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The Soapbox: I Don’t Want Your Yellow Fever

As a kid, I was used to standing out for lots of reasons, like my "Star Wars" obsession or the black eyeliner and vampire chic that made up my high school wardrobe. I never expected my race to be one of those reasons. I grew up as an Asian-American among Asian-Americans, so I certainly wasn’t…

By: Kelly Kanayama / May 10, 2013

Girl Talk: On The Stigma Of Mental Illness In The Asian Community

It was a workday of minor annoyances. Everything at my temp job had gone normally, except for a snippy email from IT and a laminator malfunction that forced me to dig out a half-laminated page with a fork. So why was I crouched in a bathroom stall, hyperventilating, sobbing, and trying not to scream? A…

By: Kelly Kanayama / April 12, 2013

Girl Talk: I Was Terrified Of Sex

Me: I’m sorry! It’s just not going in! Him: Don’t worry – we can always try later... Me: I’m really sorry! I’m just so scared! (Sobbing. Tearful search for bra.) What if this never works? That was me and my now-fiancé during one of many abortive attempts to have sex for the first time. For…

By: Kelly Kanayama / April 8, 2013