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How Do You Handle A Pervert?

Last Saturday night, a 21-year-old New York City woman was waiting for the subway when she experienced a rather unwelcome advance: a pervy fellow subway rider grabbed her butt as he ran to catch a train. Thinking he had made a clean getaway, the perv jumped onto an oncoming train — but the victim followed him, snapped his photo with her cell phone, and sent it to the local media. The New York Daily News posted the pervert’s photo on their website, and one lucky reader identified the man as his neighbor, Javier Zempalteca. Zampalteca was arrested and charged with third-degree sexual assault, all thanks to a camera phone and the work of a diligent victim.

Most of us have faced street harassment and pervy behavior at one time or another, but how many of us would be as quick-thinking as this 21-year-old? Which got us thinking — how have you handled unwanted pervy advances? Share your tips and stories in the comments. [Gothamist] Keep reading »

Legless Kitty Is The Cat’s Meow

What has nine lives but no legs? It’s Kelly Anne, the legless cat! A couple of years ago, Kelly Anne was chased up a tree by some dogs and accidentally electrocuted, so vets in Mobile, Alabama, performed a quadruple amputation on her and nursed her back to health.

These days, the orange and white tabby can scoot around on her furry flippers, though she can’t scratch or groom herself properly. But by all accounts she’s a happy kitty. And she even caught a mouse once (what a pathetic mouse). [Comcast] Keep reading »

Crying, Dancing & Shopping, Oh My! The 8 Girliest Film Scenes Ever

bridget jones 080910 m jpg
What makes a movie, or a movie scene, macho or girlie? Our friends at Salon made a list of the 10 most macho movie moments, and the list is full of blood, guts, and gore. Included on their oh-so-manly list? Sylvester Stallone’s self-administered surgery in “Rambo” and Clint Eastwood’s stone-cold swagger in “A Fistful of Dollars.”

In honor of their masculine movie picks, we’ve chosen some of the girliest on-screen moments. Get ready for crying, shoe-shopping, and dancing around in your underwear, ladies!

Here, Bridget in “Bridget Jones’s Diary” gets drunk and sings along to “All By Myself” — not that we’ve ever done anything like that, of course.


Tasting Tofu At The Altar — Should Vegans Serve Meat At Their Weddings?

To meat or not to meat – it’s a question that vegans and vegetarians getting married have to consider when planning their weddings. And it’s a debate that was recently reignited by vegan Chelsea Clinton’s marriage to Marc Mezvinsky.

Chelsea – who is also allergic to gluten (ouch!) – had a mostly vegan wedding, but provided beef for her meat-grazing guests. But some vegans and veggies say that they shouldn’t have to cater to carnivores on their special day. Keep reading »

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