Kiri Blakeley

Girl Talk: I Went To Prom With My Bully

Yesterday, Lady Gaga launched her anti-bullying foundation, Born This Way, at Harvard University. This got me thinking of my own days as a bullied pre-teen—and the sweet revenge I was able to exact on my young male tormenter. Halfway through sixth grade, I switched schools. I’d been living on Cape Cod with my…
By: Kiri Blakeley / March 2, 2012

Mirror, Mirror: A Lament From A Size Zero On The Ever-Changing Body “Ideal”

I spent my teens and early 20s wishing for a bigger, rounder, fuller body. In fact, I did more than wish. I padded my bra with two rolled-up washcloths, I wore two pairs of long underwear beneath my jeans, and I stuffed myself with a pint of ice cream every night. Every night. Alas, none…
By: Kiri Blakeley / February 20, 2012

The Soapbox: Why “Ugly” Models Are Bad For Girls

In a scene from "Scouted," the E! reality TV series premiering this evening -- in which model scouts troll the malls, parking lots, and fast food chains of suburbia looking for the next Gisele Bundchen -- a middle-aged woman excitedly approaches a willowy girl in a grocery store. “Have you ever thought about modeling?” she…
By: Kiri Blakeley / December 13, 2011

Girl Talk: Maybe He’s Gay

In a classic episode of "Sex and the City," Miranda has an epiphany: A guy may “just not be that into” her. Miranda was thrilled with this revelation. She can now stop being anxiety-ridden over a man’s mixed messages. She can now shrug and say, “Well, he’s just not that into me,” and move on.
By: Kiri Blakeley / February 28, 2011