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Shopping Guide: Fringe With Flair

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I’ve never been one to sport the ’20s-inspired flapper fringe or hippie-looking leather strips that are really popular in the stores now, but I think I’m going to change my ways. After seeing “Hair” on Broadway this weekend, I am a believer that fringe can be cute (if worn correctly, of course). Fringe is best worn in moderation and never head to toe. Check out some of fringe styles to add some movement to your wardrobe.

Cut-Out Fashions: Skin-Baring But Still Classy

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In high school, all I wanted was a pair of ripped jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch. I begged my mom to buy me a pair, but she was steadfast in her response: “No. Why would I pay for clothes that are already ripped?” In retrospect, I guess she was right, but I still like the cut-out clothes taking over the stores this summer. There is a difference between clothes that are torn and purposeful cut-outs, so be careful when you shop. If you wear too many cut-outs, you’ll look literally under-dressed and probably trashy, too. After the jump, check out some classy cut-out styles.

Father’s Day: I Now Appreciate My Dad’s Advice

Ever since I was a little girl, my dad has been a constant, loving resource with lots of study tips, helpful hints, and words of advice. Countless conversations after fights with my siblings and late-night study sessions before final exams taught me the most important lesson: parents really are your best friends in the world. The “dad-isms” and clichés that I once tried to ignore and/or make fun of are now the phrases I use on a daily basis to help make decisions or dole out advice to my friends. So here are the words I live by, thanks to my dad. Keep reading »

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Finally Opens

I have no shame in telling the world that I love Harry Potter. My mom and I read the first book together, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Yes, dear readers, I was the one who had the next book release marked in my calendar, and no, I did not stand in line at Barnes & Noble for hours waiting to buy the newest copy—I pre-ordered it and got to skip the line. Duh. Now, fellow Harry Potter fans, rejoice—the long-awaited Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park opens tomorrow in Orlando. A few of the movie’s stars, including Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, celebrated the opening on Wednesday night. Good thing, since they’re still crying after the final flick wrapped.

The 20-acre park has Hogwarts Castle and even Hogsmeade. J.K. Rowling herself approved every tiny detail, of course, giving the park her seal of authenticity. There are two roller coasters, Ollivander’s wand shop, and even butterbeer. Anyone up for a road trip? [Universal Orlando] Keep reading »

The Lying Down Game: An Unconventional Way To Document Your Travels

You’re backpacking through Europe, snapping photo after photo of historical landmarks and luscious scenery, when suddenly you realize: all of your pictures look the same. You’re sick of standing awkwardly in front of museums. Why don’t you just lie down? Click. The latest travel trend is the Lying Down Game (LDG). Started by Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon, the game has taken off with travelers all over the world and you can now see tourists having someone take a picture of them lying on the ground almost everywhere. There are even rules to the game: The palms of your hands must be flat against your sides, and the tips of your toes must point toward the ground. You can’t even lie on your back: your face must be down. Weird, right? The point is to add a little humor to your traveling adventures and to confuse onlookers. Imagine someone’s shock when you ask politely, “Excuse me. Can you take a picture for me?” and proceed to lie face down in front of them at a scenic mountain overlook. Just keep your mouth closed — the ground is dirty. [Lying Down Game] Keep reading »

Frisky Rant: Delicious Food, But With A Bad Aftertaste

The other night, I met some family in town for a nice dinner. I rarely get to see these family members, so we picked an expensive steakhouse as a treat. The restaurant was posh, and from the reviews I had read online, I was looking forward to a delicious meal. It was clearly a trendy venue, with dimmed lights, weirdly shaped couches and rustic decor. We sat down and our server immediately came to the table.

I was expecting a hearty greeting. You know, the standard, “Welcome. My name is Tiffany, and I will be your server tonight.” What we got instead was an emotionless, “Hello. Do you know where you are?” Keep reading »

Quickies: The Dark Side To The World Cup & Jamiroquai Makes A Comeback

  • Behind the World Cup scene, some players are being subjected to human trafficking. Check out tonight’s episode of “Vanguard” on Current TV to see the dark side of professional soccer, in which some young players are sold for $500. [Vanguard]
  • Bon voyage on your summer travels! Before you go, read up on these travel tips to ensure a safe and fun vacation. [Crushable]
  • South Korea gets sexy! Every time the country’s soccer team plays well, the whole country scores. [F Listed]

Keep reading »

Style 911: How Can I Wear Leather In The Summer?

“I love my leather jacket, but I don’t know if I can wear it during the summer months. Any advice?” –Lindsay

The rule in fashion is that there are no rules. I say hell yes, you can wear a traditionally winter fabric in any season. My only limitations? Don’t overdo it and stay away from black. Summer isn’t really the right time to bust out top-to-bottom biker chic, but a few leather pieces here and there can work no matter what the weather is. Check out these suggestions to keep you cool in leather all season long. Keep reading »

5 Rain Shoes To Make Stomping In Puddles Fashionable

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We all love our rain boots. They keep our feet warm and dry, and they allow us to stomp through puddles without having to worry about waterlogged socks. However, they can be a bit clunky and heavy. After the jump, check out fashion-forward weatherproof footwear that will make your wellies jealous.

Style Stealer: Emma Watson’s Summer Dress

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We’ve always adored chic summer dresses, and Emma Watson is clearly on the same page as us. Her preppy blue linen dress with black buttons sings cute, casual, summertime fun, just in time for the opening of the Harry Potter theme park. Summer dresses make traveling easy, but are also perfect for going from work to nighttime adventures. The light blue and jean styles feel like the overalls we used to wear on the playground. Now that you’re craving a carefree summer dress just as much as we are, pick your favorite style.
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