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Converse Kicks It Up A Stripe

We all love our classic Chucks, but this striped pair of Converse All Star Light Slips are a welcomed addition to any sneaker head or shoe lover’s collection. This summer, you’ll need a pair of reliable yet stylish shoes for sightseeing and exploring. The black and white pinstripes match everything; you can wear them with all your shorts and tank tops for an easy look. But you can also opt for a short full skirt to kick things up. So get to steppin’ in these comfy babies and rock the stripes wherever your summer takes you.


Quickies: Sandra Bullock Is Officially Divorced & Steve Carell Is Leaving “The Office”

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We Give Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM A Makeover

scram cover g1 jpg
Lindsay Lohan, now infamous for her troubles and constant drama, has been in the limelight recently for issues with her SCRAM. In an upcoming photoshoot for her handbag line, she wants to pose nude. Yes, sex sells, but what about your SCRAM, Lilo? Police might come on set to remove it just for the photos, but we have a better idea. After the jump, check out a few fashion trends Lindsay could use to work with what she’s got instead of trying to beat the system.

7 Skirts In The Abstract

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When it’s too hot for clingy fabrics and hip-hugging black jeans, you know it’s time to bring out your favorite summer skirts. Graphic prints on skirts make heads turn with their funky designs and bright colors, drawing attention to your lovely assets, of course. Beat the heat with some of these abstract skirt styles for work and play this summer.

20 Things Guys Never Want To Hear You Say

My mouth is always getting me in trouble. I blurt out, interrupt, speak too loudly, and say all of the things you’re never supposed to say aloud. I used to think honesty really was the best policy, but, after talking to a few of my guy friends, I found out that’s not necessarily the case. After the jump, check out 20 things guys never want to hear you say. I can’t say I agree with all of them, but they’re definitely intriguing. I’m guilty of a few of these myself — oops! Keep reading »

Quickies: Kim Kardashian Has A New Boyfriend & Jenna Jameson Tries To Work It Out With Tito Ortiz

  • Kim Kardashian totally has a type. After breaking up with New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush, she’s on to the next football player — Miles Austin, a receiver from the Dallas Cowboys. [Starpulse]
  • FreeBird purses, leather saddle bags, and Dogeared necklaces, oh my! Head to The Sak for your chance to win these chic goodies. [The Sak]
  • Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and NFL star husband Tom Brady had a proper christening for their six-month-old son yesterday. Apparently, Benjamin is already potty-trained, too. What a cute baby — with even more attractive parents! [The Sun]

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Partying With Co-Workers: Is There A Line?

Hallelujah! It’s Friday, and that means one thing: Happy Hour. You go out after work, the boss treats everybody to a round and you loosen up a bit. You spend a lot of time with your co-workers, and you always enjoy having a few beers on a Friday evening. But is there a line? After the jump, read more and tell us how you act when you’re out with your fellow employees. Keep reading »

A Wear-Anywhere Blazer Takes Away The Chill

You know those days in the office when the air conditioning is set to sub-zero and you wish you could spin yourself a cozy cocoon? Well, instead of kicking yourself for forgetting your cardigan again, keep this Leopard Bow Jersey Blazer at your desk. Not only can this basic black blazer go from business luncheon to dinner date, but it is also perfect for layering over summer tank tops and sweaters in the fall.

[$110.00 Topshop]

8 Rules For Choosing Between Real And Costume Jewelry

If given the choice between shoes, jewelry, or purses, I will always choose jewelry. Jewelry is the epitome of self-expression, the perfect gift, and the little objects to which we attach so much meaning. An engagement ring, a locket, or a charm bracelet represent so much more than just the precious metal or diamond (although the sparkle doesn’t hurt the eye) it’s made of. However, price tags often get in the way of my jewelry fetish. How do I know if it’s worth it to spend $58 on a brass and rhinestone necklace that could be $35 cheaper somewhere else or even something I could make myself? Here are a few rules to help you determine if that colorful jewelry piece is worth the price. Keep reading »

Quickies: Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Are Engaged & The Jackson Kids’ First Day Of School

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