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Style Stealer: Elle Fanning’s Premiere Looks

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Let the Elle Fanning fashion show begin. We watched Dakota‘s younger sister as she waltzed through the premieres of Sofia Coppola‘s latest flick, “Somewhere,” and we’re loving the 12-year-old’s age-appropriate and classy style. Not that we want you to dress like you’re 12, but you can still find some more grown-up inspiration from her outfit choices. Check it out after the jump.

The Best And Worst Celeb Outfits Of 2010

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It’s that time of year again—the time when we review all the wonderful and not so wonderful celebrity style this past year. It’s inevitable. Let’s take a moment to look back, shall we? Here, we rounded up some of the best and worst celeb outfits from 2010. We couldn’t gather them all because it certainly was a big year for fashion—so be sure to leave your own votes in the comments below. To start, can we get a resounding “yes!” that Lady Gaga‘s meat dress bit the big one?

You May Want To Boycott Wrinkle-Free Fabrics After Reading This

So, you’re probably not thinking to yourself, “Oooh, man, I want that wrinkle-free L.L. Bean blouse for Christmas sooo bad.” (Maybe your mom is.) While wrinkle-free fabrics are not exactly a style selling point for young women, you’d be surprised by how often they are employed (especially in men’s dress shirts), not just in clothing, but also in household items like sheets, curtains, and upholstery. Apparently, these fabrics are made with processes involving formaldehyde, informs the New York Times. While this sounds dangerous, it’s not something to necessarily to get your underwear in a bundle about. Which wouldn’t actually be possible if they were wrinkle-free, har har.
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Industry Report: Gaga’s Second MAC Campaign And Blogger Salaries

  • Lady Gaga will return for a second run as the face of MAC’s Viva Glam campaign. [WWD]
  • Blogger Susanna Lau of Style Bubble tells the New York Times she doesn’t make a lot of money. [New York Times]

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Shopping Guide: Cossacks And Trapper Hats For Every Budget

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Nothing beats a big fur hat. (OK, well maybe not nothing.) Keep warm and channel snowy Russian glam with furry cossacks and trappers that are hard to miss.

Jingle Belle Beauty: Holiday Makeup Tips And Ideas

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One of the things we love about the holidays is that it’s one of the only times of the year when you can really play around with your party look and deviate from the standard, slightly natural thing you might otherwise rock on a regular night out. Pump up the volume on the red lipstick, break out the shimmer dust from 8th grade, and lacquer your nails to match your Christmas presents. Check out our ideas and makeup tips after the jump!

You Can Use “Urkel” As A Verb; “Getting Urkeled” Is Probably Not What You Think

When we read the Time headline “‘Urkel’ Is Now a Verb,” we assumed this had something to do with hipster dress, which often takes after Steve Urkel fashion with tight pants and over-sized glasses. But no. Apparently, “getting Urkeled” is what the kids at Westside Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee, say when someone gets penalized for baggy pants. The school’s principal “has teachers armed with zip ties patrolling the halls for sagging pants. When a guilty student is identified, the teacher quickly fastens the zip ties to the belt loops and raises the pants up to the waist and beyond,” aka the act of getting Urkeled. Apparently these scare tactics are working as infractions have dropped from some 80 to 18 or so per week.

This seems like kind of a cruel and embarrassing way to get kids to dress right. (Not to mention invasive! Who wants their teacher grabbing their pants to give them a wedgie?) Although we’re almost more bothered by the fact that the baggy pants trend of the ’90s has resurfaced (or never left in certain parts of the country?). [Time] Keep reading »

Fashion Designer Sylvie Cachay Suffers Tragic Death

Sad news: Sylvie Cachay, the designer behind swimwear line SYLVA, was found dead yesterday in a hotel room at the Soho House, a swank members-only hangout in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. The sad scenario sounds either highly suspicious or the making of a bad accident—the 33-year-old woman was discovered submerged in the room’s bathtub. Her body showed some bruises, which police are trying to identify the causes of (strangling, for example). She had checked into the room with her younger boyfriend, who had been described as a deadbeat with a hard partying side. The couple had apparently been fighting or had just broken up before her death. He was not in the room when Cachay was found and denies any connection with the death.

A tragic loss for the fashion world. Cachay was a rising star who was getting attention at Fashion Week for her luxe swimwear designs. [New York Daily News] Keep reading »

Video Proof Guys Like Uggs

World, meet Joshua Ferguson, a teenage (we think? Pre-teen?) boy with a love for Uggs. He’s taken to YouTube to do super detailed reviews of his own Uggs and his family’s pairs … and let’s just say, combined, there are a lot of Uggs under one roof. You might fall asleep listening to all the technical specs and informational details of different models he discusses … but there’s something strangely engrossing about this because you just can’t help wondering—is Ugg paying a young boy to do this? Or someone else? Or is this a true passion for furry elephant feet boots? [YouTube] Keep reading »

7 Pairs Of Festive Pumps For Your Holiday Fetes

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Pump up your holiday season with these fun high heels, perfect for Christmas, New Year’s, and beyond …
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