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Keep The Turkeys Coming With 10 Thanksgiving-Themed TV Episodes

10 Turkey Day Movies To Watch While The Bird is Cooking

Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Did You Hear That There Is Going To Be A Royal Wedding Soon?

So, as you might have guessed, the tabloids are going cuckoo bananas over that fact that Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged and have set a date for the royal wedding. Since the big day isn’t until April, that gives the gossip mags months to speculate about the details. And from what I can tell, they are going to use every single day of it. Somehow, I managed to sift through all the Princess Diana comparisons and engagement ring talk to find some other celebrity “news.” But let’s just say you should plan to be in wedding mode for the next couple of months. Keep reading »

Movie Publicist Ronni Chasen’s Murder Looks Premeditated

It’s a movie plot unfortunately come to life. Earlier this week, movie publicist Ronni Chasen—who represented big-time flicks like “Alice In Wonderland” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”—was shot while driving her car home from the “Burlesque” premiere after-party. Police were originally at a loss to why someone would fire five shots into Chasen’s vehicle and then drive away, leaving her body to be found the next morning. Officials were considering everything from a car jacking to road rage. Now, after examining the crime scene and video footage from the section of Sunset Boulevard where Chasen was killed, police believe that someone planned the murder. They think that a car was ordered to follow Chasen, eventually pulling alongside her and firing the fatal shots. The details of the murder have yet to be sorted out, but police are continuing to examine video footage and 911 calls, while Chasen’s family and friends are offering a $100,000 reward for any helpful information. [Newser] Keep reading »

15 Harry Potter Tattoos To Celebrate The “Deathly Hallows” Release

harry potter hogwarts jpg
I know that there are plenty of people out there today rubbing their eyes and proudly patting themselves on the back for being one of those true Potter fans who hauled their non-magical keesters to the theater for a midnight showing of “Deathly Hallows.” Well, to them I say, “Check out these guys.” These Harry Potter lovers have chosen to remember their favorite magic man and his journey by getting parts of it permanently inked to their bodies. After the jump, get yourself in the mood to check out “Deathly Hallows” for the first (or second) time this weekend by taking a gander at how some muggles have expressed their love through the art of tattoos.

Like this guy, who must have been really bummed when his acceptance to Hogwarts didn’t come flying through the mail slot. [F**k Yeah Tattoos]

Bankrupt “Real Housewife” Sonja Morgan Blames It On … John Travolta?

Sonja Morgan of “The Real Housewives of New York City” is joining Teresa Giudice on the “Real Housewives” broke list. Morgan recently filed for bankruptcy, citing that she was more than $19 million in debt. While some may think all the money was carelessly spent on handbags and brunches, Sonja is pointing the finger at John Travolta. Keep reading »

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