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10 Sexy Celebs Who Have Rebounded With A Younger Man

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Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins’ relationship always seemed to attract questions. The longtime couple never married, but they showed that a celebrity power couple could work without drawing Brangelina-like news attention … until recently. The couple announced their split and it appears that Sarandon could be on the rebound with a radically younger man. Robbins himself was 12 years younger than the actress, but maybe she thought he was gettin’ too old — she’s rumored to be dating 31-year-old Jonathan Brinklin, an aspiring filmmaker and ping-pong enthusiast/entrepreneur. Sarandon who has invested in Brinklin’s paddle-happy venture, Spin, stated her relationship with the youngster remains solely (and vaguely) as “business partners and friends.” Uh, funny business? Sarandon has attended several of Brinklin’s star-studded “Naked-Ping-Pong” get-togethers. Hawt. [Huffington Post]

Sarandon is not the first to trade her older husband/boyfriend for a younger model. Here are some other famous (and lucky) ladies who didn’t consider a generational gap to be a dating boundary.

Kanye West Banned From “Hope for Haiti”

Kanye West probably has a few New Year’s resolutions after his disastrous year of jerkiness, from snubbing Taylor Swift to generally being all about himself. His diva behavior can be traced back all the way to 2005, when at the Red Cross fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina, West made the controversial statement live on-air that, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Some people applauded West for his words while others thought he was way out of line. Either way, it looks like the folks behind tonight’s “Hope for Haiti” telethon don’t want to take a chance on the rapper. They’ve taken the pre-emptive strike of banning West from the event. Keep reading »

Women To Watch At The 2010 Winter Olympics

As we settle into the sad realization that were only midway through winter, a few lucky ladies are getting in their last month of practice before the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The games kick off in Vancouver on Feb. 12, but this group of girls have been growing up and getting ready since they first set foot into a snowboard, skis, a sled, or skates. With a talented mix of both seasoned and fresh competitors, one thing is certain—they are all hungry for the gold. Here is your guide to America’s leading ladies in all things sport and snow.

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Graphic Novels Gone Girly

Graphic novels have always suffered a geek taint, a stubborn case of social acne that alienates certain sects of people. There have always been a handful of Comic-Con cuties, but, overall, society has labeled graphic novels a man’s medium. Yen Press has a solution to bring some girl power to the graphic novel. The publisher is taking female-favored heavyweights and adapting them to fit this medium. This year, Yen Press will be introducing the first installments of both The Twilight Saga and Gossip Girl series. Twilight promises to be loyal to the original novels—Yen is even working with author Stephenie Meyer to capture the right money-making, heart-melting formula. Gossip Girl, on the other hand, is a re-imagining of the story with all the classic characters. I don’t think Twihards will have any problem taking to the new medium—heck, they’ll buy anything Forks-inspired. Gossip Girl may be harder to sell. What do you think—will manga-ized Serena and Bella bring a new surge of women to the graphic novel? [EW, MTV]
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