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Are These Baby Gap Mannequins Too Sassy For Their Own Good?

This Baby Gap store window display in NYC caught our eye and we just had to snap a pic for your review. Yeah, the jeans are adorable, but the girl mannequin appears to be midway through a pelvic thrust (do babies have that kind of coordination?) and he’s popping enough collars to be initiated into a frat without even dealing with hazing. Beyond that, those are some, uh, slender babies, no? They may be headless, but we have difficulty picturing much baby fat on top of those model-esque bodies. Baby Gap has certainly come a long way since the days of our youth when jellies were the height of kiddies’ fashion … Keep reading »

Get Your Own Blogger Bling

In case you needed more evidence that fashion bloggers are kind of cool these days, four of them have teamed up with Meadowlark Jewelry to co-design some rather cool silver rings. The uber-stylish blog vixens of Garbage Dress, DI$COUNT, Gnarlitude, and Kingdom of Style each came up with their own ring, all of which will be produced in a limited edition 50 piece run. Our favorite is DI$COUNT’s complicated creation at left, but we wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers. If you’ve got $225-$390 to blow, pick one up. If not, they’re still worth a look and maybe a little obsessing. [Garbage Dress] Keep reading »

Cop Her Style: Morticia Adams’ Nails

Macabre though it may sound to call Morticia Adams a major fashion inspiration, that bitch was fierce. And her return to pop culture in “The Adams Family” musical has brought with it a whole new way to emulate Mama Adams. Essie has teamed up with the production to release three Morticia-inspired nail polish colors for $30. So next time you’re deciding between Ballet Slippers and Wedding Bells for your fingers, take a trip to the dark side with Bone Chilling White, Blood Curdling Red or Midnight Tango, instead. It’s what Morticia would want. [Beauty Blogging Junkie] Keep reading »

The Swimsuit Vending Machine

If you’re anything like us, you know that sinking feeling of forgetting to pack a crucial item for a trip all too well. And, come summer time, the most commonly forgotten item is a swimsuit. Whether you grabbed two tops and no bottoms, forgot one altogether or belatedly realized that maybe you should have tried on your new suit rather than assuming it would fit, it’s all bad news bears. Luckily, The Standard Hotel in New York and Quicksilver have you covered. For the second year, the hotel is collaborating with the swim/surf brand to offer poolside swimsuit vending machines. This season, however, you’ll also have the option of buying sunglasses and sunscreen from the uber-convenient, laziness-inducing machines. It almost makes us want to leave those swimsuits behind. Is this something you’d like to see replicated at hotels around the country? [Transworld Business] Keep reading »

How To Look Like One Of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters

How To Look Like One Of Lady Gaga's Little Monsters
Amelia has a style dilemma — she’s going to see Lady Gaga tonight and has no idea what to wear. This is not your usual concert, you see, as Lady Gaga fans are pulling out all the stops to capture the Lady’s look. Just look at the fans, above, who were channeling Gaga’s various looks at a concert this week. So what should Amelia wear? Well, I think if she were really committed, she would go all out herself and find some inspiration in a few of my picks …

Shopping Guide: 10 Cross-Body Bags For A Night Out

marc jacobs 7710 png
A night out a couple weeks ago quickly turned into a night out, meaning that 3 a.m. rolled around and I was dancing. Hard. Despite the rather expert DJ situation happening and the fact that all involved had reached and passed the point where we cared about being absolutely disgustingly sweaty, there was one problem: my damn clutch. The thing wasn’t terribly large, but it was hampering my mad moves nonetheless. That was the night I resolved to end my handbag embargo and invest in a compact, cross-body bag. I went with the one above, but my research yielded a handful of similarly worthy candidates. [$278, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Saks Fifth Avenue]

Shopping Guide: Denim Jacket Roundup

ae 7910 jpg
Denim jackets have an undeserved bad rep. All someone has to do is mention them and images of mullets and Canadian Tuxedos flood our brains, making it almost impossible to take the jean jacket seriously. Well, we’re not participating in the meanness any longer — denim jackets deserve better than that. Whether dark wash or light, simple or embellished, there are winners to be found out there and we plan on wearing them! [$40, American Eagle]

This Guy Is Missing A Good Up-Skirt Moment

This poor guy is so focused elsewhere that he’s missing the wonderfully sexist up-skirt view behind him. Poor fellow! [Copyranter] Keep reading »

Threadless And Dell Team Up To Make Crazy Cool Computers

Threadless, the Chicago-based brand that’s gained a cult following for their crowd-sourced graphic tees, is teaming up with Dell computers to produce a line of laptops featuring Threadless designs. The company has more than 80,000 designs in their archives with new ones submitted by the dozens daily. The initial run will feature 11 different design options, but the choices will be updated based on user votes two to four times a year. Sorry, HP and Vivienne Tam, but Threadless has your fancy netbooks beat. [Lookbooks] Keep reading »

Quick Video: Karl Lagerfeld Has “Shopping Fever”

Hello kids, and welcome back to the weird world of Karl Lagerfeld shorts. “Shopping Fever,” his latest concoction, follows in the vein of his previous shorts in that it’s more or less Chanel porn with a limited storyline. That said, Abby Lee and Dree Hemingway look gorgeous and we’d happily do all sort of filthy things to Lagerfeld lapdog Baptiste Giabiconi, who plays the girls’ valet. [] Keep reading »

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