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A Knuckle Sandwich of an Engagement Ring

Well, this is certainly a new interpretation on the old engagement ring tradition. Designer Kate Bauman created a brass knuckle engagement ring, by fusing together four faux-diamond rings and setting them upon an ornamental palm grip. Certainly not for everyone, but perhaps if you’re feeling feisty and combative, this is the engagement ring for you? [Refinery 29] Keep reading »

Ask The Man Panel: Sunburst Maxi Dress

The maxi dress should be a no-brainer: It’s flowy, soft and romantic, so dudes must love ‘em right? But what did guys have to say about this Sunburst Maxi Dress from Free People? Their comments may surprise you. And if you’ve got an item you’re dying for the man panel’s opinion on, {encode=”” title=”email us a link”}! Keep reading »

The Prettiest Girl On The Runway Is A Boy

Meet Andrej Pejic, the fresh-faced model that’s stomping down the Paris runways this fashion week for Jean Paul Gautier. Pejic isn’t just a typical pretty face, because she’s a he. And, he says, he’d even consider a sex change if he were given a contract with Victoria’s Secret. “Yes, if I was offered a Victoria’s Secret contract. You’d have to, wouldn’t you,” said Pejic. “I can’t imagine doing it any other way. But, at this point I’m comfortable with who I am now.”

What’s crazier? That a male model would consider a sex change for a job, or that we now live in a world where the female ideal is a male body? You tell me. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Girl Talk: The Anatomy Of A Failed Relationship

If you are the hopeless romantic type, this story might appeal to you. Alternately, if you are the jaded, anti-love breakup schadenfreude type, this story might appeal to you, too. This is about the last time I fell over-the-top in love, and the really terrible way it ended. Keep reading »

The Frisky’s eBay Finds Of The Week

Let’s face it, scouring the search pages of eBay can be as intense and demanding as a full-time job. That’s why we’ve done the work for you, and picked out five great deals on eBay this week. As with any eBay or online purchase, buyer beware: Do your research before you buy. Keep reading »

Would You Wear: Pant Boots?

Take a good look at this picture from Hermes’ Fall Ready-to-Wear collection. Sure, it looks like some leather pants and some boots, but look closer: Those are pant boots — pants with built-in shoes. Of course, they’re from Hermès, so they’re prohibitively expensive, but it’s only a matter of time before this idea trickles down to mass fashion. I mean, we’ve already imagineered Sheggings, right? The pant boot, or “poot,” does come with some complications. Namely, how do you alter it if you’re short? And what do you do if one of the boot heels breaks while you’re wearing it? Is it poots off? So tell us — would you wear them? Keep reading »

7 Surprising Celebrity Poets

celebrity poets

Beyonce is super stoked for newly out R&B singer Frank Ocean, and to show her support, she did what only Bey-Bey could: She posted a poem for Ocean on her website. The rather repetitive verse encourages Ocean to be himself and be an inspiration. Would we expect anything less from Beyonce, really?

After the jump, seven more soulful celebrity poets (including Charlie Sheen — yes,¬†really).

Shopping Guide: The French (T-Shirt) Connection

french tees g1 jpg
French girls seem to have the effortlessly cool thing down, with their loose chignons, and their heavy eyeliner, and their eating apparently calorie-free baguettes on the banks of the Seine. We’d hate them if we didn’t want to rock their style so hard. And that’s why we’ve gone to great pains to bring you a selection of perfectly French and fabulous boatneck striped shirts to get your sexy French girl thing on. Paging Francoise Hardy.

Shopping Guide: The Capelet Caper

capelet caper g1 jpg
Now that we’re in the winter home stretch, we’re looking for more creative ways to stay warm. After all, there’s only so many weeks and months of a drab winter coat one can take. As it warms up ever so slightly, may we suggest a capelet? Whimsical and slightly romantic, the capelet is one of those versatile numbers that can be worn as both outerwear and as a creative additional layer. As with pretty much everything, the key to wearing a capelet and not looking like a Twilight sparklevamp extra is proportion, so find one that works with your torso length, and pair with items that lengthen the body. After the jump, our capelet picks du jour.

Top 10: Our Picks From Target’s Designer Collaboration Re-Release

target reissue g1 jpg
Target’s designer collaborations is one of the few actually affordable ways to get super-cute designer clothes on the cheap. In celebration of the five year anniversary of its GO International program, Target’s skimmed through past collections and re-released 34 key pieces from everyone from Erin Fetherston to Zac Posen. We’ve culled through the new-old collection to find the ten must-haves–all of which are priced $44.95 or less. After the jump, the our targets from Target’s collection, which hits shelves March 13.
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