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Ask The Mega Man Panel: Strapless Jumpsuit

We’ve dissected wide-leg jeans and perspex heels; now we’re going to take on one of fashion’s most comfortable items — the one-piece jumpsuit. What’s not to love about a comfy, stretchy one-piece jumpsuit? Well, a lot of things, according to our man panel. We showed the MP this Karina Grimaldi knit strapless jumpsuit and got their off-the-cuff reactions. Read on to see what they think of your super-comfy sartorial choices. Keep reading »

Stay-At-Home Barista

I love coffee, and probably spend around 10 percent of my income on buying espresso-heavy coffee treats. But not anymore! The at-home DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker produces the perfect shot of espresso, and contains a steam wand to froth up creamy steamed milk. I’m saving tons of money by making my fancy coffee drinks at home, and I feel like I’ve really stepped up my kitchen accoutrement game. Isn’t it so much nicer to say, “would you like a latte” than a cup of coffee, anyway?

[$79.99 Amazon]

7 Actresses Who Love Rock Stars

actress rockstar g1 jpg
There’s a serious epidemic in Hollywood that until now hasn’t been truly addressed: the epidemic of actresses shacking up with musicians. The latest pairing: serial musician-dater Kate Hudson, who’s having a baby with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. (She’s already got a son with Black Crowes frontman, Christ Robinson.) But Hudson’s hardly the only actress lured into the seductive musician lair. Read on for other actress girls who love getting with the guys in the band.

Playing Stylist: Stars And The Designers They Should Be Wearing

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It’s not often that one has the opportunity to play stylist — but some of the lines shown during Fall 2011 Ready-To-Wear Fashion Week really seemed to conjure up certain celebrities. We took a look at the collections with an eye toward what celebs we might like to see in the clothes. After the jump, check out our pairings, and tell us if you think we got it right.

Shopping Guide: Dress Your Darlin’ In A Denim Jacket

denim jackets g1 jpg
In an ideal world, we’d all have some cool older brother, or wild aunt to pass down a really lived-in and batlle-scarred denim jacket. We think denim only gets better with age–the more you wear it, the more it molds to your shape and really becomes a part of who you are. And that’s why it’s key to find a denim jacket that really reflects your personal sense of style. Think of your denim jacket as not just an outer layer, but a piece that can replace a blazer in a pinch. After the jump, our picks for denim’s best in show.

The 10 Worst Looks From Fashion Week

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Ask The Mega Man Panel: Perspex Party Heels

Last week, the Man Panel deemed wide-legged jeans a flagrant abuse against legs — but how do they feel about a pair of sexy platforms, meant to highlight your gorgeous gams? Ah, my friends, the answers are complicated, rich and deep — and rife with Superman references. Read on for our guy friends’ delicate opinions on the difference between cute shoes and stripper heels. Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Ways To Get Wedged In

wedge shoes g1 jpg
I have a lot of friends who absolutely refuse to wear high heels. I am really short, so I’ve been wearing heels since I was a wee junior high school choir singer (an actual thing that actually happened). For the heel-averse, I recommend starting out with a wedge. Wedges give you lots of height while offering more support than a typical heel. And if you go with a wedge with a platform, you’ll get extra lift and feel more secure in your footing. I’ve found a smattering of some super cute, ultra modern wedges that are worth a try. And if you need me, I’ll be learning the alto harmony to “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Ask The Mega Man Panel: Wide-Leg Jeans

Ladies, don’t ever think guys don’t care about what you wear. When I asked my guy friends to give their opinions on a few lady-specific fashions, they were more than happy to offer their thoughts. Oh man, did they have some feelings about the clothes we wear. Major feelings. First up, I asked them about wide-leg jeans, which are on trend for spring 2011. Personally, I love them, because I have short dachshund legs, and I feel like they elongate my stumps. I’m wearing them right now! But guys? Well, that’s another story. After the jump, a mega man panel of 15 guys tell us what they think about this pair of Hudson wide-leg jeans.
Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: In The Trenches

trench 021311 m jpg
Yes, it’s still crappy cold winter out, but like the Girl Scouts taught us–or the Boy Scouts we crushed on–it’s good to be prepared. So with that in mind, we’ve already started scoping out our spring outwear picks. At the top of the list, something we’ve never ever been able to quite master: The perfect trenchcoat–one that makes us look suave and sophisticated, instead of pervy and Inspector Gadget-y. Key to picking the perfect trench: Finding the right length–at both the body and cuff–and details, details, details! Whether its adorable buttons or a sweet lining, trench coats can take any outfit up a classic notch.
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