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The Unfriendly Skies: 7 Celebs Behaving Badly In Airports

The friendly skies have gotten a little choosy about who gets to fly in them, or so it seems for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who’s banned from all United Airline flights. The actor landed himself on the no-fly list as a result of an unruly, alcohol-filled episode early this month. Meyers worried the crew when they saw him guzzling down drinks in the first class lounge before an early flight. Their concern was well-founded, because while boarding the plane, Meyers became belligerent and disruptive, causing him to be escorted from the aircraft. The incident also proved that there are some issues that the actor’s sexiness cannot solve. This was not Meyers’ first run-in with air and alcohol—he was previously arrested for attacking a staff member at a bar in Charles de Gaulle airport. [Radar Online]

But on the bright side, he is in good company! Read on for a list of other celebrities who had an issue at airports before they even got off the ground. Keep reading »

A Second Woman Says She Was Sexually Assaulted By Roman Polanski

Today, British actress Charlotte Lewis and ever-present celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference in which Lewis accused director Roman Polanski of sexually assaulting her. Both women remained vague on the details, but stated that the assault happened in 1982 when Lewis was only 16. This was four years after Polanski fled the United States to avoid sentencing in the Samantha Geimer case. Lewis says that the director forced himself on her at his apartment in Paris. She said the circumstances were similar to Geimer’s case, though she would not comment on if this meant that rape or drugs were involved. Keep reading »

10 Straight Actors Who Rocked Gay Roles

striaghtgaymain051510 jpg
Now that we’ve taken a look at the range of gay actors who’ve played it straight, it’s time to examine the straight actors who nailed gay roles. And no, I’m not daydreaming about that epic lip lock between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. After the jump, our 10 favorite examples.

Oprah’s “Twilight” Special: The 6 Best Moments To Sink Your Teeth Into

When Lewis Carroll penned the line, “The time has come the walrus said,” I am sure he was referring to the “Twilight” episode of “Oprah.” Right? Well, the special has been plugged for a while and got its biggest push this week when rumors erupted that Kristen Stewart was having Robert Pattinson’s baby. I think most Twi-hards haven’t stopped squealing since—the ones in Oprah’s studio audience certainly hadn’t. The Big O rounded up some of the most manic fans out there, including that one who was holding up a sign that said, “Imprint Me.” After sitting through all the the audience’s screams and a hefty helping of Kristen’s awkwardness, I’ve narrowed it down to the six best moments. Keep reading »

Ke$ha, As Interpreted By U.S. Soldiers

A group of soldiers stationed in Iraq made this video, called “If the Army Goes Gay,” as their exaggerated depiction of what would happen if there were no restriction on sexual orientation in the military, through the wise words of Ke$ha and 3OH!3. Apparently, the safety of our country would rely on men who enjoy sensual gun play and performing duties sans pants or shirts. The video was made as a response to troops in Afghanistan that recently uploaded a similar video of them dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” I find myself more shocked by the amount of free time and access to video equipment and Ke$ha albums than the potential “threat” of gay soldiers turning the Army into a roving troop of Chippendale dancers and peeping Toms. [Huffington Post]
Keep reading »

10 Gay Actors Who Know How To Play It Straight

maingaystright051510 jpg
The other day we took a look at the very buzzed-about Newsweek article regarding gay actors playing straight characters and found it just as annoying as everyone said it was. The writer’s stance that gay actors’ attempts at playing straight stick out like a “pink elephant in the room” got us all geared up to prove him wrong. So we put some evidence together to show that just because actors have an interest in the same sex doesn’t mean that they can’t play someone who’s straight. Take a look at these 10 actors who prove that all you need to take on any role is talent, regardless of sexual orientation.

Brody Jenner And Avril Lavigne Get A Second Set Of Matching Tattoos

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner got matching lightning bolt tattoos during a trip to Vegas. But, apparently, the identical ink did not squelch the suspected couple’s intense need to express their attraction for one another. This week, they sealed their love (again!) with something a lot less cuddly than a kiss. Actually, it’s downright vulgar. The two supposedly received twin tats of the word “F**k” across their ribs. How klassy. I think they might be better off having Avril pen a song about their off-the-wall emotions the next time they get the urge to get inked. If they don’t watch it, they will be covered in bizarre branding before they even reach their three-month anniversary. If they make it that long—couples who get tattooed together have a reputation for breaking up. Plus, knowing Brody and his inseparable ties to reality television, I am sure Kristin Cavallari is contractually obligated to meddle in their relationship at some point. [Radar Online] Keep reading »

7 Careers Kick-Started, Or At Least Extended, By A Sex Tape

sextapekendra050710 jpg
Over the past few years, Kendra Wilkinson has booty-shaked and boob-flashed her way into the public consciousness. Between “The Girls Next Door” and “Kendra,” the bouncy blonde became a staple of reality TV and tabloids. But the most recent Kendra gossip is a goldmine. Apparently, she shot a bunch of sex tapes before her marriage. The fact that dirty videos of Kendra exist isn’t too surprising—her job description used to be “prance around half naked and appear involved with Hugh Hefner.” But, according to Radar Online, Kendra was planning on releasing the tapes back in 2008, and even set up a company called “Home Run” to market the videos. Kendra says she never planned to sell the tapes to the public, but Radar continues to dig up more evidence to the contrary. [Radar Online]

Could Kendra have shot the videos in hopes of boosting herself from reality TV star to household name? She would not be the first to benefit from a released sex tape. After the jump, some careers that got a boost when sex tapes were leaked.

5 Empowering Things My Mother Has Taught Me

The other day, Amelia posted a list of her life experiences that were empowering and pretty epic. So epic that I began to get concerned that, maybe, I haven’t done enough with my life. I was able to leave my comfortable suburban Michigan existence surrounded by everyone I know, to go to college in New York where I knew no one. But outside of that, I couldn’t come up with the same confident list of experiences, and it kind of started to freak me out. I am also in the midst of finals and I think my emotional state is a little more fragile than usual, allowing me to panic over the topic for a while. Soon enough I came around and realized that I am only 21 and not even out of college yet [And not an old fart like me, huh? ;) -- Editor Amelia], I still have a whole lot of life to experience.

Somehow that is a thought that doesn’t scare me. I know that I am as ready and mentally prepared as I can be for whatever events I happen upon, or smack me in the face. This is a confidence I owe to my mother. Even though I haven’t gone through too much, I have been a constant audience to the ups and downs of my mom’s life. It may have been secondhand, but watching the way she has handled herself has given me an excellent course for the future. So when I get my chance to handle life’s experiences gracefully, I will have my mom to thank. These are the five things that my mother has taught, and in turn the ways my mom has empowered, me for the future. Keep reading »

Put Away Your Ouija Boards, The Magic 8-Ball Is Getting A Movie

The Magic 8-Ball can now tell all the other fortune-telling toys that made fun of it to go suck it, because 8-Ball is about to get its own movie. Paramount recently announced that as part of their continuing deal with toymaker Mattel, the all-knowing 8-Ball will be the next toy to get the Hollywood treatment. The studio was eager to continue to work with Mattel due to the success of the “Tranformers” and “G.I Joe” movies. I understand that the money brought in on hocking childhood memories is alluring, but why the 8-Ball next? The previous toy films featured playthings that had personality, things you were suppose to make believe are animate. The 8-Ball is just a kitschy piece of plastic and hasn’t really been given an identity outside of that. It has helped millions of people understand the legitimacy of their middle school crush, but it is hard to imagine a film just based on people trying to make out vague messages through squirmy blue liquid. The studio and those involved with the project have yet to unveil any details about the movie except that it will be a live action film and that a script is in the works.

I suppose the only place to go for more info about the film is the 8-Ball itself. I asked mine if the movie would be a success. Its response? “My sources say no.” Not very self-confident, eh? [Deadline New York] Keep reading »

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