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Shopping Guide: A Gorgeous Shoe In Every Color

This week, we had the first little bit of winter snowfall in New York, and that got us thinking about how we’ll be trudging through another few months of sludge. Which is why we need some color, and stat! These shoes, when worn with dark tights, should do the trick. There’s a color for every outfit or mood. Click through the rainbow and pick out a pair or two.

For Those Of Us That Worship At The Church Of James Murphy

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I was lucky enough to attend one of the final LCD Soundsystem shows this past spring, and it was nothing short of a religious experience. Perched above the stage at Terminal 5, my friends and I were entranced as LCD frontman James Murphy delivered a raucous two-hour dance punk sermon, swimming through a powerful set list of love, lust, pain and forgiveness. The new film “Shut Up and Play the Hits” chronicles Murphy’s decision to end the band, the band’s final shows and the personal moments of the very private frontman. I can’t wait to watch all over again. [YouTube]

The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The ABC Winter Press Tour

Despite it being freezing balls cold on the East Coast, the West Coast is in a constant state of cold weather denial. Which is why the celebs who turned out to shill for their ABC shows at the winter press tour were dressed in barely-there dresses and skirts. I’m not bitter, really. TV veterans and up-and-comers all gathered in their frocked finery, but only some managed good style ratings. 

Nike Factory Forced To Pay Workers $1 Million In Unpaid Overtime Wages

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In a workers’ rights victory, a factory manufacturing Nike products in Indonesia has been ordered to pay its workers more than $1 million in back wages for unpaid overtime. The 4,500 workers of the PT Nikomas plant in Bantan, Indonesia, will be compensated for more than 600,000 hours of unpaid overtime over the last two years (though some of the workers say they haven’t received overtime in 18 years, Indonesian law only allows claims to go back two years). The settlement could spell big changes in the way that sweatshop laborers are treated — and paid.

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Ladies, Being A Fake Girlfriend Ain’t What It Used To Be

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Once upon a time, a man (Richard Gere) paid upwards of $10,000 for a week of the Girlfriend Experience (from Julia Roberts, no less). But these days, the laws of supply and demand have totally skewed things, and women have now lowered their fake girlfriend rates to a pittance. A woman named Cathy on the website Fiverr — which gives users the ability to charge one another five dollars for virtually anything — is offering up herself as a fake Facebook girlfriend for up to 10 days. Yes, she’ll pretend to be “in a relationship” with you for only $5. That’s the price of a latte, jerks! And, if that’s not quite to your liking, she’ll also, alternatively, leave jealousy-inducing messages on your Facebook wall for the same price — up to three per day.  Keep reading »

Would You Wear … Translucent Nails?

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Okay, so I’ll admit, I’m not totally sold on these translucent nails, which are being touted in a lot of the Spring 2012 ads. Mostly because they look an awful lot like the fake nails you can buy at the CVS. I mean, I’m not against fake nails at the CVS — lord knows I’ve bought enough of them. Howevs, this just kind of seems like you’re asking for them to get dirty. Really, really dirty. And unless you have a non-finger-involved job, or can afford fork holders,  you’re going to be washing your hands an awful lot. I say no, but what about you? Would you wear ‘em? [Madamenoire]

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