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Mates Of State Brings Their Daughters On The Road

Mates of State is a band composed of two people—Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner—who happen to be married. And their upbeat, clap-able tunes make marriage sound really, really fun. But things got complicated for the couple when they had their first daughter, Magnolia, four years ago and even more complicated two years later, when they had a second daughter, June. But they didn’t let having kids stop their days of making music and touring—nope, they decided to bring the girls on the road with them. And in their rider, they stipulate that venues provide “surprises for a 2-year-old and surprises for a 4-year-old.” Kori and Jason say people have taken this very, very seriously.

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Michelle Obama To Set Jumping Jack World Record

The Mass World Record
To set a world record, get lots of people to do one tiny thing. Read More »

Michelle Obama is our hero. She is using the get-lots-of-people-to-do-a-simple-thing strategy in order to set a Guinness World Record. More specifically, she is teaming up with National Geographic Kids to break the world record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24 hour period, beginning on October 11 at 3 p.m. and ending on October 12th at the same time. To break the record, they will need a minimum of 20,426 people to do a minute of jumping jacks—so they are recruiting groups of kids all over the world. Hundreds of kids in DC will even get to do their jumping jacks on the South Lawn of the White House. We bet the Secret Service is not too thrilled  – after all, that’s an awful lot of kids to frisk. [Newser]

Girl Talk: I Am A Reunion Concert Junkie

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Umlauts In Music
Lady Gaga and others who've used umlauts. Read More »
Improv Revolution
How taking improv classes changed my life. Read More »

“Close your eyes, give me your hand … darling. Do you feel my heart beating?”

Earlier this week, I found myself swaying back and forth, a glass of Prosecco in my hand, belting out the lyrics to The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame,” my favorite song circa 1988. I was 8 years old when the tune came out and, at the time, it seemed far more important that I learn to tease my hair a la front woman Susanna Hoffs than study my multiplication tables for third grade math. I put even more effort into memorizing the lyrics to “Walk Like An Egyptian.” The song remains my karaoke standard to this day.

As I looked around the packed club at the large number of iPhones being held in the air, capturing the moment on video, it occurred to me that “Eternal Flame,” a song that had sounded so deep to me as a kid, was actually kind of trite. But I pushed the thought from my mind. I wasn’t hear to evaluate the artistic merit of the music I had loved when I was younger—I was here simply to revel in the fact that I had loved it. As the song ended, Susanna took a moment to address the crowd with some heartfelt words. “It’s the 30th anniversary of The Bangles,” she said. “All the love you’ve given to us, we want to give back to you.”

I jumped up and down, clapping wildly. And something occurred to me—I realized that I am a reunion tour junkie.

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The Coen Brothers To Make A TV Show

As a major TV addict, it’s been exciting over the past few years to watch actors you’d normally see on the big screen—the Zooey Deschanels, the Toni Collettes, and the Steve Buscemis—sign on for small screen projects. Now it seems like big name directors are starting to pay attention to the boob tube, too. If you’ve seen so much as a poster for “Terra Nova,” you are probably well aware that Steven Spielberg is the producer. And exciting news— the Coen Brothers, those glasses-wearing gods of  indie cinema, are developing a series for Fox. The show is called “Harve Karbo,” and it’s about a Los Angeles private investigator with a wide network of deadbeat friends. And if their pedigree means anything, it’ll probably be pretty great. Here’s hoping this trend continues. I’d love to see television shows from Wes Anderson and Charlie Kaufman. Or maybe David Lynch would like to take another crack at it, now that it’s been a while since “Twin Peaks”? [Newser, Hollywood Reporter]

Lady Gaga News: A Lifetime Movie And An Invitation To Join Queen?

Umlauts In Music
Lady Gaga and others who've used umlauts. Read More »

We love a good Lifetime movie as much as the next girl. No seriously, we’ve watched “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?” more times collectively than we’d wish to confess. But we’re a little skeptical of a new flick that Lifetime has in the works called “Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story.” The network has put out a casting call looking for actresses “who can believably span ages of 16 to 22″ for the role. But will they really be able to find someone to walk in Gaga’s (Alexander McQueen Armadillo) shoes?

This information comes at the same time as news that Lady Gaga is apparently being courted to become the lead singer of Queen.

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Halloween Inspiration Board: The Mask From “The Bachelorette”

Scary Costume: Ramona
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Inspiration: Mob Wife
Renee Graziano Halloween Costume photo
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"Intervention" Inspiration
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This week, we’ve been bringing you easy peasy costumes inspired by your fave reality TV shows. But enough with the ladies—it’s time for a dude. Why not be Jeff Medolla, aka The Mask from Ashley Hebert‘s season of “The Bachelorette?” His costume is easy—like, seriously easy. At a minimum, you need a rose and a mask, or you can go all out as highlighted after the jump. Really, the hardest part of this costume is admitting that you watch “The Bachelorette.” But then again, anyone who spots your costume will have just outed themselves as a “Bachelor” watcher, too, so it’s all good.

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