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Sound Off: Can Antidepressants Be A Dating Dealbreaker?

If you’re on antidepressants, chances are, the person you’re dating will find out. (If they don’t, then you’re really good about keeping a secret, and maybe they should be worrying about something else.) Maybe it’s not a big deal, and maybe your partner is even on medication. But for some women, this discovery can become a pivotal point in the relationship. As someone who has been on antidepressants for more than half of my life, I’ve dealt with this confrontation on several occasions. Some of the men I’ve dated have appeared to not care, or just didn’t feel like delving into the emotional side of why (that’s fine—not like I enjoy explaining these things). Others have suddenly looked at me differently, as if the confident, charismatic woman I am didn’t come from within, but from a pill. Keep reading »

Georgia Jagger Does Versace, Then Retires?

Georgia Jagger‘s what they’re calling “a real Versace girl.” (In Donatella’s words herself: “She’s smart, a strong personality, beautiful, full of energy … She’s perfect for this collection — a real Versace girl.”) Shot by Mario Testino, Georgia’s campaign for the label’s spring 2010 collection just came out, and the images prove that she’s moving in a more professional direction. The teen model has had a real mixed bag year, both inciting controversy with her topless Hudson Jeans ad and gaining recognition by being honored with the Model of the Year Award. With the unveiling of this Versace ad, you’d think Jagger would keep the momentum going, but things are actually slowing down—she’s taken leave of the business for a while to concentrate on school. (Be cool! Models stay in school. Besides, everyone else is quitting their jobs!)

Of course, whenever models announce they’re “quitting,” you know that’s really code for “I’ll be back in, like, five months.” So you can probably expect to see more of Georgia Jagger—just not right away. [Fashion Gone Rogue, Vogue UK]

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Starbucks Gets A Fancy Makeover

The yuppification of the yuppified has begun! It seems it wasn’t enough for Starbucks to infiltrate every neighborhood in America in the ’90s with its mass market gentrified style, but now they’re revamping that. In an attempt to make the brand feel more “local,” the company has been conducting makeovers on a few branches to feel out different styles. Pictured above is a Seattle store that’s been outfitted with regal red upholstery and dark wood furniture to give the place a manor-like quality. Another design goes for a crunchier, Pottery Barn aesthetic with earth tones and contemporary art.

While the Starbucks goal may be to convert coffee to café to lure in more customers, another aspect involves becoming a more sustainable empire. (Although, wouldn’t such a big undertaking require a huge amount of resources?) We’re not sure how this would change our feelings towards our morning cuppa just yet. You? [New York Times] Keep reading »

Dresses With Built-In Corset Shapewear Get Male “Pulses Racing”

Shapewear is a wonderful (yet uncomfortable) invention. But for many, it brings about the irreconcilable Bridget Jones dilemma. Wear tummy-tucking device to increase chances of getting laid, only to terrify your partner with enormous panties? Or opt for sexy underthings that let all your junk hang out, therefore, decreasing one’s chances of finding a mate? Now there’s a company called Asda making dresses with corset-like shapewear built in to the garment (allowing the wearer to opt for whatever underthings she pleases). The vintage-inspired designs claim to suck it all in and take off inches. Keep reading »

Aldo’s Chic Ribbon Necklace

Aldo does it again! We seriously think this company should maybe consider nixing the shoes and go all accessories all the time. The latest goody to catch our eyes is the “Thon” necklace (weird name, though). Multiple silver strands make this piece weighty, but it’s also super elegant thanks to the simple bow detail that recalls a Lanvin aesthetic. We’d rock this in the evening, and we’d also happily pair it with a black sweater dress or solid tee for a fashionable office look. [$18, Aldo] Keep reading »

How Do You Like Your Agyness?

If only we had magic hair like Agyness Deyn that we could change in a flash! In the model’s La Redoute campaign, she rocks both blonde and brunette locks. Which do you prefer? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

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