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10 Celebrities Who Have Tried Laying Down Some Mad Beats

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Ryan Phillippe is known for a variety of things in the entertainment world. But the abridged version of his celebrity can be narrowed down to two things:

  1. He is a beautiful man who has a habit of screwing up relationships with beautiful women
  2. He played Sebastian in “Cruel Intentions,” a character remembered for his cunnlingus skills and having a creepy/sexy attraction to his step-sister.

While there is plenty more to Ryan’s resume, there are also some elements missing. Unlike other celebrities, he has yet to wander into the music realm, but that may be subject to change. In a recent interview with Women’s Health, Ryan divulged his secret talent, and unfortunately it had nothing to do with pleasing women: “I rap really well. I can sound like Lil Wayne or Ludacris. I’m dead serious … I can spit!”

I am skeptical. This boasting sort of sounds like Eddie Murphy trying to defend that “Party All the Time” is a groundbreaking pop single, but I am wiling to be proven wrong. [Just Jared]

While I wait for Ryan to send me his new mind-blowing rap album, it is probably a good time to take a look at past cases of the celebrity-turned-rapper. The results don’t make his success look too promising. Click through to see what surprising celebrities have shown off their word-spitting skills; most of them don’t end well.

10 Young Loves That Moved Super Fast

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Miley Cyrus is becoming a big girl as she approaches her 18th birthday in November. She is ditching Disney, which means leaving behind the insane money maker that is “Hannah Montana,” to move on to more serious roles. By serious roles I assume this means more crazy lip acting, a la “The Last Song.” Miley is also going to be moving in to her own house. Now rumors are arising that 20-year-old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth may be joining Miley in her “Zen Den.” Liam and Miley have already been shacking up at her mom and dad’s house, on parent-approved sleepovers, but now things may be becoming a little more legit. Along with the news about Liam moving in with Miley, there is also gossip that the couple is planning to tie the knot as soon as Miley is legal. Now I know the couple claims they are deep, but does this understanding equal instant matrimony? All the chatter has people wondering if Miley’s relationship is moving too fast. [Star Pulse/Celebrity-Mania]

Miley is far from the first to have the progression of her young love questioned. Take a look at some celebrities who decided true love didn’t need to wait and made some big decisions when they were barely legal.

Girl Talk: I’m A Little Jealous Of Your New Relationship

I want to start this confession with a disclaimer: I have a boyfriend who I have been dating for two and a half years. It is a relationship that I have poured more love, commitment and concern into than any of my previous ones put together, and he does the same. He listens sincerely to all the problems I unload on him, even when it’s the same stale series of issues over and over again. Our biggest fight has only led to about 10 minutes of oh-so-mature silent treatment. We even have embarrassing nicknames for each other that I know better than to publish here. I know I am lucky to have this sort of relationship and I cherish every moment of it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even though Jake Gyllenhaal is my “Get Out of Jail Free” exception, if he came calling in his “Prince of Persia” regalia, I know I couldn’t act on it. Now that has to be love.

And yet, I’m jealous of you—you giggly new couples with your adorably awkward first dates and timid hand-holding. Keep reading »

The Guy With The Craziest Hair Always Wins “Project Runway”

Season seven of “Project Runway” dealt its final “auf wiedersehen” this week. Seth Aaron out-styled Mila and Emilio, further proving my theory that the guy with the most alternative hair on the show has the best chances of winning. Think about it—Seth Aaron’s faux-hawk-punk-rock-side-burn hair thing looks strangely similar to season three winner Jeffrey’s do. Between season one winner Jay McCarroll’s creative hats and the crazy mane of season five’s Christian Siriano, my theory can basically be considered fact.

OK, that’s enough. Something that almost everyone can probably agree on is that Lifetime’s second attempt at hosting the show was much more successful and entertaining than the first. But still, it lacked that Bravo somethin’ somethin’. Keep reading »

A Detailed Timeline Of Yesterday’s Michael And Lindsay Lohan Drama

Yesterday, a new round of Lohan-related havoc broke loose when the tabloids’ go-to guy, Michael Lohan, escorted officers of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to Lindsay‘s home. Michael claims that he called the authorities because he was concerned about the safety of Lindsay’s little sister, Ali, who has been living with her sister. As with some of the other occurrences of Lohan family drama, things quickly escalated into rapid fire exchanges of tweets, lies and accusations, leaving most of us confused about what really happened. After a tireless night of TMZ scouring and scientific equations, we think we have created a pretty accurate timeline of Lindsay waking up to police at her door. Read on if you dare care. Keep reading »

“The Dating Game” Killer Gets Even Creepier

Last month we wrote about a guy who could put you off dating game shows for good. Rodney Alcala appeared on an episode of “The Dating Game.” At the time of filming, Alcala had already been charged with the rape of an 8-year-old girl, which says a lot about the show’s screening process. Shortly after the show aired, Alcala went on to kill a 12-year-old, which he was arrested for in 1980. It wasn’t until this year that authorities figured out Alacala was responsible for killing four more women. Now they are worried that he might have killed many more before his arrest. Police believe that Alcala, who was a photographer, may have taken photos of the women he killed. When he was arrested, they found a stash of hundreds of photos, some suggestive, that Alcala had taken over his career. At the time, they didn’t realize they could be evidence. So they’ve just recently released these photos to the public, hoping it will help solve several cold cases and disappearances. Keep reading »

Did David Copperfield Make The Rape Charges Disappear?

Three years ago, Lacey Carroll accused David Copperfield of sexually assaulting her. She claimed that she met the magician after a show, and that he invited her to his private island in the Bahamas for a “modeling opportunity.” When she got there, however, she says Copperfield forced her to perform sexual acts and threatened her not to tell a soul. A two-year federal investigation followed, with the FBI searching Copperfield’s Las Vegas warehouse. After the investigation concluded, Carroll sued. Until yesterday, when she abruptly dropped the charges without explanation. Which has lots of people talking that Copperfield’s lawyers may have worked some magic on her. Keep reading »

11 Barbies That Never Should Have Been Let Out Of The Box

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10 Surprising Celebrity High School Dropouts

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High school was hard. There was the whole finishing puberty thing while being surrounded by annoying, chesty, glamazons who had gotten all the awkward out of their system. And you had to go through all this emotional trauma while jumping through the high school hoops of standardized tests, required P.E. Classes, college prep courses, and pointless papers. Sigh. It’s a lot of drama in four years. Apparently, many celebs thought so, too.

Naturally, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and others who hit the fame jackpot early decided to forego the high school experience. But then there is another set of stars who dropped out of high school without their road to success mapped. After the jump, 10 high school dropouts that might surprise you.

10 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Expect To Sell Scents

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When Kim Kardashian came out with her scent Voluptuous, it made sense. Kim is a sexy lady you probably wouldn’t mind smelling like, and she puts her name on just about anything. But spritzing on a Bruce Willis musk? That may be a little harder to sell. German cosmetics company LR Health & Beauty Systems is out to prove me wrong. LR has partnered with both Leona Lewis and Heidi Klum to make female fragrances and, apparently, the next logical step for the company is crafting a fragrance with Mr. Willis. The scent is set to debut in July, but anymore information is being kept secret. So that leaves us to fill in the blanks. Were thinking a “Bald-Headed Blossoms” perfume, which would be a bold mix of lilac, rose, peonies for the ladies. For the guys a debonair “Orange Pulp Friction,” an aggressive blend of orange, lime, and sandalwood that is guaranteed to get a woman’s attention. What do you think? [People]

So, while we sit around and wait for our check from LR Health & Beauty Systems to come in, take a look at the other unlikely celebrities who have decided to think up a fragrance.

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