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20 Celebrity Couples Playing Grab Ass

21 Celebrity Couples Playing Grab Ass

Oh, excuse us for interrupting your private moment, Kim and Kanye. Wait, never mind, you’re out in public playing grab ass, why are we apologizing? Kim is the one who’s known for her famous fanny, but it seems she has a fondness of her own for the junk in Kanye’s trunk. She’s really up there, isn’t she? Is she holding on that tight because she’s afraid of falling in the rain? Careful, girl.

We’ve noticed quite a few famous folks who can’t help showing their feelings for the fanny by giving their partner a little love tap or a big squeeze. Maybe they’re just double checking that their babe’s butt is still there? Click on for photos of celebs latching on to a badonkadonk. Brace yourself—this slideshow is full of dangerous curves.

11 Foreign-Born Celebs Who Love The U.S.

foreign stars usa main jpg
Break out the fireworks, potato salad and beer koozies because it is time for America’s birthday once again. As with every 4th of July, this year is a celebration of all the great and crazy things that make up this country. For a relatively young nation the United States has quite a few traditions. One of the most recent being America’s habit of taking foreign celebs and adopting them as its own, putting non-natives into U.S. movies, TV shows and music. After spending enough time in the land of Big Macs, plastic surgery, shake weights and “Real Housewives” some of these imported entertainers develop strong feelings for America. So, as a gift to our growing country, we put together a slideshow of beautiful, famous, foreign-born celebs saying wonderful things about the U.S. I expect a thank you card for this America.

10 Kids Who Are Outshining Their Famous Fathers

outshining slide 1 jpg
Father’s Day is all about making dad proud by showing him you care and that you have enough wherewithal to send a greeting card on time. Some kids like to go the extra mile and throw in a brunch or thoughtful gifts. Certain celebrity spawn like to take it even further, overloading their famous fathers’ pride circuits by going into the entertainment business and thriving. These sons and daughters are becoming so successful that they are starting to push their dads out out of the “most famous person in the family” position. Since infamy doesn’t count, you won’t be finding Martin and Charlie Sheen on this list. Click through to see 10 other stars working to outshine their Hollywood papas.

17 Famous Guys Who Aren’t Afraid To Show PDA For Their Pals

man kiss will and john jpg
Starlets and divas have been getting touchy-feely with each other for years. But lately, we’ve been noticing a whole lot of famous men at events showing physical affection for their guy friends, in the form of cheek kisses, tight hugs, and, in some cases, full-on lip locks. Take, for example, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, who headed to a Lakers game last night. When the Kiss Cam landed on them, they gladly obliged. I like the way each of them has one hand lightly carressing the other’s face and their second hand firmly gripping a hot dog.

Call it the final frontier of the bromance? Click through to see which famous men are open with the love they have for their dude friends.

15 Girl Groups That Prove We Need More All-Lady Music

girl groups main jpg
Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adele, there are oodles of ladies all over the Billboard Hot 100, holding six of the top 10 spots this week. But something is missing. Where are the original crafters of girl power? Where are the girl groups? I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like today without the insight of The Spice Girls, TLC, and Destiny’s Child, but, if I force myself to, all I see is darkness and a severe lack of dance moves. Girl groups have been showcasing the talent and sass females have for over six decades, and we certainly can’t stop now. In case you forgot the majestic music that ladies can make when they get together, we complied 15 girl group wonders to rock some sense back into you. Don’t forget to increase girl group awareness by adding your own favorites in the comments.

Girl Talk: I Want The Job And The Guy After I Graduate

This month, I turned 22. Young, I know, but for me the birthday served as another float in the parade of reality that my graduation day is marching closer with each passing moment. Instead of the usual array of fun and frivolous gifts wrapped in brightly colored paper, far too many people chose to get me “work clothes” for my birthday this year.

I am graduating from New York University in May. And it’s not just others who are preparing me for the life change that’s about to happen. Each morning, I wake up and remind myself that I need to get a job—and not of the smoothie shop variety. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit contemplating how to craft the perfect employer-alluring business card and website. And if all this worrying, wondering and work wardrobing wasn’t enough, almost every conversation I have had with someone 25+ over the past five months has turned into a mental probing of my potential to deal with “the future.” Keep reading »

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