week: She’s preparing by dressing like a machine. [Vogue UK] Keep reading »

Check Out Nike’s N98 Muse Collection

Nike has paired up with six young, new London designers, asking them to tear apart the classic N98 jacket and remodel it with specific athletes in mind. Designers like Katie Eary took athlete muses like sprinter Martyn Rooney and customized the jackets to emulate their style. Eary’s concoction was a classic N98 shape with an intense snake print superimposed over it. We like, but it’s also just a touch terrifying on Rooney, who could easily break us with two fingers. Other options were a bit less intense, like Felder Felder’s pretty/cool ruched jacket for sprinter Ashlee Nelson (left). Check out the rest of the collection, which will be on display in London at the end of July, here. [Vogue UK] Keep reading »

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