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Gallery: No-Bling Engagement Rings

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Crave: Lulu’s Pleated Dress

This might be the perfect spring dress. The bright turquoise is fun and casual, and the interesting pleat detail fancifies the frock for cocktail parties. The origami bodice is supported by interior boning, which is great for bigger-chested ladies who know that strapless bras don’t always do the trick. As an added plus, the sash at the waist adds a body-flattering detail. While this ladylike strapless number looks like the type of high-end fashion Scarlett Johansson would sport on the red carpet, we couldn’t be more stoked about the price: $47. [$47, LuLu's] Keep reading »

Crave: Emotibud Earbud Set

You already wear your heart on your sleeve, so why not wear your emotions on your ears? Check out Emotibuds, little plastic emoticon charms that affix to the outside of your earbuds. With four different colors and expressions, there’s an option to match your mood or outfit. Don the yellow pair with a laughing face when you’re listening to Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do.” If you’re in a lovestruck mood, put on the pink Emotibuds with surprised faces and blast the Cardigans’ “Lovefool.” Of course, there are days when you need to zone out to songs like Janet Jackson’s “I Get So Lonely.” At least now you won’t have to do it alone. [$18 for all four,] Keep reading »

Trick Out Your Pad In Eco-Housewares

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What’s a better excuse than Earth Day to overhaul your home? Do so in style with these eco-friendly housewares.

Using organic fabrics since 2004, Amenity Home‘s graphic prints on duvets and pillows harken to the natural world they came from. On one spread, there are cream and sienna flowers; on another, brown willow branches stretch over 300-thread count cotton. Make sure to pick up matching pillows and shams, or go for a mix-and-match look by adding one of the bright yellow and green hemp pillows. []

How Many Catalogs Do You Get?

And how many of them do you actually want? Yesterday, I received six catalogs for quite possibly some of the most obscure clothing companies out there. The only one I was happy to keep was the Barneys one (which I had actually signed up for). As for Casual Living, Ulla Popken (I have no idea what that means), and Gump’s San Francisco, these would be great if I was in the market for some embroidered crepe dresses, elastic-waistband cropped pants, or dragonfly pillows.

Cut down on your paper waste with, a free service that lets you unsubscribe from your unwanted junk mail in one go and communicate your preferences to merchants, so you actually get what you want. Sponsored by the Ecology Center and endorsed by the National Wildlife Foundation, Catalog Choice is a great way to make your Earth Day contribution without even leaving your desk.

And if you’re seriously set on keeping that Newport News catalog, we’re not judging. [Catalog Choice] Keep reading »

Check Out This Site: Nerd Boyfriend

Steve Urkel would have you thinking that he was pretty much born with suspenders and thick-rimmed glasses. Yet, the truth is, nerd style, like the disheveled hipster look, is carefully cultivated. Now, there’s, a website that features pictures of dorky (yet famous) dudes, along with style suggestions on how to get those looks.

We know your guy’s been lusting after Steve Martin’s camel hair blazer and Bob Dylan’s glasses. He need look no further. You’ll find looks for well-knowns like George Harrison, Christopher Walken, and the band Kraftwerk. Mostly, we’re loving the site for the photos. Keep talking nerdy to us. [] Keep reading »

Loomstate’s Target Collection Debuts, Hits Bullseye

Being fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time can be less about the green in your clothes and more about the green in your wallet. Luckily, Loomstate, the organic clothing company known for its jeans and t-shirts, has launched a line with Target. Keep reading »

Gallery: The Best Eco-Chic Designers

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Shopping Guide: The Best Places To Blow Your Paycheck In New York City

In a town where assistants drop a paycheck on a pair of shoes and it’s par for the course to window browse after Sunday brunch, New York caters to shoppers who mean business. Whether you’re looking for one-stop department stores, quirky boutiques, or sleek design shops, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite places in the Big Apple to spend in style. Keep reading »

Beauty How To: Cut Your Own Bangs — If You Dare

Bangs can be pesky. They grow out quickly. Without experience, taking matters into your own hands isn’t the best idea. (Case in point: My dad once decided to cut my bangs when I was 7. I was left with a straight-edged tuft of hair three inches above my eyebrows. I still haven’t recovered). Yet, with a bit of training, doing a trim yourself isn’t too hard. After the jump, some tips from Annamarie Tendler, a Vidal Sassoon-trained hairstylist and makeup artist. Keep reading »

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