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8 Extremely Random Celebrity Fans

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Celebrities are naturally fans, too. You’d never expect to see country legend Dwight Yoakam front and center at a Snoop Dogg concert, but Yoakam recently told TMZ that he’s a huge Snoop fan. Now we can’t quite imagine Dwight and Snoop partying together, but we’d like to see it happen.

You may be surprised to find out which celebs are huge fans of other stars, so flip through this slideshow to see some of the most random (and ironic) taste pairings.

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5 Celebs Who Left Mega Bucks To Their Pets

Alexander McQueen

What The Most Expensive Wedding In The World Would Look Like

wedding ring money m jpg
Amelia recently wrote about the most expensive celebrity weddings. We’re still in shock over Melania Trump‘s $125,000 wedding gown and Liza Minelli‘s $700,000 flower bill, but it poses a good question: If money was absolutely no object, what would you want for your big day? Big diamonds are no longer a luxury; they’re a staple (in this, our dream world). So take a moment to channel your inner Kim Kardashian — for example, imagine companies are fighting to sponsor your wedding — and check out your options for the most extravagant, totally-nonsensical nuptials possible.

94-Year-Old Woman Whoops A Kangaroo’s Ass

Over the weekend, in Queensland, Australia, a kangaroo named Eddie busted out of a gate and attacked a 94-year-old woman. Our first question: “Why was a kangaroo in Australia behind a gate anyway?” We’re not big fans of humans messing with wild animals (RIP Steve Irwin), but there is an explanation. Keep reading »

22 Guy Careers That Sound Great On Paper, But Just Aren’t In Actuality

When I was younger, I thought that dating a professional baseball player would be awesome. Free VIP seating at every game, the notoriety of being a celebrity wife, plus getting to look at a chiseled, athletic body every day? Sign me up! I thought. Well, life has taught me to be more of a realist. First of all, what are the chances I could actually come into contact with and successfully seduce a pro athlete? Second, what about road games? I mean, would he ever be home? And then there are the groupies. I try not to be territorial or jealous (note: try) but those girls are ruthless!

So, I was thinking: How many more potential professions sound amazing, but have some major downsides? Check out these guy careers and the reasons that dating these gainfully employed men might be more difficult than you think. Keep reading »

Evan Rachel Wood Kills A Justin Bieber Tune At A Karaoke Bar


Have you ever given into the urge to karaoke and then really regretted it afterward? Not Evan Rachel Wood. She was a karaoke superstar at a bar in Beijing recently and you’ll never guess what song she picked. She sang—no, killed (in a good way)—Justin Bieber‘s “U Smile.” Keep reading »

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