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The 10 Weirdest Dogs Of The Westminster Dog Show

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Speaking of the Westminster Dog Show … last night’s competition is the place where all Puppy Bowl pups dream of going when they grow up. Well, perhaps not, since there is a high level of manhandling (doghandling?) and no football-shaped chew toys. Westminster may be the place for the dog with the most conditioned coat and regal walk to get recognition, but for us, it’s also a chance to see breeds we didn’t even know existed. So while this year’s winner, the Scottish Terrier, gets a season of praise, we are here to celebrate Westminster’s weirdest. Take a look at some of the craziest canines to hit the Oscars of dog shows.

Taylor Swift and Other Celebrities Who Have Had A Hallmark Moment

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Taylor Swift can pretty much build a second home out of Grammys, Country Movie Awards, and everything else she has won this awards season. After essentially reaching the zenith of musical success at the age of 20, it looks like Swift is starting to explore other mediums to take over with her unstoppable charm. She made her first attempt at acting in “Valentine’s Day,” which came out this weekend, but she isn’t stopping there. Swift has recently released a line of greeting cards with American Greetings. The cards are inspired and designed around the lyrics and stories of her songs. I personally think she is secretly plotting the creation of National Taylor Swift Day, but then again her success could have me a little paranoid. [NBC]

Taylor Swift isn’t the first celeb to have her face and feelings slapped on to overpriced and over-emotional pieces of paper. Take a look at other famous faces who, whether they wanted to or not, have become Hallmark material.

Brat Pack Secrets That Will Thoroughly Surprise You

The Brat Pack may have hit the big screen before I hit the world, but they had a big effect on my adolescence, nonetheless. I went through a stage in middle school where I wore my “Breakfast Club” shirt on a weekly basis, fantasized about a young John Cusack, and hoped I would meet my Jake Ryan. Brat Pack films captured the undesirable moments of being teen in a magical way. A lot of you probably agree with me. That’s why author Susannah Gora has written a new book, You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes and Their Impact on a Generation, which comes out this week. While Gora postulates about the effect the Brat Pack has had on film and our lives, she has also uncovered some interesting tidbits about the films. After the jump, check out the skeletons that have been unearthed from the closets of Ferris Bueller, Lloyd Dobler and more. Keep reading »

5 Flicks To Get You Psyched For The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics kick off tonight! The opening ceremony will surely offer up its usual blend of interpretive dance, laser lights, ridiculous torch-igniting stunts, and home-country artists. For some, this is enough to get them in the Olympic mood. But for those who are not so easily excited, we’ve complied a list of great, pump-you-up Winter Olympic flicks. So clear out your Valentine’s Day weekend—you’ve got some movies to watch. Keep reading »

Why Do The Olympics’ Leading Ladies Keep Getting Injured?

Poor Lindsey Vonn. She was on the top of everyone’s list of Winter Olympians to watch, and even graced the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, butt high in the air, next to the words, “America’s Best Woman Skiier Ever.” But, sadly, she’s injured her shin, suffering a deep bruise during practice a week ago that has made putting her ski boot on an “excruciating” endeavor. News of her injury has sent sports stations into a frenzy of calculations on how it will affect her. Vonn remains hopeful that she will be healthy enough for a medal-winning performance, especially since she was slowed down by an injury at the 2006 Olympics that her cost her a top-three finish. [USA]

Interestingly, a study was recently released showing that women in sports suffer more, and from more severe injuries, at least in part because most training regimes are designed for men, who tend to have more resilient ligaments and stronger muscles. This sure seems to be the case. Lindsey is not nearly the only woman whose recent injuries might cost her her Olympic dreams. Here are some other sad stories. Keep reading »

A Movie Montage Of Classic “I Love You” Moments

There is a little bit of a love cynic in all of us, especially around Valentine’s Day. But this montage proves that we all have a little bit of a hopeless romantic in us, too. Everyone has at least one movie moment that made them feel all warm and fuzzy, and this video tried to cram in as many of them as possible. So look for your favorite “I love you” or bawk at the ones that are missing (Hello, “Titanic”!), and then let us know what film scenes make you swoon. [Moviefone] Keep reading »

10 Celebrities With Muppet Doppelgangers

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The Muppets are back! The Muppets are back! A new flick is currently in the works called “The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time.” James Bobin, one of the masterminds behind HBO’s “Flight of the Conchords,” will direct the film and adorable Jason Segel will write the script along with Nicholas Stoller. The new movie will contain all your favorite Muppets—even Kermit who I feared was dead after seeing Lady Gaga’s get-up. [] But the movie also got me thinking. What would the Muppets look like live-action, if people replaced the famous puppets? I mean, Benicio Del Toro may already be becoming an animal in “The Wolfman,” but with his large brow and stern demeanor, Sam the Eagle would be a better fit. Click on for more Muppet doppelgangers.

Hold On To Your Broomsticks: Here Comes The “The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter”

Stop pretending you’re not excited about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the new Universal Studio theme park supposedly opening this spring. This is an amusement park dedicated to the series we have been obsessing about for a decade now. As the opening date approaches, more details about The Wizarding World are emerging and all of them sound pretty sweet. Trust me, I am an expert now that I have taken a “flying” tour through the park, i.e., I went on the official website. After the jump, get a peek at what the park is planning. Keep reading »

A Taxonomy Of Relationships, Based On The Song You’re Listening To On Repeat

Whenever I walk down the street, I like to pretend that the music I’m listening to is my own personal soundtrack. The other day, a song popped up on my iPod that was so emotionally loaded with memories that it took me by surprise. It was the song I listened to on repeat for weeks during my freshman year of college, after a particularly dreamy encounter with a guy I was crushing on. For me, the song captured all the intricacies and excitement of that moment. It escalated my already-giddy happiness into a euphoria that beat any thrill I could get from dissecting the encounter with a friend. The music knew how I felt and carefully played with my emotions to make me believe that this song “got” me — like it was made just for me and that moment.

I truly believe that for every relationship, quasi-relationship, or sexual encounter you have, there is a song that perfectly encapsulates it. A song, no matter how annoying, whiny, cheesy, or sappy, that you can listen to on repeat because, durnit, that ditty knows exactly what you’re going through. After the jump, I’ve compiled a list of songs — taken from my personal experiences — which I feel categorize and exemplify specific relationships. Keep reading »

So Where’s Our “Mad Men” Valentine?

So it looks like my plan to get Jon Hamm as a Valentine’s Day date probably won’t pan out. But I have found the next best thing: “Mad Men” Valentines. Now instead of being wooed by the bearded Hamm, I can learn about how love is manufactured sham from the dapper Don. How romantic! The rest of the cast gets their own cards to give their individual words of wisdom on the ways of love. Keep reading to see a few more of my favorites from this genius valentines collection Keep reading »

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