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Girl Talk: Redefining Vulnerability

Asking Big Questions
I always ask the big questions when it comes to dating. Read More »
Smart People Dating
10 reasons why smart people have a hard time dating. Read More »
Post traumatic dating disorder is a thing. Read More »

“He smokes, which I find gross, but he’s planning to quit soon,” I complained to my roommate about Jason, the guy I’d been dating for about a month. “And did I tell you he doesn’t eat dinner? As in, he has no desire to eat past lunchtime. Weird, right? And he owns seersucker shorts – baby blue seersucker.”

“So do you actually like him?” she responded, sounding doubtful.

“Yeah, I mean, he’s cool and I like hanging out with him, so it’s whatever,” I replied.

She looked at me for a moment, forehead scrunched, then shrugged. “Well you’ve only told me stuff about him that you don’t like, so I really can’t tell.” Keep reading »

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