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The 18 Most On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity BFFS

Most On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity BFFS: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan
Hollywood must be a breeding ground for frenemies. So many celebs have had major, highly publicized falling-outs with their best friends, only to rekindle the friendship. Sometimes this happens over and over again. Most recently, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have reunited after a pretty lengthy fued. On their first girls night out, the paparazzi knocked over Lindsay, and Paris even helped her up. [TMZ]

Are these frenemies really friends? Or do they just have spats and reunite? After the jump, the most on-again/off-again celebrity friends.

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What’s Your Sign?: The Hottest Celebrity Leo Men

leo men slide 1 jpg
Here’s to hot summers and the hot Leo men that celebrate their birthdays this month. The Leo man competes with his female Leo counterparts to be the center of attention, and it’s a tough fight. They crave an audience and a ton of flattery, making show business the ideal career for Leo guys. Perhaps a few steps away from arrogance, Leo men are also said to be classic romantics—chivalrous and full of generosity. Thank us later and check this slideshow of the hottest male Leos out there.

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What’s Your Sign?: The Sexiest Celebrity Lady Leos

leo slide 1 jpg
Clearly there’s a reason Leos have their birthdays in the hottest season of all. The lioness of the jungle, female Leos are sensual and confident, often making them the object of desire for men and women everywhere. Leo women can be aggressive, born leaders and usually the center of attention. No wonder so many of the hottest female celebs fall under the Leo zodiac sign. Check out this gallery of the hottest female Leos.

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Marc Anthony Erases The J.Lo Stain, Metaphorically And Literally

We were surprised when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their split on July 15th. We were almost equally surprised when we learned that Marc had a “Jennifer” tattoo on his wrist. Not that it’s such a crazy thing to do, if tattoos are your thing, but we just never noticed the ink. And now we never will. Anthony had covered it up — and quickly, too. The pictures of his new cover-up tattoo are a bit fuzzy and partially obscured by his sleeve, but you can definitely make out that it does not say “Jennifer” anymore. It kind of makes us wonder if things were as amicable as their PR people would like us to believe. We understand wanting to get your ex’s name removed from your body, but within two weeks? Keep reading »

Kim Kardashian Is The World’s First 3D Magazine Cover Girl

In the world of things we’ve never heard of and didn’t know were possible, Kim Kardashian will be the cover girl for the world’s very first entirely 3D magazine. How can a magazine be three dimensional, you ask? Famed photographer Nick Saglimbeni has created and trademarked the world’s first 3D camera. And naturally, he thought of professional-picture-poser Kim K for his big 3D debut. The magazine, appropriately titled World’s Most Beautiful will be released on August 8th. Can you even stand the suspense?

Kim is more than thrilled with the cover. Keep reading »

The 5 Best And Worst Things About Going To Gay Bars With Your Boy Besties

I’ve been really fortunate to have found a wonderful handful of (gay) boy friends in my 28 years. They’re so supportive and confidence-boosting—at the same time they always keep it real with me. It goes without saying that the jokes and laughter never stop. We do dinner and movies on the regular and on those nights when I feel so possessed, we hit the “scene” and boy-bar hop all over NYC. I’ve had some of the greatest nights of my life with them, but I have to say there are some disadvantages to being the token girl at the boy bar.

After the jump, check out the pros and cons of going to male gay bars with your friends. Keep reading »

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