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Come On Over For A BBQ

We all know we’re supposed to send fancy-schmancy invitations for those moments that really count, like engagements parties, weddings, and baby showers. But what about BBQs? Don’t they deserve more than word-of-mouth attention? This summer stock up on quaint invitations from Flowers in May, so all your friends will know you mean business when it comes to your secret BBQ sauce. And if playing hostess isn’t your vibe, then send your friends handwritten notes on Flowers in May stationery to catch up.

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Converse Kicks It Up A Stripe

We all love our classic Chucks, but this striped pair of Converse All Star Light Slips are a welcomed addition to any sneaker head or shoe lover’s collection. This summer, you’ll need a pair of reliable yet stylish shoes for sightseeing and exploring. The black and white pinstripes match everything; you can wear them with all your shorts and tank tops for an easy look. But you can also opt for a short full skirt to kick things up. So get to steppin’ in these comfy babies and rock the stripes wherever your summer takes you.


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We Give Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM A Makeover

scram cover g1 jpg
Lindsay Lohan, now infamous for her troubles and constant drama, has been in the limelight recently for issues with her SCRAM. In an upcoming photoshoot for her handbag line, she wants to pose nude. Yes, sex sells, but what about your SCRAM, Lilo? Police might come on set to remove it just for the photos, but we have a better idea. After the jump, check out a few fashion trends Lindsay could use to work with what she’s got instead of trying to beat the system.

7 Skirts In The Abstract

abstract skirts g1 jpg
When it’s too hot for clingy fabrics and hip-hugging black jeans, you know it’s time to bring out your favorite summer skirts. Graphic prints on skirts make heads turn with their funky designs and bright colors, drawing attention to your lovely assets, of course. Beat the heat with some of these abstract skirt styles for work and play this summer.
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