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Swimsuit Featuring Hindu Goddess Causes Outrage And Anger

What’s in a swimsuit? Well, if it’s got an image of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi on it, apparently a lot. Hindus are outraged after Australian designer Lisa Blue trotted a suit with an image of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of love and abundance, down the runway in her recent spring 2011 show during Australian Fashion Week. In response to the suit, members of right-wing Hindi group Shiv Sena burned the Australian flag, believing that it is inappropriate to use Hindu deities or concepts for commercial usage. Lisa Blue has already vowed that the suit will never be made for sale. Keep reading »

A Boobtastic Computing Tool

Ever leave the office and then realize, Oh dang! I forgot to send out that last, very important TPS report!? Now there’s a bra that’ll help you get the job done! This handy — and not at all uncomfortable — Keyboard Bra allows you to type and show off your, uh, assets to the company bigwigs, all without missing a crucial email, file or memo ever again! [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

Cat Ears That Catch Your Feelings

The Japanese are constantly coming up with ingenious and totally unnecessary inventions. They even have a word for those inventions — Chindogu. Take these sensor-oriented cat ears, which respond to human emotions. The ears perk up and down based on how you’re feeling. If you’re relaxed, the ears go down. If you’re nervous or thrilled — say, by eating a donut, as the video illustrates — the ears perk up excitedly. Just what you were missing, right? [Fashionista] Keep reading »

Buy McQueen Armadillo Shoes For $25!

armadillo 05911 m jpg
Good news! Alexander McQueen’s exquisite armadillo heels are finally affordable! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is selling pairs of the shoes — to coincide with the unveiling of its Costume Institute exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” — at the Met gift shop for a mere $25. That’s right! For $25 you can have your own McQueen armadillos, made famous by Lady Gaga and a slew of other celebs who carefully teetered along red carpets in their towering insanity. Oh wait, what’s that? You actually want to wear them? Aw, too bad. See, the shoes on sale at The Met are only three inches long and four inches tall. You can buy tiny ornamental McQueens for the cost of two movie tickets, but you didn’t actually think you could score real McQueens for less than the price of your first born did you? To illustrate just how little $25 gets you in the insane world of designer clothing, we’ve dug up some other high-priced designer garments, to show you how much of an item you actually might be able to afford on a regular budget.

Vogue, In Stitches

British artist Inge Jacobsen creates cross-stitched covers of Vogue with painstaking detail. Says Jacobsen, “With the over saturation of images, my practice seeks to intervene in this overwhelming consumption from the mass produced and alter it to create something unique. By using intricate and, at times, painstaking technique such as embroidery, I am disrupting the easy consumption of these images.” And turning the fashion world on its head. [Mounts] Keep reading »

Frisky Q&A: “Fashion Show” Winner Anna McCraney Strikes Out On Her Own

annamccraney 050211 main jpg
Back in 2009, fashion designer Anna McCraney wowed the fashion world when she won the inaugural season of Bravo TV’s “The Fashion Show.” And now, two years later, McCraney’s revealed what she’s done with the $125,000 winnings: She’s opened Annabelle, in downtown NYC, which carries her eponymous line, along with great jewelry, shoes, art books and more. We spoke to Annabelle about life after reality TV, and what it’s really like to be a successful designer.

The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The Kentucky Derby

derby 050811 m jpg
The Kentucky Derby was this past weekend, and celebs and socialites alike came out in droves to support their favorite horse–or favorite cocktail. A Kentucky-bred horse named Animal Kingdom took top honors at the track, and his name was rather in line with the wild fashions on display at the Derby itself. Check out what the celebs wore — and whose style trotted into last place — after the jump!

Most Stylish Man Contest: Kanye West Vs. Adam Levine

Which Musician Is More Stylish?

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Happy Mother’s Day: Frisky Readers Reveal Their Moms!

hmd 050711 m jpg
It’s Mother’s Day, and we here at The Frisky love our mommas! We know you, dear Frisky readers love your mothers, too. And some of you were kind enough to share pics of your moms with us! After the jump check out some of our reader’s super fresh moms! And don’t forget to thank your mom for being so great today, too!

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Deana From Green With Glamour

Deana is the super cool lady behind Living Green with Glamour. “It’s essentially a lifestyle blog devoted to all things sublime and ‘sustainable’ — whether that’s an organic lip balm, a vintage YSL handbag, a recipe for Vegan Bahn Mi or the best new pieces in eco-fashion and home décor,” explains Deana. “I have a handful of writers who contribute, including Justin Bieber’s hairstylist (go figure), an arty, bohemian husband and wife foodie team, a TV producer with a proclivity for vintage clothing and a Southern belle obsessed with DIY… but I do write most of the posts and edit everything else. The crux of my life’s manifesto is that absolutely no sacrifice in style needs to be made to have an environmentally, humanely and animal-friendly lifestyle.” Check out Deana’s favorite things after the jump! Keep reading »

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