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The Most Unbelievable Celebrity Death Hoaxes

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Celebrity death hoaxes—it seems like one pops up a month, making it increasingly hard to determine when you should be sad or not when first hear word of a celebrity’s demise. Jackie Chan is the latest death hoax victim. After someone started a R.I.P. Jackie Chan Facebook page, the rumor that the martial arts legend died of a massive heart attack circle the internet like a roundhouse kick. Chan is, of course, not dead. His reps were less than pleased with the vicious rumors, especially since this is the second time this year his death has been falsely reported. How many times does the man have to knock on wood, people?

A celebrity in his late 50s dying of a heart attack is believable, but many celebrity hoaxes are outright insane and often so bizarre that they are hilarious. After the jump, see some of the most unbelievable celebrity death hoaxes in recent memory and just be glad they’ve all been rumors.

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Wanna Move To “Justin Bieber Way”?

Make an 11-year-old honorary mayor for a day and what do you think she’s gonna do? The town of Forney, Texas—which is near Dallas—ran a contest to get kids more interested in their local government. Caroline Gonzalez won the title of “mayor for a day,” and first on her political agenda was to honor her dream boy, Justin Bieber. Caroline represented for tweens everywhere by naming a street after him. How much would you pay to live on “Justin Beiber Way”? Well, no matter, because you won’t get to. The temporary sign, said to have cost the town roughly $20, was only displayed on Caroline’s big day and was likely removed promptly at midnight. She’s a thinker, though. What better way to get the biggest teen heartthrob to come to your tiny little town than to give him his own street? Unfortunately for Caroline and the rest of Forney, that didn’t happen. City Manager Brian Brooks said attempts to reach Justin’s “people” were unsuccessful. Don’t give up just yet, Caroline! Make it out of puberty and into adulthood, become the real mayor, and invite JB again! I’m sure he’ll be doing mall tours by then and will have more free time. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Anne Hathaway Has A Camera Up Her Crotch

Or at least that’s what she told Conan O’Brien last night … in the form of a Lil’ Wayne-inspired rap song. Is there anything Anne Hathaway can’t do? The “Dark Knight Rises” star revealed how the art of rap helped her deal with the persistent paparazzi attention surrounding the movie. Whether “Pop, Pop, Pop” will be a Billboard Top 100 is rather irrelevant—we think it’s ah-maz-ing. Our favorite line by far is “Don’t act so hotsy-totsy, bitch, I know that you from Jersey!” We sense a Lil’ Wayne collaboration remixed by DJ Pauly D on the horizon. [Team Coco via Celebrity Gossip] Keep reading »

Fall Nails Get Wild: Our 16 Favorite Fingertip Looks

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Fall means a new hair style, an updated wardrobe and, now, amazing new mani/pedi techniques! The days of simple, monotone polishes that chip off after a few days are gone. Welcome to the wonderful world of nail stickers, 3D art and … diamond manicures? Some of these trends are doable—some are definitely not. But either way, check this gallery of the newest digit designs for the fall and let us know which ones you would rock. And don’t forget to send us your own nail art pics! We’ll put together a little gallery of all our Frisky readers creative designs. Send them to Julie at {encode=”” title=””}.

11 Celebs Who Might Run For Office

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Matt Damon has been sounding mighty political lately. “The wealthy are paying less than they paid at any time else, certainly in my lifetime, and probably in the last century,” he said last week. “It’s criminal that so little is asked of people who are getting so much. I really don’t mind paying more taxes. I’d rather pay for taxes than cut ‘Reading is Fundamental’ or Head Start or some of these programs that are really helping kids. This is the greatest country in the world; is it really that much worse if you pay 6% more in taxes? Give me a break. Look at what you get for it: you get to be American.” Not to mention a few months ago when Damon punked a reporter and stood up for teachers? [Huffington Post, TMZ]

Apparently, his words truly impressed Michael Moore. When asked recently who he thought should run for president in 2012, he said Matt Damon without hesitation. Moore explained, “He’s been very courageous and not caring about who he offends by coming out and saying the things that need to be said.” Moore is a realist too: “And sometimes when you run an actor, you win.”

So will Matt run for office and join the likes of Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Sony Bono, etc, whose celebrity has catapulted them into office? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, other celebrities who have stated their political aspirations, plus a few who like Damon, are being publicly pressured toward it.

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Why I Swear By Aerosol Deodorant

Confession time: I have officially become a sweater. Not a soft chenille one that you wear on a cold day — quite the opposite, actually. This summer, I have become a sweaty mess in NYC’s consistent 90 degree weather. The very first day I noticed a bit of … moisture in my underarm area, I was quite surprised. I never considered myself to be a sweaty person. But after a few consecutive days of feeling wet and icky and noticing an unfamiliar (and unpleasant — damn this is hard to admit) scent radiating from my underam area, I knew I had a problem. I began my conquest to find the perfect antiperspirant/deodorant combo and I have finally settled in the land of (gasp!) aerosol deodorant. Before you kill me on the environmental harm I’m causing by using an aerosol product, just know that I believe offensive body odor is just as harmful to the Earth. Here are the top reasons I use it, and which brands I love and hate. Keep reading »

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