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The Frisky’s Top 12 eBay Finds Of The Week

The royal wedding is over. Mother’s Day has passed. Summer is finally on the way. It’s human nature to want to clear out the old and add something new when seasons change—even the littlest touches can make a grand impression. After the jump, check out what eBay’s got going on for you this week! Keep reading »

Cat Hair You Can Wear

As the owner of two very large, fluffy cat beasts, I often walk around covered in about a pound and a half of luscious grey and orange cat fur. You’re jealous, I know. Jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson takes things to the next level, though, and will create custom jewelry from your cat’s fur. Crazy cat lady or innovative designer? You decide. [Modern Cat] Keep reading »

Big Hair: Is This A Thing That’s Coming Back?

This week, both Sarah Jessica Parker and “X-Factor” judge Cheryl Cole were spotted out sporting extremely big hair. We’re not really sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, big hair reminds us of ’60s bouffants and Brigitte Bardot. On the other, it also reminds us of our 5th grade teacher in Fort Worth, Texas — Miss Bobbie Jo Hibben, who meticulously matched her bouffant bows to her handkerchiefs to her skirts and her purses. And that was not a good look. What do you think? Are you pro- or anti-big hair? [Stylelist] Keep reading »

Eurovision: Where Lady Gaga (Probably) Really Gets Her Style

gaga 051111 m jpg
Hold up. You thought Lady Gaga was some original creation plucked from the bowels of New York City’s Lower East Side? We’re willing to bet that she got more than a little inspiration from the wild and wonderful world of the Eurovision song contest. What’s the Eurovision song contest, you ask? It’s just the strangest, campiest Euro tradition ever. Begun in 1956, the Eurovision competition pits nation against nation in a battle of vocal chords and froofy costumes. Past winners include Finnish troll rock band Lordi, French-Canadian dream princess (singing for Switzerland) Celine Dion, and ABBA. Of course. After the jump, check out some of this year’s Eurovision competitors–and their ridonkulous outfits.

Style By Jury: Is Alexa Chung Fabulous Or Frumpy?

Does Alexa Chung Look Simply Ravishing Or Rather Dowdy?

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Pump Up The Volume

It’s hard to find an iPod dock that does everything you want it to do and provides quality sound. Thankfully, the Edifier On-the-Go System allows users to flit effortlessly between an FM radio and an iPod doc, and provides super speaker sound. You can take it with you, or simply let it sit pretty on your shelf!

[$199.95 Apple]

Shopping Guide: 10 Fun Printed Swimsuits

bikinis 051011 m jpg
Summer is just around the corner (I know, I know, we’re not ready either). So in light of Memorial Day creeping up ever so soon, we thought we’d break out some brightly printed bikinis to light your summer swimsuit desires on fire. Start clickin’ !

Sunglasses For When You’re Embarrassed To Be Seen With People Just Like You

How meta! Urban Outfitters sells these coy little “Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses” so that you won’t have to be spotted in photos–presumably with your other too-cool-for-school-Urban-Outfitters-sporting friends. Whoa! It’s like the universe is folding in on itself! [$12, Urban Outfitters]
Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Wrap Dresses

wrap dresses m jpg
Wrap dresses are a comfortable and easy way to dress yourself for spring. Worn with a jacket, they work for daytime, and paired with heels, they can carry you into the evening. After the jump, we’ve got 10 wrap — or faux wrap — pieces that make getting dressed a cinch!

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Hair Was Practiced … With A $10 Tiara

Now that the Royal Wedding of the Millennium is over, experts are analyzing every little piece of information about the big event. Like the news that Kate Middleton‘s hair dressers practiced her big day ‘do with a $10 tiara purchased at a friggin’ Claire’s Accessories. Oh hellz no, the plastic crown didn’t touch Kate’s locks–it was tested on the head of an assistant, in a dark back room, with the windows taped over, to ensure that absolutely no one would see the hair work in action before the big day. Apparently it all paid off — Middleton’s hairdresser, James Pryce, won big props for keeping Kate’s long and loose. But the look was slightly more complex than it appeared. The real tiara — loaned to Kate by the Queen — was actually stitched into a braid in Kate’s hair. Ingenious! [Telegraph UK] Keep reading »

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