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The “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 11: We Give Them Superlatives

Go For The Bold

We love statement jewelry, and J.Crew’s Crystal Cluster Ring holds about as much bling as one finger can handle. The eye-catching glass crystal gems will match everything in your closet, making this ring a must-have. And, after checking out the price tag, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to jewelry heaven.

[$29.99 J.Crew]

The World’s Gone Animal Cam Crazy!

You remember the puppy cam, right? Well, animals cams are officially the latest craze, and they’re kind of like “The Truman Show” for pets. At, watch owls and eagles on feeds that air non-stop. Oh, and there’s also the bear cam, as well as channels for cats, squirrels, and other assorted critters. You can watch it for hours and hours, wasting time like it’s your job. It’s even more addictive than YouTube. Viewers chatter amongst themselves about the animal action and even name the animals, like virtual pets. It’s just like bird-watching, without the binoculars or sunburn. I need to tell my grandma about this … Keep reading »

Quickies: Heidi Montag Filed For Legal Separation & Kristen Stewart Called A Lesbian

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10 Things We’re Hoping For At The Tony Awards

The 2010 Tony Awards are this Sunday, and everyone is abuzz, gossiping about who will be there and what will happen. The laundry list of stars and guest appearances is out and after taking a look, we cannot wait to watch. After the jump, check out our list of 10 things we hope will happen at the Tony Awards. Here’s to hoping that all of our wishes come true. Keep reading »

Ryan Murphy, Creator of “Glee,” If Only You Liked Girls

Dear Ryan Murphy,

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a while now, and since tonight is the season finale of “Glee,” I thought it was finally appropriate. I think I’m in love with you. I know you’re gay, but I can’t stop myself from loving you and the shows you created. “Glee” is the guilty pleasure that brings me back to my own high school days. And did I forget to mention “Nip/Tuck“? Now “Eat, Pray, Love” is putting my feelings over the edge, Ry. Keep reading »

Sparkle In The Summertime

Vests may seem like cold-weather clothing, but they’re actually great for when you want to layer during the summer, since they’re, you know, sleeveless. This vest by Michael Kors works with both casual and nice outfits, like an easy jean and tank combo or your simple black dress. Sparkles are so versatile that the possibilities with this piece are endless.

[$89.50 Bloomingdale's]

Jelly Shoes For Grown-Ups

jelly shoes g1 jpg
OK, I admit it. I loved my hot pink jelly shoes when I was a little girl. The blisters they gave me were my first experiences of the pain we put ourselves through for fashion. They were fabulous. I rocked them on the playground, and now, I’m going to rock the adult version on the streets of New York City. Click through for four different jelly shoe styles for grown-ups.

Shop For Scandanavian Styles From The Comfort Of Your Home

When lustful shopping trips through Crate & Barrel leave me fantasizing about redecorating, winning the lottery, or going back to school for interior design, I have to get creative. Now I have a new store to stalk online, Huset, a website devoted to modern Scandinavian design for the home. Huset, which means “the house,” sells tons of products, along the lines of Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters with a more modern twist. From coat racks in the shape of tiny birds to patterned seat cushions, I’m ready to redecorate every room in my apartment, and the festive colored dishes and tea towels make me want to have a dinner party … and I don’t even know how to cook. Aside from goodies for home decorating, there are lots of adorable fashion items. Check out the totes and messenger bags in funky patterns, or the oversized watches, braided jewelry, and loose-fitting pants. Oh, and don’t forget the Swedish clogs. All in all, I’m sold. [Huset] Keep reading »

5 Trends We Swore We’d Never Wear (And Then Did)

trends that stayed g1 jpg
Just because designers set the trends doesn’t mean we have to follow them, but then again, we’re all hypocrites. Oftentimes the latest looks seem outlandish, but occasionally they grow on us and win us over, causing us to eat our words. We claimed these trends wouldn’t make it past the runways, but now they’re rampant on the streets and in our closets (guilty!). Check out the five trends we never thought would survive.
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